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Your reaction to this :D

-dont insult its not my opinion i will only show you somethink and want to see your reactions to this

ok lets begin

everyone knows that the pre crisis superman are really powerfull but what people dont know are that he silver age supes was stated by the writers to be nigh omnipotent dont trust me ok than show it yourself : thats jerry ordway who write adventures of superman and have also read the pre crisis era

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and when you say its photoshop here are the twitter link:

ok then lets start with other thinks first off

the statmant of j.micheal he have write earth 1 superman and have said in this interview this statmant and says superman have limitless strength

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here are the link to the interview:

the next statmant comes from joy casay who wrote the adventures of superman pre 52 aka post crisis he says superman have no limits are million times stronger than thor and are unbeatable and also says supes are stronger than imperex prime who are on galactus lvl:

the next statmant comes from grant morrison he have said 3 thinks exactly the first: superman are as strong as you like him to be and the 2: superman are stronger than anybody 3: superman are nigh omnipotent grant morrison have write DC one million have creat supes prime one million creat CAS have write all star superman have write also the pre 52 superman aka post crisis have write also the new 52 action comics and multiversity:

the next statmant comes from dan jurgens he say superman are omnipotent yes exactly you have heard right he have said pre 52 supes are omnipotent dan have write pre 52,post crisis,rebirth action comics and death of the superman and more

now many will say that many writer have said supes have limits and thats right!!! but i think many reader forgot about the think that there are also other opinions of other writers however i will say somethink to 2 thinks

many people use this statmant from a old non canon handbook of superman who it stated he have limits

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however the handbook are non canon many youtubers have said that and also why its non canon is because there are now a new superman handbook so this handbook are not anymore canon and dont can be used anymore

here are the new one:

the 2 think many use are this statmant of supes who he have said he have limits:

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but the think is when we go by statmants superman would be also limitless because tha tare one statmant that say he have limits and also its out of context

because he only means that he could not be at 2 points at once like the lantern could with his ring

and also here are the other statmants that say he are limitless:

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and dont forget its hyperbole i mean the statmants adn also many try to say but the writer jm.dematteis have said all version have limits read the text again

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all version HE HAVE WRITTEN so only his version of supes have limits that dont mean that other writers thinks like him

and dont forget this :D

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this statmant are really right though ;DDDD

here show it by yourself

In Hebrew,

Kal = קוֹל = Voice or Vessel

El = אל‎‎ = God

Thus, Kal-El = God's Voice or God's Vessel

swift = מָהִיר (mahir) pronounced, "ma-here"

Hebrew or Ivrit (עברית) is the "language" of Yahudim or Yehudim יהודים (Jews). Am not a Jew (יהודי Yehudi). Hebrew is a 7th language

but before you ask no im not a jew XDDDD :D

and also dont forget its not my opinion here :DDDD

also some infos i found new are this

superman are stated by the writer Beganso to be all powerfull and he means the pre 52:

he have write adventures of superman and also for the pre crisis superman

john byrne have said the pre crisis supes was a omnipotent god

also some claims of grant morrison that are ridicouls: