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who had won this debate:Shazam (super ghost) vs Berrus (SSB gogeta)

ok guys 2 people of other forums have made a debate and it was long ago over but still i want to hear who had won this debate seriously because everyone says somethink diffrent

here is the debate of both

Super ghost use shazam(post crisis)


SSB gogeta who uses berrrus DBS,BoG,F

and also guys i update everythink so that you know what happens next and what next post comes :DDDD i edit in here :DDD

SSB GOGETA :Beerus is a very skilled and powerful martial artist as well as a God of Destruction.

He can easily fly through planets destroying them... Just because he ate something too spicy

He has finger tapped and sneezed planets into rubble as well proving that Planet Level is nothing but an effortless joke for him.

Moving on to higher level feats... Whis stated that Beerus once destroyed two stars for some silly and stupid reason, it is implied to have been as simple as sneezing away planets...

Making him an effortless Multi-Star buster as well.

Moving on once again, his clash with SSG Goku reached other dimensions, shook the entire Macroverse, and nearly annihilated their universe.

This is according to actual on screen feats, Whis, the narrator and other sources as well. It is clearly undeniable.

Vados and Whis state that a battle between Beerus and Champa would destroy Two Universes making both Champa and Beerus at least Universe level

For Speed we have calculations and feats that place both Beerus and Whis at Billions to Quadrillions X FTL

For Beerus he travels from his realm to an unknown planet in seconds coming up to be at least intergalactic distances.

Calculations for this feat estimate to over 305 Trillion X FTL

And remember this was a casual speed feat, not even close to full speed.

Beerus is a master of Pressure Point fighting, disabling Multi-Solar System+ Level fighters like SSJ2 Vegeta with a single finger nail.

He can nullify all energy, negating any energy based attack Shazam can throw.

Even Universe+ level attacks are only slightly harder for him to negate

Beerus can also turn objects and enemies to dust as he did with the egg and Zamasu.

Zamasus durability should be around Multi-Solar System++ as he was a Kai and Supreme Kai stated each Kai was a thousand times stronger than Freeza.

This is an attack that Shazams healing factor is useless against as he can't heal from dust. Not even sure DeadPool could regen from dust and his healing factor is way better than Shazams.

Beerus can multiply himself into dozens of selves each firing individual energy attacks... Either he is fast enough to be simultaneously firing attacks from dozens of different spots


He has the ability to multiply and attack from different angles NOTE: DBZ characters have been shown to be able to multiply such as Cell, Goku, and Tien.

Ok that's all of Beerus' feats and abilities to my knowledge. Your turn.

SUPER GHOST:ok lets start with debunking some of your claims


the 1:that are only small planets we dont know if tehy have more mass like king kais planet but that are only small planet and ca not be used

the 2:that with the snezzing was also only a small planet and he have not really destroy completly the planet only half of it

the 3:is non canon because you dont use the manga if we go by that logic i can use kingdome come and otehr shazams and thats unfair also its only a statmant nad nothink more nota writer statmant only a manga statmant by whis not even narrator say it so yeah hyperbole also

the 4:that with the universe are a shared feat the and if we calculate this feat berrus are only 2 universal and not 4 universal however in teh anime it stated that if berrus goes all out he can destroy the U7 that are as big as 4 universes and that are exactly 800 billion galaxys

the 5:that with vegeta are not really legit because berrus use 10% of his power as stated in teh anime and in the manga goku says he and vegeta could not even tank small planet lvl attacks and in SSB as golden freeza destroys the planet vegeta dies and he was in SSB and his guards was never down here i also prove they are only planet lvl in durability

and also no it was never stated it was because of teh vacum of space tha the died other feats prove that he died because of the explosion and also before you bring that shit with berrus he have block his attacks with a techniq tahts why he could tank them and also as later in the fight berrrus could even with a single low strike make a whole in goku and goku nearly died and nope zamasu have not really a good durability he have only a good healing factor not more shazam have bot have better durability



shazam have not only tank attacks of a omnipotent unbound spectre but also from a nigh omnipotent omnisince beign with the power of the wizard and tank attacks of a superman posses ecplipso who have the body of superman and are so as strong as spectre:

also did he tank a tesseract bomb he healed instantly the tesseract bomb was so strong everythink in it nears was instatnly folded inside out and the agony was immeasruble

also he tank a attack of a villian that are as strong as supes

he tank a attack that trap superman into a poison who he cna not break out and he have matter resistance

