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TOP 3 underrated marvel characters in comicvine

the most underrated marvel characters on comic vine

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  • Hulk are probably the most underrated character on comicvine everyone dont like him and downplay him to death not even me a DC fan downplay hulk that hard i think hulk have a good chance vs supes others say supes would one shot or stomp him i think thats to hard downplaying him i have see thread where hulk are even show to be much weaker than beings like hyperion or gladiator but thats a big lie

  • spiderman in most of the threads say to be less to slender man a being that have no feats and are mostly pis armor spieder man have even many times show to have really good strength feats and even Light speed as he fight vs iron man he doges the lassers of iron man that are FTL and many now say he is as strong as deathstroke even the writer underrated spiederman an say deathstroke can beat him

  • everyone says he lose to batman deathsroke even nightwing probably he is as strong as them but he dont lose that hard like in some threads i see probably many hate him because of this nazi story ;((((