Characters i Hate

theres more but ill add it

List items

  • I like Hal better, and i hate the character development

  • i cant stand this guy... he just rubs off the wrong way. We get hes an alien and was "supposedly" the last of his kind... and then 50 other kryptonians showed up

  • doucheclops... seriously hes a douche

  • shes seriously the female equivalent of Superman... literally

  • I like Cassie better

  • seriously there are 2 "good" robins...

    Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. the rest feel forced and unnecessary

  • this one i dont have a good reason... just never got behind him

  • i want more attention for Mayday

  • never liked how he was written... hes like deadpool but he doesnt have a great reason to "fck up" as much as Wade does, but somehow he does it.

  • this one might change but i dont like her in her very few appearances

  • this one was blatantly easy. i dont like the "untouchable" feeling that DC gives her

  • seriously Slade a parent? seriously... fck me. no no and the whole "drug trouble" she had... just bad

  • Thor or Beta Ray Bill are much better characters

  • god damnit stark!

  • his power levels are fickle... pick a lvl and write him consistently

  • hes like superman-lite... except he sucks and cant deal with him.

  • i dont like the "predict every move" + "Battle Computer" its way too OP and i dont like it

  • humans fighting aliens that move in nano-seconds? yep next...

  • this is Nu 52 mostly. i didnt like the red lantern thing

  • i hated her personality... always trying to psychoanalyze everyone and passive aggressively control everything

  • spoiled, obnoxious, and a dimwit