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(Guess I'll post since no one else is)

Sentinel Hawk wasn't about to let this lunatic get to the girl she was defending. She watched the man carefully and had formulated her own plan by the time he had said the word five. He's going to try to use his speed to blitz me and either cripple me or move me out of the way. He doesn't know two things though. He doesn't know I'm covered in Nth Metal and he doesn't know I can regenerate from virtually any physical wound short of bodily destruction. I can't react as fast as he can so if I want to fight what he's about to do, I need to use those two things to my advantage.

She slipped her mace behind her while he stalked and transformed it into a spartan style shield. All she had to do now was figure out his most likely angel of approach. He wants to get to the girl, she's his real target. He won't come at me from behind because it gives the girl too much opportunity to escape. So that leaves...No more time. She acted on instinct and brought the shield to her side just as he took off. She felt the impact long before she ever saw it. He collided with her at speeds that instantly crushed the bones on that side of her body, not to mention liquefying several organs.

The pain was intense, but she pushed through it and reached out with her good arm and grabbed hold of him. The result should be that they both careened away from the girl rather than allowing him to carry himself into her, at least that was her plan. The other part of her plan took full advantage of her Nth Metal clothing as she channeled fifty thousand volts of electricity through her clothing and the Nth Metal shield (for a total of one hundred thousand volts) which should, presumably, move into his body as she turned herself into a giant electrical generator.

Either way she was thrown clear, hopefully with him and hopefully with him at least somewhat disabled. She crashed into the ground but by the time she'd hit the ground her wounds were already healing, her organs stitching back together and her bones repairing themselves. It would take her a few moments to fully recover, leaving her not so much defenseless as limited.

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@a-friend: @velocity_rush

Gotta help that girl now that he's not focused on me, no way she can take that speed freak on her own. Sentinel Hawk thought as she watched the battle from above. She slipped her mace onto its belt loop and took off like a shot. The sound barrier screamed as she hit Mach Four. She flew very low to the ground, perhaps a foot or two above it and dust and debris flew up in her wake like a wall. She counted down in her mind as she flew, well aware she'd need to time deceleration and acceleration almost flawlessly. If she hit too fast, she'd do more harm than good, too slow and she'd get grounded by the vortex. What she needed was a little controlled chaos, a good old fashioned Hawk Lord style absorption of damage.

Half a moment before she hit the vortex wall she folded her brought her wings forward like air breaks, greatly dropping her speed and then folded them onto her back. She hit the vortex like a bullet and the air storm did exactly as she had hoped, it robbed her of much of her speed and momentum but not all of it. She reached out and grabbed Little Green in both arms and pulled her tight to her body. She held the girl and rotated her position mid air with the use of her wings so that when she struck the ground in her out of control crash, she did so on her back and not on the body of Little Green.

Sentinel Hawk, holding the girl, slammed shoulder first into the ground and bounced out of the vortex. She hit the ground again and skipped across it like a stone across a pond. She lost count of the number of bones she felt breaking from each impact and eventually landed in a heap, her body having taken every bit of the damage and leaving Little Green perfectly intact. She let go of the girl and closed her eyes, taking a slow breath to try and focus past the pain. Her hyper regenerative properties were already taking place, repairing broken bones and lacerations within moments. She stood next to the girl she'd rescued from the vortex, gold blood stained her body and armor where she had been wounded only seconds before. By the time she was fully on her feet, she was unharmed.

Sentinel Hawk smiled a little at Little Green and pulled her mace from her belt. "Let's end this jerk while the big guy is distracted."

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"How'd she do that?"

I told you, thought the shorter man sitting at his computer.

"She was faster than him. Plain and simple. I mean, it's not a big deal. People love to see him sell hits. Creates suspense, sir."

"I know, I know. What next?"


The Arena

The hammer had collided with the titanium knee at blur speeds, the targeting camera barely keeping pace with the winged warrior as the hammer whiffed underneath her legs. The Champ's flight path was wrecked, extending an empty hand to bounce off the dome and spiral to the ground. The One-Man-Pain-Train dropped into a three-point landing, kneeling as the armor on his right leg cracked and sparked. The crowd cheered, ratings soaring as he was tagged; people were there to watch a fight, after all, not an execution. Laboriously, with exaggerated difficulty, the robotic hulk of a man stood.

"YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO AVOID THE HAMMER, BUT HOW WILL YOU DEAL WITH...NUCLEAR HEAT?!?"he cried, the voice rippling around the arena dramatically. Holding the hammer with both hands, he twirled it, the head spewing sparks whenever it touched the ground. Taking a step forward, he stopped the hammer's pointless spin and directed the tip at Sentinel, the emitter on the head opening without warning.

A blinding yellow flash escaped the end of his weapon, a beam firing directly towards the soaring Sentinel capable of blasting through a steel bulkhead.

"Oh brother." Sentinel Hawk muttered. This guy needs to do his homework. When the beam of energy was fired at her Sentinel Hawk brought her flight to a halt and reshaped her weapon back into a mace. She brought her arms up in an X over her unprotected face and allowed the beam to make full impact with her armor. Most people thought the clothing she wore was leather, it even felt like leather...but it was not leather. It was Nth Metal Weave. The beam struck her full in the chest and sent her flying backwards through the air. The heat of the beam burned at her face, doing considerable damage to the exposed skin.

