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i have creat the strongest JLA team i make also probably the same with marvel :DDD

i hope you could also say somethink to it :DDD like you like it or not :D i use also only the heros of DC earth :D and the list are the image by the writers i have ask many of them what they think are the strongest justice leauge members :DD when you will have evidence than i can give you prove tha they have really said that and can send you the links and dont foget its from the comic and the writers opinion not my opinion :D

List items

  • jakeem thunder have the power of a dijin a dijin comes from the 5D but are clearly above that he are stated to be omnipotent and he stated 1/2 of himself are omnipotent ok many would say that are bad writing how could 1/2 of yourself have omnipotents i agree but he is 100% omnipotents when he is in his thunderbolt form jakeem are a normal guy who controlls the dijin and are a hero of DCs earth :D

  • shazam are a boy that have the power of not only 1 god but 6 GODS!!!

    the writer brian bucelatto have said in the injustice series that zeus are omnipotent so are shazam because he have the power of zeus an could even damage the gods in injustice in the fights not only brian bucelatto thinks shazam are that powerfull but even bryan hitch a other writer have even answerd my question and have said SHAZAM could have the power of all gods could be a pantheon and could be omnipotent its logicly that shazam could be omnipotent because he is a god but many would say why are thor not omnipotent than the answer is simpyl he is when odin dies thor becomes odins omniptoent power and becomes omniesince and becomes RUNE KING THOR and also the good think its bryan hitch are a JLA writer

  • Gotham girl and gotham have both the power to become as strong as they want they even said in batman 5# rebirth that they could be god not a god but god when they want they have even beat the JLA and his sister have beat him in the comic it never stand that they are omnipotent or omniprecense or soemthink else but it could be since they could be god but i dont wank so we dont know :D

  • superman are stated by the writer he is in physically aspects the strongest in the JLA in rebirth the JLA are made off WW,flash,batman,cyborg,the 2 green lanterns, he have many feats statmants that put him easily as limitless in strnegth but he have done thinks that shows he is not limitless however with limitless strenght or not a writer have said supes name are god and that he have limitless strength i go by the strongest of the characters not the weakest so :D yeah but i dont mean the strongest version :D

  • martian manhunter have so many powers and are so strong and dangerous thats not even funny anymore supes stated martian manhunter are the strongest on earth and writer geoff johns have even said he is the dangeroust hero in the DCU becos of his becomesm ore mass when he get bigger he could be limitless but i have only ask one writer about martian manhunter and that was bryan hitch and he says he have not limitelss strength because and i write exactly now what he said :,,at a guess I'd say no. I'd also say he'd have to change shape but keep mass the same.,, but even when he dosent have limitless strength he is one of the most powerfullst

  • Dr fate are teh strongets magican on DC eart not only say the writer jm demateis dr fate are as strong as dr strange but dr fate have also done thinks that are really powerfull he can control many thinks and are how i say the strongest magican on DC earth

  • barry allen the fastes man alive he are stated t obe limtiless 3 times in the comics and a writer brian bucelatto who have write new 52 flash say he have limitless speed i have ask him that buts a long time ago :D also brian say the IMP are really infinite what makes flash a really ridicouls opponent also barry are faster than wally thats my opinion he have creat the speedforce he are the creater when he finds his potential he would be much faster than any speedstar

  • cap atom are not only stated in the comic (many times) to be limitless also the writer have said it i even think he is more when he is in the quantom field he are omnipotent the writer also say he could destroy the multiverse with a single punch to say how big a single DC multiverse are i show you a single DC universe are infinite in size and are 11D in every universe are infinite time lines the multiverse are infinite and are infinite dimensional so to destroy one DC multiverse you are probably one of the strongest beings in fiction