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A Frozen Wastland

When I got my own little place in Hell I thought it would be like living on the sun. Its not its colder than space its nothing spacial just a frozen wasteland. Nothing here but me and my self it is pretty lonely here. What am I suppose to do here why was i brought here. Well I will sit here until someone comes someone will come I know it, but what if this all just a lie what if I am just going crazy.

But then I look out side and I see someone walking in this blizzard. Who else would be here with me in Hell? The figure gets closer to my tower and I see it is a female

Who is she? Can she be my angle of Mercy or just another soul less beast like my self.

Another stands outside my fortress he looks like pure evil. I will meet him and see if he can tell me why I am here, and what I am to do.

As i walk down the frozen stairs and open the door outside the evil waits. Just pointing in the direction The woman draws closer my heart races she is no angle I think to my self. "Funny thing about this place its cold and soul less like something thats died" she said in a angelic voice as she approached me. I knew what she meant she was referring to me. "I died and came here know tell me who are you" I asked? "You seek an answer you already know" she replied. "Do not speak in riddles to me I have not the time nor the patience" I barked at here! "Your not dead yet, but you will be soon a warrior has come to battle you for your place in Hell" she said. "He was once a great king among the living but now has come here for your head" she said.

"Let him come if the fool seeks death than I welcome him, he has come to the right place" I replied. "Very well I will be seeing you again real soon" she laughed.

She vanished but left me a portrait of a man the one who wishes to die.

I see a figure drawing near me I think to my self this must be him the Demon Hunter. "So this is the holder of the stone of death now, this will be very easy"

He laughed to himself. "You think so oh great Demon Hunter you are but a pawn in my way of total domination" I replied back. "Well shall we let are blades do the talking Frozen King" he yelled and ran towards me with his blade out in front.