Sentinel Hawk ignored the pain and regained control of her flight a few feet from the wall of the dome. She lowered her arms to reveal the damage but it was already healing and within half a minute or less her face would be as pristine as it had been a moment ago. "Never shoot a beam of energy at someone wearing Nth Metal." She said. Her armor had darkened considerably due to the heat but it had absorbed the energy and shunted most of the heat away from her body. What damage was done beneath the armor she ignored, it would repair itself soon enough.

She pointed her right hand at him and the energy her weave had absorbed crackled along her arm and shot out of her Nth Metal gloved pointed finger. The beam snapped through the air, aiming for the center mass of her target. That girl needs help but I can't get to her so long as this guy keeps flinging stuff at me. I need to find a way to turn the tide of this battle quickly...I'm willing to bet this building can with stand just about anything I can throw at it...but any good combat arena has tunnels so they can move stuff around out of sight, put people and objects into the arena and so on. There's a way out...because there is a way in. I just need to find it.

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Sentinel Hawk smiled a bit as she realized the situation. She needed a way out but had the time to discern the mean time she was against a slow opponent and a speed thief and had the ally of a strange girl. She watched her for turn to face her and determined to put on a shoe to hide her true purpose.

"I don't have to escape someone as pathetically slow and incompetent as you! Ever heard of gaining distance to increase an advantage?" She turned her eyes to the crows and gestured at him with her mace as he engaged his rocket system.

"This is your champion?! I've seen better fighters in the gutters of Gothic City!"

Finally he reached the apex of his jump and made his attack. Sentinel Hawk displayed her considerable maneuverability advantage, suddenly accelerating to Mach six, breaching the sound barrier almost instantly. The huge hammer of her foe was much too slow and she zipped beneath his reach, tipped onto her left wingtip and adjusted her grip on the Mace. She morphed the Mace into a long shafted hammer and put the momentum of her speed and all of her strength into a swing...for his right knee.

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Glad you guys like it. I held back on this concept forever but couldn't stop myself anymore.

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In to defend with Sahi, who is going to initiate her plan everyone quit investigating :).

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Joey scratched the back of his head, thoughtfully, before grinning. "Something that I should've done a long time ago." With that, he reached back over and kissed her again. "I think we should... Try this again." Sheepishly, he chuckled, pulling away in case it was too weird. Girls liked this stuff, right?

Joey hoped.

Sentinel Hawk smiled slowly. "I think that sounds like an excellent idea Joey." She leaned in and resumed their previous kiss, though this time she didn't hold back 'thank god you're alive' passion she felt the first time. Munoz shifted in his lap and pressed herself closer. Munoz had no intention of passing up on his invitation to 'try this again', she wanted desperately to put the last experience behind them and move on to something they'd both remember fondly. It was like starting over again in a physical sense as well as an emotional one...and it was exactly what she needed.

(fade to black ;) )

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Where am...oh this is not good. Sentinel Hawk frowned. She recognized an arena fight when she saw one, cheesy announcing and all. Her eyes shifted first to everyone around her as they were introduced and then to the man or..thing...apparently intended as their opponent. She shifted her stance slightly and removed her mace from its belt loop. That helmet sure would come in handy right about now...She shook her head to clear such distracting thoughts and watched as the giant metal man opened fire with missiles. Fortunately one of their number reacted before she did, revealing the missiles were designed to track them. She shifted, waited and watched the missiles intent on finding her.

Her eye sight was exceptional and her hearing also exceptional. Though she couldn't track extremely fast targets as well as a speedster, she could sense their location with her hearing and watch them from a distance without struggling to keep track of the small missiles. She tightened her grip on her mace waited a half second longer than someone might expect and then took off like a shot. She hit mach three almost immediately, the missiles swerved to follow after her and she made a split second decision. There's a good chance it's immune to its own missiles, if I try to make them impact it instead of me I'll only put myself close enough for it to launch a melee attack with that giant hammer.

Sentinel Hawk flew to the wall and spun so she was flying with one wing tip inches from the ground while traveling at speeds rivaling of an F-22. Two of the three missiles slammed into the wall as they tried to match her Hawk Lord manuverability. The last of the missiles managed to avoid the same fate and continued to follow but she wasn't done. She shifted back into a normal flying position, slowed down until the missile was moments from exploding and then at the same moment she shifted her wing positioned nearest the missile and performed a flawless barrel roll, bringing her mace around with the extra momentum. The weapon crashed into the fuselage of the missile and diverted it off course. The missile exploded just beyond range of the hero though it's concussive force knocked her harshly off course. It appeared for a moment she'd be smashed into the ground. The young Hawk Lord managed to pull up at just the last moment, a huge wave of dust and debris flying in every direction as she stabilized her flight and then began to climb upward again. I can't stay on the ground, I need to keep in the air or that crazy speed eater or the giant metal guy will have the upper hand.

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Pulling Sentinel close, Joey kissed her, wrapping his free hand in her hair. This was something that he had been wanting to do for many months now, and now that he had returned to his Hawk Lord girlfriend, it was all worth it. Finally pulling away, he put his cup of coffee down on the coffee table, before looking back at her.

Sentinel Hawk returned his gaze and smiled a little. "What do you have in mind Joey?" She asked, since he'd taken the kiss and rather intensified it with his actions. She put her hand on the back of his neck and shifted her position from being seated beside him to sitting in his lap facing him. She had no idea where he intended to take things but even if it went no farther than a lot of kissing, she was just tired of any amount of distance between them at all.