tank attacks of martian manhunter

he resist grey mans mind controlle in a weakned stage and have mind resistance

and he have matter manipulation he have transform sand soldiers into crystal

he resist the sphere of destiny that are litterly

ompossible because its power is so big it could beat the spectre and destroy the multiverse

here he tank a clearly hard attack of spectre and would not stop to fight him only if he kills him

he tank a attack of starman

he tank attacks of alan scott the strongest green lantern

shazam break completly logic and physicaly logic and make a tornado in space a toon force feat

and here supes could not with his strenght goes out of it alone


shazam are faster than gravity:

now gravity are as fast as the speed of light as stated here

so it means shazam are not slow like some people say

he is also equal in all stats to superman so it litterly means also in speed

now supes best feats are moving in time stop his high end and by flash even outrun time means litterly or are faster than time so it means litterly he can move in time stop

and here he could be as fast as flash and in combat speed and travel speed adn evne move so fast not even flash could see him

and now see how fast flash cna see and how fast flash is he is faster than a attosecond by seeing and by travel speed he is faster than time

now also how big is the DCU in all the universe and teh multiverse

and now see that

shazam travels in under a second out of the DC universe into the bleed barrier adn at the end of the comic comes to the rock of eternity who are outside of the universes

means because a single DCU are infinite in size infinite speed

also have shazam go to the big bang and time travel ther 13 billion years old are the universe now if we use einsteins theory if you fly to teh moon and back 100 years would be over in a second now if you travel back in time it would mean million times faster than light was shazam there and he must hold back because billy was there on his back

so at least he have infinite speed

also here he blitzes supes so yeah he is on paar with supes and flash


shazam have really great intelligence because of the wisdome of solomon with this intelligence he could see all illusion berrus could made liek teh end feat you have showed and now his weakness like pressure points here some scans:


so now in strenght

shazam have lift infinite

he beat 3 of himself who are as strong as him

he beat alan scott the strongest green lantern

he is as strong as 2 supermans

he one shots supes

wiht only 1/4 of his power could he stalmate supes

he beat martian manhunter

he beat a being that had absorbd the power of

supes,MMH,wonder woman,and elongadet man

he breaks a prision that not even supes with his strength could break

now how strong are supes that thread say it at best ;D

he have beat darkseid son who stalmate his father darkseid who are with statmants omnipotent and at least multiversal and he is a new god so he is at least universal

he breaks through felix unbreakable shield as it stated in the scan it is unbreakable so means litterly infinite strenght

he hits so hard that he make a black hole

a black hole can only be made at a limit of force and that is 10 octillion megaton of force because a supernova could make a black hole now so it means litterly supernova lvl+

he helds his ownvs eclipso superman who are on spectre lvl

spectre in bound are nigh omnipotent unbdoun he is omnipotent because he also even stalmate omnipotents like jakeem or others

he have beat toon force characters what proves he is 100% with toon force power and he beat 2 at once so yeah a op toon force character

he could beat obsidian a beign who are really durable

like tanking the full power of alan scott


he is even beyond space time

he tank a reality warping attack

and he is intangiable

means litterly also a toon force power of shazam

he have also quakes the universe 2 times and teh universe are infinite in size as i have showed before

he beat a nigh omnipotent and omnisince being this being are nigh omnipotent and omnisince because it have the power of the wizard the wizard could stalmate spectre who are nigh omnipotentin bound and stated himself to be omnisince

he beat unbound spectre who are omnipotent

and he could do that because even black adam have done it

and he and black adam are on par in power

now even black adam have also beat a multiversal being a entity of death

so its not an outlier also shazam could be really omnipotent because the writer said it so

and the comic also it says zeus are omnipotent now shazam have the power of zeus and can use it to his maximum

and yes thats why shazam oblirate berrus :DDD

and here the power of zeus so its not an outlier

and here

and here

so that you know 100% the DCu is infinite in size so now you aks probably is this really post crisi yes everythink is post crisis nothink are non canon

SSB GOGETA:Dude, this is what makes people not want to debate you...

Did you seriously just say that Goku and Vegeta only have small planet level durability?


:/ that's the smelliest pile of shit I've ever laid eyes on kid and i think you know it too...

This debate Isint even about Goku and Vegeta it's about Beerus and you Just confirmed that Beerus was 4X Universal so what makes you think that Goku can fight him with planet level stats?

You'll have my actual response in some time

TBH I just wrote a 100 line response but it got deleted so I have to start over, which takes time, so I'll respond later

PS you can't scale Shaazam to Supes through their fights because Supes is weak to Magic which literally Powers Captain Marvel... Supes is way stronger than Cap and him saying he considers them equals only proves that because

even though Shaazam is weaker than Supes, he still considers them equals which is a sign of friendship and honor... Which is what Supes was implying.

