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this is a list of the strongest beings in DC in order :DDDDD

List items

  • ultra comics are the strongest DC character because he have not only the power of the comic he have also the power of the reader he cna use critics from the reader to beat his opponent so he can use his power :DDDDDD

  • empty hand are the reader so he is on TOAAs lvl he is probably above that because he are not only 1 real person he are all person that read the comic in multiversity it says empty hand read us or he read us and his hand are empty so he is the 2 strongest

  • Grant morrison the writer aka THE ONE ABOVE ALL IN DC there are also a other writer that was in the comic but whatever :D we know how strong TOAA are so yes he is also at that lvl he even say that he could controll everythink and are the writer

  • ok i dont find the pen but i dont mean alfred pennyworth i mena the pen that write the comic :DDD sorry for that the pen have fight ultra comics in the ultra comics comic they stalmate himself but when ultra would have used his full power he would have beat him

  • The primal monitor aka the comic