A Small Gambit Capability Thread

gonna try a to make a thread that conforms to the "New" Rule. It sucks but Gambit is heavily underestimated and his speed is ridiculously underrated

If you see the words doubles as it means it has a double effect and i wont be posting it twice

BTW feel free to PM me about questions... if i dont get back to you in a timely matter @god_spawn is extremely knowledgeable on Remy Lebeau

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without further ado


This is Remy's best trait hes one of the fastest in street level

dodges bullets and in the middle scan you can see he sees bullets in slow motion

dodges multi-directional bullets

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spidey fires first and Gambit reacts this doubles as an Accuracy feat.

Gambit dodges Iron Man... similar to Spider Man no?

Striking Power/ Combat Skills


Gambit doesn't have allot of feats here but the ones he does have speak volumes

Gambit can charge his staff to hurt people like Tombstone (very very durable)

however Gambit hurting Tombstone with a kick is PIS in an obvious form... take with a grain of salt

im still fuzzy on if this was a real fight or not but Gambit being able to Hurt Wolverine is possible with the above scans)

Combat Skills

he stalemates Daredevil... personally i think he looked better than Daredevil

here he shows he can match Daken... Doubles As a kinetic charging feats

To be Continued but i will be bunched up until Thursday... dont worry i have allot to show!