You'll have the full response soon

PSS don't respond to what I just said in this paragraph cause then it gets confusing... Just wait for the full response :)

SSB GOGETA:1) Those were planets very clearly... They have atmospheres and moons... They are planets and you can't discredit the entire feat because you can't determine the exact mass :/

90% of planets destroyed in fiction aren't even real let alone able to calculate exact mass and weight.

NOTE: That's irrelevant anyways as Beerus finger flicks and sneezes planets away pretty easily... Planet level is still fodder to him

2) He flicked away one half of the planet, yes. You do realize that doing something like that destroys the entire planet right? The explosion Isint just contained to half a planet even though that's all that detonated. That planet was doomed, destroyed.

3) Nah, the manga is for promotional reasons only and its non-canon but the specific moment where Whis talks about Beerus destroying Suns is in the anime too.

No, it Isint a statement. Whis is not suggesting that Beerus may be able to destroy the sun. He is stating it as an event that did happen, as a factual occurrence not a suggestion or implication

No, hyperbole means an over exaggeration :/ do you even know the definition of Hyperbole ? you can't just call it everytime something is said in an anime that you don't like ???

4) Thanks, you confirmed that Beerus is 4X Universal... And that's all that really matters for this debate.

5) You tried to downplay Vegeta and Goku for some reason idk why... But lol let me explain something to you.

Vegeta died because of lack of oxygen and saying just because I can't prove that's how he died, you can't prove that's not how he died. How do you know? Lol you don't.

Goku SSJ Namek Saga deflected a planet level blast with a single punch... And you think SSB Vegeta is only small planet level? Kid just stop.

5) Beerus at 10% power finger tapped SSJ2 Vegeta into unconsciousness, TKO... With his finger nail.

That means Beerus' finger nail bypassed Vegetas durability completely and according to guides, statements and feats. SSJ2 Vegeta is Multi-Solar System level already.

Goku stated "Wow if that hit us Whis would be scraping us off the floor!"

NOW that's hyperbole... A complete over exaggeration that doesn't have any factual content. Not to mention that the blast only destroyed a planet because that's all it hit.

Area of Effect dude, it destroyed a planet but it could have easily been stronger.

Not that it matters, this is not about Goku not Vegeta

But tell me, you confirmed that Beerus is 4X Universal correct? Well how does a "Small Planet Level" Vegeta and Goku even contend? Goku matched Suppressed Beerus in SSG mode so how does your logic work?

6) Zamasu is a Kai, according to Supreme Kai all Supreme Kais are thousands of times stronger than Freeza...

Freeza was Multi-Planet level so that makes Zamasu and other Kais Solar System++ level... BUT WAIT, Beerus and Goku agreed that Zamasu was strangely stronger than the Supreme Kaios from their Universe.

Making Zamasu probably Multi-Solar System+ level...

And Beerus turned him to dust easily and effortlessly.

7) AGAIN, Unless you show me Shaazam regenerating from DUST... Then Beerus wins, as he can turn objects and people to dust easily.


Captain Marvel fighting Spectre was complete and total PIS...

Look what happens to Billy and the Wizard when they try and fight Spectre without the plot effecting them at all.

Spectre literally says "You can't hurt me" as Cap is pounding away at him... He felt none of it and effortlessly turned him back to normal.

Remember your writers statement about Silver Age Superman being Nigh-Omnipotent? Well that same writer confirmed in that same Twitter comment that Silver Age Captain Marvel Isint Night Omnipotent... So how is Post Crisis Captain Marvel Nigh-Omnipotent++??

Like how?

9) Oh yea and when he fought Spectre in that scan where he was winning... HE WAS AMPED BY THE WIZARDS MAGIC

He wasn't even base he was fucking amped so NO he is not actually on the level of Spectre.

You cannot scale from Shaazam to Superman... Superman has only ever been equal to Captain Marvel because Cap is powered by Magical energy and Superman Isint invulnerable to that.

10) He tanked a bomb that turned him inside out? GREAT but, was he turned to dust? NO? Then that still doesn't work for Cap sorry.

Ok Shaazam has mind control resistance... Too bad neither Beerus or Cap have the ability to mind control. :/

11) Ok and Beerus can alter matter too by turning things to dust... I still haven't seen Cap surviving anything like that?

