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i hope you like the lis tand agree with me when you dont agree than write in the comments why :DDDDD

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  • i love flash but he is overrated as hell many say only because flash have one time beat spectre anti monitro or mandrakks son dont mean he is more pwoerfull then them superman have beat nigh omnipotent beings so means that he is omnipotent NO!!! and people use this as a good feat even when its mostly pis but not only comic vine overrated flash also on youtube or G+ it is like this

  • many say he can beat thor and solos marvel should i say more to that -.- his fans probably troll but its seems like they are serious

  • you know who i mean right kratos kratos are also said to be stronger than marvels Zeus and stronger than odin and thor marvel its litterly the most ridicouls think to say he is stronger than the gods of marvel only because he can beat the gods in god of war means tha they are as strong as the gods in marvel NOOOO!!!!!!! they have no feats the bets think they have show are poseidon who by his death destroy a city but even when we wank and say they are planet lvl hust hust even when they never show this they are not even nearly on the lvl of marvel gods

  • for all sentry fans i love sentry i even wank him sometimes to omnipotent but he is soooo inconsistense sometimes the comic say he is limitless sometimes it say he is omnipotent sometimes a writer say he can beat beyonder and are omniptoent soemtimes a writer say he is only nigh omnipotent and because of this we should only use his feats and by feats he is not on supermans lvl and many wank him now to be multiversal only because he beat a multiversal and also fun fact a writer say molecuer man was weaknead :D and when we go by this logic supes are omnipotent how i say and he IS NOT!!