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Who is Watching? I Am! 2

Cindy Moon is finally getting that backstory that makes a character good. We start to see more of her past life before she went into the Bunker. Its nice to see her being combat effective, and the way she pulls a full "Wolverine" (although she is a girl so maybe "X-23") aggh anyways its really cool how she does that with her Fingers. Something is bothering me though. The people watching her seem to have this all planned. It's easy to Think its Hydra but my money says it's not that simple. Regar...

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What can man do against such reckless hate? 0

It's over I mean game over guys. The Living Tribunal has fallen... hes dead its done. Infinity, Eternity, The Watcher, The In-betweener, IMPOSSIBLE MAN, they're all gone. Dead.We find out that the original beyonder isnt even close to the most powerful (LIKE WHAT EVEN!) Captain Britain sheds light for us as to how hes still alive and what happened. These Ivory Kings are bad news dude. When even the Scientist Supreme can no longer comprehend whats happening then its time to bail! The problem i...

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Give Her a Chance 16

Look i know some people aren't thrilled with how Silk was introduced, and, if im honest with myself, i was one of them. But i decided today I'd give this issue a chance and see if it's worth it. A leap of faith, if you will. Ladies and Gentle Men... IT WAS WORTH IT. Thompson took this character in one of the few ways he could and made it successful. Cindy is new to not only New York, but to the World. The events of Spider-Verse kept her occupied and now she has to get used to the daily life. A ...

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You called me Jedi! 9

Never Call Vader a JediHe might not be as merciful to only kill 2 of your guards if you do. Seriously any time that guy shows up just be glad it wasnt you he killed, or if it was you then you can say "I was killed by Vader"This issue gives me hope for Marvel writing "Star Wars" comics again. In the very first issue we see the distrust between Vader and the Emperor and the fact that Vader is no longer the Emperor's "favorite."YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!Anyways we see the seeds of distrust being plan...

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Holy Crap! 5

Allot of exposition usually doesnt interest me, but this one hit it home. All the failures of the Illuminati come to light and when hope seems lost we get a saving grace. I wont tell you who it is but ill say he has a jacket and it could be yellow. He comes and brings us hope and a key insight into how the Secret Wars will develop. He comes from Beyond and brings something with him. Its crazy. Its a must read for those interested in the New Secret Wars. ...

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Has potential but 5

There was no Hook for me. I thought this would give more attention to some lesser known characters but it didnt do it for me. It was Cliche and and i am disappointed of the way this started. I hadnt been following the previous Uncanny Avengers and one thing is obvious. Either i missed something from the previous UA OR they intentionally leave way too much in the dark. I find myself more confused then anything else. Has such potential but im not sure i can continue this with how random and confu...

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*Tears* Tears everywhere! 5

God dangit Marvel how could you make a comic i love and hate at the exact same time! Its not fairFirst off this issue is great and you'll love it but for me i have a deep attachment to 1 of the characters and its not fair! this was his chance to come back! Marvel is handling this very well and if youve kept up with the previous issues (see my reviews for the previous 2) you won't be disappointed at all! But that ending though...That Ending HURTS! especially for me. ...

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Super Excited For This 3

Scott is a man you can connect with. It has that underlying theme in the first pages. Sure there's your Thunder God and your Prince of Atlantis, but with Scott you got a guy whos barely making it, whos divorced, whos a single parent trying to raise his kid. Thats common in todays world. Scott makes an amazing ant-man and even though he did save Tony (read superior Iron Man if you think thats a good thing) hes still pretty great. If you are looking for something Sci-fi, but not so Sci-fi that it...

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It's Good But... 4

Its really really good but...The storyline is sound! Its effective and provides many many branches of storyline to exploit. Captain America in WW2 is relatively unexplored (give or take a few key storylines) and this is a comic that has the potential to give Cap a great background from his WW2 days. The first step is attacking a Hydra Base but as usual the plan doesnt quite go rightBut...The character development is sketchy. It seems too focused on Steve Rogers. Peggy Carter seems like a backgro...

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A Lot of Exposition 0

I'm willing to give Jim Starlin the benefit of the doubt. Thats what is getting me the next issue. There was almost no no action at all, a lot of building up in the issue.Pip the troll is portrayed excellently, and why wouldnt he be. Jim Starlin knows Pip the Troll, Thanos, and Adam Warlock better than anyone else. he's cunning and despite popular belief displays a genius level intellect in manipulation. Heck the guy was able to pull Thanos' strings a little. Which brings me to my next point. T...

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Dont Get Me Wrong 2

I hate hate hate Aquaman. For some reason i never liked the guy. So ,im sure you're asking, "Serrure why did you read this book then?" Ill tell you why. Martian Manhunter. He's what got me to consider the book and the storyline will keep me going. DC is doing all the stuff with Aquaman that i wish Marvel would do with Namor. Its going into the History of Atlantis and how it was shaped. Something bad is happening in Atlantis and it all seems to be tied directly to Aquaman's past. apparently its ...

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Ehhh 12

Dont get me wrong the Story is excellent so far. I mean i love the whole Extremis 3.0 as a drug type thing. But i cant help but feel like Tony is just picking on Daredevil here.C'mon theres no reason why Daredevil should even pose as a semi-legitimate threat to Tony, and he doesnt. Tony spends several pages demonstrating his superiority over Matt in a way only Tony Stark can Excluding the whole "Tony humiliating Daredevil" the issue is brilliant and i love how its developing. will definitely be...

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I Had High Hopes 2

And this comic did not disappoint. The clones of Peter often dont get enough of a spotlight, but here they were depicted perfectly. Each clone is entirely different in personality, fighting style, and thought process. Ben is depicted a lot like Peter. constantly in motion and always running his mouth. He also demonstrates the classic Peter Parker, hes way to sure of himself and he is far too trusting of Iron Man. (sorry i took a dig on Tony there) Kaine is the same as Kaine has always been. Ful...

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Oh My Sweet LORD! 3

Oh where to begin with is issue? Lets start with the return of Adam Warlock. Only someone like Jim Starlin can truly capture Adam Warlock, after all he is the "father" of the true Adam Warlock. Now if you know me then you know i love Adam Warlock more than life itself, and you know ill immediately pick up any issue with him in it. This however was too freaking amazing even for me.I am still re-reading this issue to make sure i understand it all, and im pretty sure i dont. The Infinity Revelatio...

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