12) Ok so Captain Marvel has some toon force abilities :/ great... Beerus is still way more powerful ?

13) Shaazam FTL confirmed

That doesn't even come close to the calculations that put Beerus at 300 Trillion X FTL...

14) NOPE Superman considers Cap an equal as a hero not as a fighter, they have fought countless times and each time Superman comes out on top

15) This is post crisis Captain Marvel and those scans of him traveling into the "Bleed Barrier" are NOT post crisis... The art of the comic screams either New 52 or Rebirth.

16) Lmao ok, so Captain Marvel is 26 Million X FTL? That's still thousands of times slower than Beerus tho...

WOAH We went from millions X FTL to infinite speed? NO WAY kid not a chance, Superman doesn't even have infinite speed so neither does Captain.

17) And now you show one pic of Cap blind siding Supes and suddenly he is on par with him and Flash? Nah, kid, Supes and Cap fought before and even with his advantage he still usually looses.


Cap nor Supes lifted that infinite book, the book is in an orb of magic floating off the ground... That's like putting your hands under an airplane... It's floating under its own power but, your still trying to move it... They didn't even budge that book kid

And the infinite power of the book KOd Shaazam so NAH he ain't infinite ANYTHING ????

19) wow... In that very scan of Cap "one shotting" superman, Marvel states himself that "I got lucky, he's vulnerable to magic"

That means Cap Isint strong enough to actually one shot Supes, it was just the magic that made him vulnerable.

20) Okay for the last time you can't scale Cap to Supes like that... Supes is vulnerable to the thing that powers Cap... The only reason Billy is Cap is because of magic and magic hurts Supes and that's the ONLY reason he ever hurts or beats Supes... Seriously it even says it in the scans you post.

"I'm lucky he's vulnerable to magic"

So stop saying he's on par with Supes cause he just really Isint...

21) Nah, you just scales Cap to Supes and Supes to Darkseids son and His son to Darkseid himself? That's WAY TOO MUCH scaling dude.. Cap can't touch Multiversal beings and he definitely Isint one himself...

You have yet to prove that he is even Universal... Like seriously post some feats...

SUPER GHOST:ok lets begin

1) those were small planets not normal planets as they are really small so nope you can not say that are normal planets it even shows in teh anime they are on the size of king kai planets highballing and we dont know the mass of it so nope no planet feat

2)it destroys the surface of the planet right but not the full planet he only destroy half of teh mass of teh planet if you use logic

3)now in teh anime it clearly says he only destroy one star and thats the sun the sun are a small star not a big one now and it also dont say he destroy it with a sneeze so yes it non canon but i agree he is small star lvl with this feat i dont say its his maximum

4)yeah now the think is i have feats that shows shazam even better thinks making like quakes a DC universe that are infinite in size have infinite star systems and infinite time lines and are 11D so yeah much better than berrus feat

5)nah that with vegeta are false as i have showed he is not even planet lvl in durability as he got killed by the explosion in RF and goku stated in the manga if berrus attack hit us that have also destroy only a small planet

they get killed and also see this

here goku gets killed nearly by a ray gun and nope before you show me that with the off guard think nope that only stated in the manag not anime see goku have really only planet lvl durability

and now imagine vegeta SSJ2 and berrus use 10%

6)lol now that is hyperbole and only if vegeta and zamasu are multi solar system lvl not means that they durability are on that lvl i hope you know that zamasu got cut twith trunks sword that are at least planet lvl

and i have a good video for that deadpool have teh smae healing factor than zamasu probably better now see the video even with supes heat vision you could erase some one to dust and shazam have litterly tank supes heat vision many times and also he hit supes so ahrd he makes him goes flying and there are also many tiems he have done that

now you know kincdome come supes are stronger than pre 52 and see shazam makes him flying

also no that with magic means nothink the writer litterly says that he dont know cap marvel in silver age how powerfull he is he have not say he is weaker pls read it before you write somethink ridicouls like that

now he say clearly in the scan that tehy are equal in everythink man why are you lying???? and with magic shazam wins

even the writer say supes and shazam are equal but because of magic shazam wins

so pls what are you talking

now i have show you in my last post feats that have surpassed berrus in a long shot like quakes the universe have you even read it

nope supes have infinite speed i ahve show you prove in teh last post and flash also and shazam was on both there lvl or even above

and that with the infinite speed feat into the bleed barrier was post crisis it was the pos tcrisis comic multiversity thunderbotl and his name is even cap marvel and not shazam and his costume are evne post crisis and rebirth are post crisis that you know that new 52 shazam looks like this

