Why I hate Tournaments Now!

You Just Can't Trust People Anymore

Everyone is constantly looking to break the reasonable limits set by the OP. Instead of making this fun the debaters these days are trying to sneak in the most powerful people. It's stupid if you ask me, but no one ever asks me (go figure), why you cant just have fun debating with 2 near evenly matched characters? I'll never understand.

It just seems like instead of looking for every possible loophole to exploit and get in edge, maybe we try thinking of a logical debate with a character that fits the Guidelines... but thats just my opinion (and im just some Marvel Fanboy)

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1 person disappears/ Time Constraint

its no uncommon for a person to have unexpected personal problems, a time constraint is very difficult for some and it can cause major disruptions in a tournament.

another problem is someone just disappears or forgets to post in a match. again this defeats the point of a tournament, because there is likely someone else who would have taken his place and not disappeared or actually participated.

I myself am guilty of this so are many others (I am part of what has destroyed tournaments and I apologize, but im trying to clean up my act)

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OP disappears or Quits

after the first round the OP disappears... this is the most disappointing of all 3. I have seen many a great ideas for tournaments unfinished, because the OP just didnt continue after round 1

As i said in my last sentence its a big disappointment especially for the debaters

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I guess what im really trying to say is

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