My Top Ten Fave Anime Characters

A simple list that is my fave anime characters

List items

  • I Love Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and Monsters, so naturally my Fave one has to be Yugi/Yami

  • Only within the last year have i got into bleach, but i love it, and ichigo Is awesome

  • Bleach is awesome and my fave captain is Byakuya Kuchiki, i love his calm demeanor and deadly skills

  • (Joey Wheeler) The wise cracking, and for sum reasons he sound like he's a New Yorker, has gotta be on my list.

  • He's sort of like like Byakuya Kuchiki in the sense that he's the main rival to the main character but then turns into an ally, but there is still hostility between them. Seto Kaiba is cool, rich, skilled, dangerous and ruthless, and likeable.

  • I like GX alot too, a sort of back to basics, Yu-Gi-Oh with a Harry Potter twist, gotta love the fact that this guy sleeps so much!

  • i was skeptical about 5Ds at first, with the whole 'Turbo Duels' thing but if you put that to the side, the story is really good, and Yusei is definitely a hero.

  • Yes i like a digimon, only because of angemon, he looks so cool, and you only see him a few times,and his team up with weregarurumon against Miotismon was epic.

  • The 'Kaiba' without the attitude problems of Seto for GX, yes his monsters and tactic originally bare a great similarity to kaiba, but his dark transformation after he leaves the school boosts his character tenfold

  • the kooky store owner turned former soul reaper captain beats ash ketchum to my number ten, Kisuke hides stuff from the beginning, firstly that he's a soul reaper, then that he was a captain, what else could he be hiding (except the hokiokoo inside rukia, lol)