and thats post crisis

nope this toon force characters are stronger

nope that with spectre are again false even in your scan it they go toe to toe and than spectre found a weakness and cry the word shazam that he transform into billy

and my other feats prove that he is on spectre lvl have you really read my last post completly black adam have beat spectre and a multiversal being now shazam beat many times black adam and have stated he is equal to him

and i also meant he goes toe to toe with unbound spectre not that he beat him

and we donw know if shazam uses full power there against spectre by your post because he could fight unbound spectre and black adam could even beat bound spectre

shazam could held up guys construct that supes could not

against somethink for him that could help some think of the power of zeus

a not holding back supes could go toe to toe with shazam

a small speed feat again

here heb eta the evil a 5d being

and also no

yes darkseid son are on par with his father if we lowball this he is even then universal and shazam are stronger

because he is a new god his son have fight darkseid and beat him sometimes and darkseid are at least multiversal or at peak omnipotent and a new god how we know is universal at least

and pls read my old post again you forgot many feats that evne if you are right would be better than berrus feats and statmants

and also why im right with teh ifninite book is here read this

adn now Ultraman at the end lift it and ultraman even say at the end its teh ifninite book and he havel ift it now shazam could hold back supes and ultraman

and how you see here tehy felt how they lift the book they lift it for a short time because tehy have lift it for a short time that they could read it read supes beyond 3d and you know im right

also the writer at the end says shazam are omnipotent teh post crisi one and he litterly says shazam could be a whole pantheon if we go by DB logic that emans shazam>>>>>>>>fiction because a whoule pantheon means all religions god that exist means litterly shazam>>>author>>>>ficition by DB fans and it could be really right that supes and shazam are omniptoent because bot hare equal and bot h are called now omnipotent and gets called real life gods and real life persons so yeah im right there :DDD

SSB GOGETA:1) No... The picture is from far away dumbass wtf lol they are normal sized planets and you denying it makes no sense... We have seen Beerus flicking planets to pieces. It makes no sense to assume he couldn't easily destroy normal sized planets the way he did. You yourself admitted to him being 4X Universal.

2) lol logic? He caused an explosion that wiped out half the planet, that kind of explosion completely annihilates 80% of the planet due to shockwaves and natural disasters... Super volcanos, massive tsunamis, earthquakes so powerful no man made detection system could rank it... It would tear the rest of the planet apart in minutes... If you use logic.

This is again pointless, Beerus is 4X Universal so that's automatic effortless planet busting..

3) Ok... Again why are you trying to low ball his feats? I don't understand the point? Fine, he only destroyed one star but you still admit to him being MultiUniversal so who the fuck cares?

4) Lmao... Goku and Beerus sent shockwaves across the universe and into other dimensions like the Kaio Realm and the After Life... Shaking areas the size of 4 universes...

Akira confirmed in guides that the DB verse was astronomically comparable to our own with only slight differences. Our universe is infinite...

So that's way better than Shazams feat anyways.

5) Nope, again, Vegeta only died due to suffocation, go ahead and prove to me he didn't.

There is nothing you can find on the internet that can prove to me he didn't die from suffocation... Freeza did the same thing on Planet Namek and specifically said that it would only kill Goku because of the lack of air.

How does a planet level character fight Universal Beerus, huh? Please do explain.

6) Goku has Universal+ durability.

The official anime proves you wrong. That scene IS in the anime and Goku WAS suppressed when he was hit by the laser.

Starts at 4:00

You think you know so much but you are just so ignorant on so many levels it's just funny to watch you pretend to be well informed XD

Goku is MultiUniversal kid stop lowballing.

Vegeta is Multi-Solar System+ in SSJ2...

Cell being Solar System level is confirmed by MULTIPLE guides, and statements from the characters. You are blatantly wrong again.

7) Lol kid what? Zamasu got cut by a sword that was enhanced by the Ki of Trunks... Trunks fought and defeated Dabura in his time-line, that makes him at least Solar System level as Dabura is accepted as about as strong as Cell.

Nice try low baller

8) Nope, ranking the heat vision doesn't mean shit... Beerus Isint blasting Shazam to dust, he is turning him into dust, with Ki hax not with an energy attack. His durability is not a factor.

9) You're illogical, they said they weren't sure if he was Nigh-Omnipotent and if they are questioning it then he most likely Isint quite there. He was definitely implied as weaker than SA Supes.

And excuse me? So I should just ignore that Shazam is literally powered by Supermans weakness? Lol Metallo is only like terminator level but because he is powered by Kryptonite he can give Supes a run for his money.

