If there was an Adam Warlock Movie

If There Was an Adam Warlock Movie...

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When you think of Adam Warlock you dont think "Dang he has a great Rogue Gallery." This would be, in my humble opinion, incorrect, not only does Warlock have great villain potential, but a movie could really allow Marvel to expand its Cinematic Universe.

Is a Warlock Movie Possible?

the Simple answer "YES!"

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The MCU has already teased, what i believe to be, the Warlock Cocoon. Do you know how long it took me to recognize what this was? It was by coincidence that i was reading Warlocks first appearance, while watching Thor 2.

Sheer Madness that it took a Warlock fan like me so long to recognize this. Sorry i ramble but the point is The movie is possible.

The Villains

everyone knows that what makes a good superhero movie is the Villain. "But Serrure who are Warlocks Villains?"


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In the classic days Thanos was an Avatar of Death and Warlock was the Avatar of Life. Naturally the 2 would combat, although things did not go well for Warlock.

ooop Spoiler Alert
ooop Spoiler Alert

however this can be changed :P

Who Is Thanos?

Get OUT! seriously if you dont know who Thanos is then you have been living under a rock. Thanos is the equivalent of DC's Darkseid. Hes completely ruthless, beyond intelligent, and he is in love with Death. The perfect Tri-fecta for a great Villain

What Thanos Brings?

C'mon Thanos brings everything, he's Marvels baddest of Bad. Now i know it seems like Marvel has him destined for "Avengers 3", but lets keep in mind Adam Warlock had an intimate connection with the Soul Gem, which is part of the Infinity Gauntlet that Marvel also seems destined to give Thanos.

This would be a great way for both to get Introduced. You know they still need to introduce the Soul Gem and Adam Warlock seems to make the most sense.

Who Should Play Thanos?

well thats a stupid question... Thanos has already been cast

Josh Brolin

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this wasnt a hard choice. He was cast to play Thanos in Guardians of The Galaxy and i felt like he would be a great Thanos (glad to see Marvel agrees)

Why this is the best Option.

Marvel has already introduced several of the Infinity Gems and the Soul Gem has always been Warlocks (until recently). When you think of Soul Gem your mind should immediately jump to Adam Warlock.

It provides Marvel with several other things.

1. Keeps the Infinity Gems theme going

2. Allows Marvel to utilize 2 amazing characters in a way that contributes to the overall MCU

3. It will definitely get Fanboys like me out into the Theaters.