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Sentinel Hawk is the code name of the third known living Hawk Lord, her actual name is Munoz Hal. Munoz Hal is the seventeen year old daughter of two Egyptian immigrants to Iraq in the city of Ramadi. Munoz Hal spent her formative years growing up in the city and was educated in private by her parents, two well off members of Sadam Hussein's administration. When the administration fell to U.S. attack her parents whisked her into hiding and for a time they kept out of public life entirely. Once they were convinced the sweeping changes tearing through the country would not ensnare their unusual daughter they once more returned to public life.

Munoz's parents attempted to integrate into the new government but found they were both undesired and unaccustomed to the new way things were being run. Life had always been somewhat difficult for Munoz Hal, despite her ability to quickly adapt to new surroundings. Her wings made it difficult for Munoz to go out in public and she spent most of her life having few friends. Munoz kept to herself and showed no sign of having any powers, aside from her wings. All of this changed when a force of extremist raiders assaulted and took over the city of Ramadi and Munoz found herself the only line of defense between her family and those that would kill them. Once she joined the fight her full array of powers activated and Munoz Hal became Sentinel Hawk.