The same logic is applied here, every attack Shazam uses is powered by supernatural magic which Supes is vulnerable to.

Superman >>> Shazam

In almost every iteration

Please, at least know you're own characters.

10) XDXDXDXDXD stop embarrassing yourself!!! Superman was obviously winning the fight before hand AND he only said he CONSIDERED them equals in STATUS... Not necessarily in every physical stat... That's an obvious assumption kid.

Again, Superman is weak to magic and Shazam is powered by magic... You can't ignore that and pretend that they are still equals because you wanna scale Shazam to this over wanked character you wanna marry.

11) Superman doesn't have infinite speed, no feats suggest that and you are pretty much lying through your teeth.

Champa traveled from deep space into another dimension (Kai Realm) in literally seconds... And they traveled there physically, they don't teleport.

Also widely accepted, Beerus > Champa

Your bleed barrier feat Isint that impressive kid

12) WTF -.- you just called him Shazam in several comments above and now your criticizing me and telling me his old name? Hypocrital moron ?

13) XDXDXD YOU DIDNT EVEN READ IT DID YOU? Spectre clearly says "You can't hurt me" as Cap is punching him!!!! Stop ignoring facts in favor of a biased opinion kid wtf.


Spectre didn't even feel Caps punches... :/ stop lying to yourself.


This is getting ridiculous, you are straight up lying to me about scans I posted the link of... I'm not going to continue this debate if you don't accept when facts are facts.

Spectre didn't feel a thing when tanking Caps hits... Easily disabling with a single word.


1)not the planets are only small planets stop highballing kid its annoying now you can see that on many places in teh anime DBS

2)that dont makes him planet lvl at all only at least half planet lvl + however i only say that feat is inconsistenc not htat he dont could destroy more read my post again pls

3)how i say i only say the facts of the scans not more i dont say he could destroy more or not

4)who the fuck have you this dumb infiniet statmant now nasa says they aren ot sure and now confirmed that its only 200 billion in size who is your intelligence man and also nasa have not evne the technology to know that kid try harder XDDD

and no shazam have universal feats that say clearly the universe in DC is infinite in size have infinite limbos and ifninite star systems and are ifninite dimensional and have infinite time lines

but fun fact in DB if you destroy the universe in supers time line it dont effect others you got debunked by trunks bitch

and now shazam have quakes a universe he fucking solos DB this is easily a high multiversal++++ lvl feat


you got debunked

6)first of DC dotn means durability like also by zamasu and what so are every human being universal + in druability XDDDD he have channel the energy of the attacks out so that it only if it reaches planet or thinks out of the solar system to destroy them so that no one get damaged ohhh yeha planet lvl durability like i said XDDD you have blame yourslef kid XDDD

7)wow you highball you said zamasu had multi solar system now you say only solar system nie i have again debunk you XDD

8)what zamasu have solar system durability now the heat vision could destroy 1/5 of teh universe and have no limit

and how i say 1/5 universal

In Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0, Superman contributes to the energy of what would become a Big Bang. Specifically, he provides 1/5th of the energy. (Yield: 5.32E70 J, Nigh-Universe Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

and supes could stand a cahnce against darkseid omega beams who are stated to be infinite in power

much better durability

9)now he say he odnt know it dont eman he is not on par with him and nope again as stated by teh writer shazam and supes are equal without magic with magic shazam wins i have already send you the link who he says it and in teh comic it even says he is ewual even without magic

10)are you serious what supes have losed the fight and no he have evne losed more times against cap marvel than cap marvel to supes

because cap also dont really use magic only if he needs it against supes he said it many times

11)supes have infinite speed i ahve proved it in teh first post read it again

chamap=berrus as both could destroy there ouwn Universe U6 and U7 but chamap are probably stronger becuase vados said she is stronger than whis and vados trains champa and whis berrus means berrus<champa

the bleed barrier feat have litterly top all DB feats evert made going out of a ifninite universe in size las the a second are ifninite speed now stop lowballing kid

12)because the anme are better and becuase i hate the name marvel XD

13)wtf man he have wished that caps attacks dont do anythink against him and even in your scan tehy go toe to toe against each otehr my 3 scans prove you are wrong black adam who are as strong as shazam beat a multiversal and beat spectre bound shazam holds his own against unbdoun spectre makes sense and are not plot and supes and cap beign equal are also right because both are as stated by writer supreme beings and omnipotent

your point got again debunked i have feats you have embarassed yourself and blame yourself give up man you lost and also i have million more thinks really give up XDD



i use only pre 52 not new 52 i mean cap marvel :DD

No Caption Provided

now i have see a writer statmant that exactly claiming that shazam is omnipotent by the writer bryan hitch who write JLA in rebirth

here is the link if you dont trust me:

