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New CN comic by IDW 0

After The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack, IDW tackles Cartoon Network's long running franchise Ben 10.The Ben 10 franchise has a rocky road behind it. After a pretty strong start with the original Ben 10 series, it lost it's way with Alien Force, and then hit rock-bottom with Ultimate Alien, only to rise from it's ashes as Omniverse, better than ever before. This of course makes the fact that the comic series adapts the Omniverse incarnation of the franchise a huge plus right from the start. ...

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A Great stand-alone issue 0

At first, I was slightly confused by this issue's lack of significant connection to the current Third Army event, but it soon won me over with it's amazing artwork full of details and imaginative designs, which strongly reminded me of such beloved timeless classics of mine as Lobo, Hitman, or Transmetropolitan.I found my self falling in love with the Running Man inspired, interplanetary cosmopolitan society, with all it's little quirks (had a hearty laugh at the various advertisements hanging al...

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The Main Man's Back, bless the 90s 0

I don't care what other people sayI'm just overfilled with joy to see the Main Man making his debut in the New 52.And who should be more appropriate to re-introduce THE ultimate 90s anti-hero, than the man who has coined and championed the concept itself back in it's glory days, Rob Liefeld himself. Not to mention guest-starring another 90s icon, Zealot.In this issue we finally get to see more of the Last Czarnian. He may not be as funny as we remember him, but it's still him. Destroying an enti...

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