Stressed way the hell out

So... Here we are

more blog posts for Serrure

Why so Serious?

too much on my plate... I used to come here to relax but more and more i find myself bombarded. theres more stuff that should stress me out

1. Im Class Rank "8" now in almost any high school that will put you in top 10% but you also know that from ranks 5-20 the differences in GPA are around a 0.___ difference and maintaining that GPA is extremely difficult

2. College applications: The Heat is on, i need to start applying for Colleges and stuff and im feeling the pressure

3. Relationship Status: Its "complicated" doesnt even begin to describe it. ive got like 4 girls who want me and the 1 i want doesnt know what she wants. which is confusing as all hell! one day shes "with" me and the next she cant stand me.

4. Work: im ready to quit. im getting hours that have me getting off at 2 AM on a school days sometimes but i need the money so badly, and finding a job is insanely difficult especially for a 17 year old with little experience.

5. WTF: in 1 year my life is going to change drastically. i cant sleep cuz im busy thinking about how on Earth im gonna deal with being hours away from my Family and a home that i spent 18 years in. i cant rely on my family anymore and i truly will be alone. and its terrifying

What i want.

some nice debate with a few characters i like here and there... something that takes my mind off of 1-5 aforementioned stresses. just an easy debate.

I need to not think about how in a year i might not be able to do this at all because of my quite legitimate worries, and i cant even do that right now cuz of my damn SAT this weekend