No Caption Provided

now i was really interested and go into the character of shazam

billy batson is a 12 year old boy who had a normal life with his friends but there was a problem they was orphans and had no parents one day billy batson have become the power of shazam because he was the guy with a good heart

shazam stands for 6 gods

S for Solomon

S is for the wisdom of Solomon. The wisdom of Solomon gives Billy great knowledge, perception, comprehension and insight. By mystical means, Solomon is actually able to speak to Billy during his times of need. The wisdom of Solomon gives Billy many intellectual abilities, some known and other yet unknown. Some of these specific abilities are a photographic memory, omni-linguistic and advanced knowledge of war strategy and tactics.

Superhuman Knowledge - Captain Marvel posses a vast amount of knowledge about facts that he had no encountered previously. Billy is able to make guesses about subjects that he had no prior knowledge to but is able to answer with incredible accuracy.

Clairvoyance - Captain Marvel is able to change disadvantages to advantages even though he is not fully aware of the situation at hand.

Hypnosis - Marvel is able to hypnotize his opponents but this does not work on people who are of a very strong mind.

Omni-lingual - Cap has the ability to speak any language and can even communicate with aliens.

Good Conscience - Marvel always has help from Solomon with making decisions, an example would be when he wanted to divulge the info of his identity to the JSA, Solomon strongly advised against it.

H for Hercules

Superhuman Strength of Captain Marvel
Superhuman Strength of Captain Marvel

H is for the strength of Hercules, strongest of the gods. Billy is empowered with Hercules' nearly limitless superhuman-strength which is often compared to that of Superman. As such, Captain Marvel's strength is of the highest level and is sufficiently vast enough that it enables him to lift/move unbelievably massive and/or heavy objects possibly on a planetary scale or higher with little effort. Because his strength level is so high and potentially dangerous, Billy Batson constantly uses great restraint, thus he usually only uses as much strength or force as is necessary to accomplish whatever his given task or challenge requires. Because of this he is not often seen moving objects of a planetary scale though accomplishing such tasks are well within his abilities.

Superhuman Strength - Captain Marvel has the ability to lift well over 100 tons with minimal effort and has battled top tier beings such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Captain Marvel has stalemated Superman in an arm wrestling contest and has at least matched Wonder Woman in raw strength. The limits, if there actually are any, of Captain Marvel's strength are unknown.

Corporal Enhancement - When Billy Batson transforms into Shazam he gains the added muscle of a very well developed full-grown man as well as the accompanying height and weight, often appearing larger and more muscularly bulky than Superman himself.

A for Atlas

A is for the stamina of Atlas, Titan who bears the heavens on his shoulders. This means he doesn't need to sleep or eat as Captain Marvel and has virtually limitless superhuman endurance. Due to Atlas' stamina, Captain Marvel doesn't fatigue during or after any exertion; no matter how strenuous or how long in duration.

Self-sustenance - While in the form of Captain Marvel, Billy Batson does not need to eat. sleep or breathe. The godly energies that transform his body into Earths Mightiest Hero is enough to sustain his body. From Black Adam, who also shares the same powers as Billy Batson (but from different sources) we have seen that he was able to survive crossing the universe in his return to Earth which took him 5,000 years to accomplish.

Super-human Stamina - Captain Marvels godly energies do not require him to rest because they prevent any kind of fatigue toxins from building in his body. This grants him a virtually inexhaustible amount of endurance regardless of how strenuous the physical activity he engages in or how long it lasts. His endurance may indeed be limitless.

Z for Zeus

Z is for the power of Zeus, most powerful of the gods. Though the term "Power of Zeus" is vague, this grants Billy many abilities, with many possibly unknown as of yet. Through Zeus, Captain Marvel has high-level magic resistance and can call down the lightning that changes him back and forth between his two personas. He has even used the lightning as a weapon before; calling it down and then dodging it while allowing it to strike an enemy. Captain Marvel has also stated that with this power also comes the "Wrath of Zeus." This implies supreme, righteous anger/rage, though it's unclear how this ties into Billy's powerset. The power of Zeus is vast and hard to define completely. It may augment some of Captain Marvel's other powers and abilities and it may grant him powers and abilities even he has yet to discover. From Zeus Captain Marvel inherits sheer unbelievable power rendering him utterly invulnerability (Captain Marvel Adventures 144, DC Comics Presents Annual 03). The power of Zeus adds to the other powers of Captain Marvel giving him the wisdom of Solomon and Zeus, the strength of Hercules and Zeus, the stamina of Atlas is beeded up with the immortality of Zeus (World's Finest 254 and Shazam the Monster Society 04). Captain Marvel can still blend all the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas and power of Zeus to increase his strength (Adventure Comics 492 and Power Of Shazam 46).

