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Name: §equitur Crix

Group Affiliation: Unknown

Known Aliases: Overwatch

Age: 17

Occupation: Sells phones @ a mall kiosk ( covert-tech support for the Ghostshell)

Species: Mutant - Child of the Vault

Base of Operations: Unknown

Place of Birth: The Rogue Nation, Gothic City, Kwazulu Alcazar

Ethnicity: African American

Affiliations: The Ghostshell, Musa Bashir

Intellectual & Engineering Prodigy

Sequitor Crix is rumored to be inherently gifted with the ability to calculate and perceive numerous possibilities of a moment. The natural evolution of her mind was honed to the point in which transitioning from a visual-spatial of working memory to other forms of thought, (language, art, mathematics, construction, reflexes, etc) were accelerated.

She can solve, measure, and calculate problems through mathematical operations but also through pure intuition, pure reactionary instinct. For example, being able to tell how many bullets there are inside of a firearm; and how many have been fired. She uses this mental refinement to solve problems, puzzles or riddles as well as substantially increasing her accuracy with a level of precision that allow her to crack the uncrackable.

In theory, Crix can sense a myriad of variables in most any situation. Seeking to predict or manipulate the outcomes. Making her one of the more tactically savvy humans on the planet. Body reading, eidetic kinesthesia, and encyclopedic knowledge serve as sub-sects that branch off from this intricate mental make-up.

Sequitur's mutant talents allow her to understand all language and incorporate it into the ability of understand the meaning conveyed by technological code. She also expresses the abilities to read body language; decode hidden messages in intonation and inflection of speech (revealing the inner monologues of individuals); decode combat viewing a fight as a language to be interpreted, and decipher and manipulate data in a manner that rivals hypercomputers.
With an exercised regime of rudimentary gymnastics Sequitur Crix has a basuc the roolkit of creative maneuverability
The VGS (vertical grapnel system)

A state of the art full body grapnel w/ harness & riggings salvaged from the aftermath of Gothic's destruction.