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Tor #621 Review 3

 THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS  Fraction's writing on Thor has been controversial to say the least.  Many people have been turned off by mischaracterization, slow story telling, numerous repetition of plot points, and plot turns that are either left unexplained or do not make any sense.  Others have liked the slow pace and feel at least mostly everything makes some degree of sense.  I am of the former group.   Plot  Following up last issue Thor decides to use a giant sword that can cut throu...

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Where did this issue go? 1

 Borrowed this issue from someone I know. Reading it made me glade I decided to wait to see how it ends. The decisions of several characters in this issue just don't make a lick of sense no matter how I look at it. By this point Cho has calculated Mikaboshi has absorbed close to 99% of the multiverse, getting more powerful by the moment, scattered the God Squad, out powered Hercules, won at every encounter, and by every calculation of his hypermind concluded Mikaboshi is unbeatable. He t...

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