Magical Resistance - The power of Zeus gives Captain Marvel a resistance against magic and only magic of the highest order is able to harm him.

Lightning - Captain Marvel gains his power from a lightning bolt, and can use it as a weapon as well by interrupting the flow between the bolt and himself. In certain situations, Marvel has been known to spark lightning off of his body, and even direct it as a projectile at a target.

Sorcery - Captain Marvel is a being of pure and ancient magic. This gives him the ability to resist the negative effects of magic.

Healing - Although Captain Marvel has the power of the Gods it is possible to harm him. Captain Marvel is able to call down the lightning that gives him his powers in order to heal his body if he is injured. Captain Marvels healing factor is also of a godly level and is able to heal himself from almost all injuries in an incredible amount of time.

A for Achilles

A is for the courage of Achilles, greatest hero of the Trojan War. This grants him an inner strength and confidence.

Courage - Captain Marvel usually protects others before himself, and also often putting himself in harm's way to protect another. He also tends to stand up for the little guy, and asserts himself between larger fights to find a mutually beneficial solution. Achilles has bestowed on Captain Marvel with the great fighting abilities (Captain Marvel Adventures 144).

Invulnerability - Captain Marvel is virtually invulnerable to all forms of physical harm. His resistance to harm is comparable to that of Superman's but he does not share his weaknesses to Kryptonite or magic.

Optimism - Captain Marvel is a combination of the Wisdom of Solomon as well as the child personality of Billy Batson which create a fairly optimistic character in the DC Universe. He is able to stay positive and keep his spirits up even the most dire and desperate situations.

M for Mercury

M is for the speed of Mercury, swiftest of the gods. This grants Marvel his god-like speed and his power to fly.

Superhuman Speed - Captain Marvel is able to move at incredible speeds and is able to move so fast that he can seem invisible to the eye of the human being. Captain Marvels speed is said to surpass even that of Superman and rival that of the Flash.

Flight - The power of Mercury grants Captain Marvel the ability to defy gravity. With this, he is able to travel through space and through the atmosphere of the Earth at incredible speeds.

Teleportation - Captain Marvel has the ability to transport to the Rock of Eternity from wherever he is at by speeding between the space between dimensions.

New 52 Powers

The wizard passed his magic to Billy he told Billy to utter the word SHAZAM with believe, good intention, and family thoughts to transform into his full potential as the Champion of Magic. When Billy transforms into the champion of magic he has the following powers:

Supernatural Strength: The Wizard told Billy that he has the strength of a 'demi-god' which makes him far stronger than any human and makes him equal with the likes of other demi-gods like Hercules. He has demonstrated his strength by lifting vehicles with little to no effort and pushed a man several meters before he crashed into a car while he said he never meant to hit him that hard, and knocking Superman and Wonder Woman down with a punch (though they stood up later). His upper limit are still unknown.

Supernatural Speed: The Wizard said he would be able to move like the lightning he wields making it possible for him to fly at multi-mach speeds. He has reacted to Superman in battle. He raced Diana from Earth to the Watch-tower [22,300 miles above earth] in less than 6 minutes. Upper limits are still unknown.

Supernatural Invulnerabilty: He has the strength of a demi-god, this also extends to his durability. He has resisted punches from Superman and Black Adam without any strain or noticeable effect. In new 52 he has power of Achilles (not courage) giving him invulnerability.

Supernatural Perception: He can hear and see things only magical beings can hear and see, and he can also talk to them.

Supernatural Guardians: When he first transformed and left the Rock of Eternity, the first set of places he went to where all needed his help (a woman was being robbed at his first place, the bank beside him was being robbed by masked men, the store he decided to go to was in the middle of a stick up and finally where a carjacker was hot wiring a convertible).

Magical Lightning Manipulation: He can project magical lightning from his hands and fingers. He could not control it at first as any electrical device overloads then explode (even car lights) when he touches them (but he seems to have had control as nothing he electrical he touches overload then explodes).

Magic: His powers are magical. Before the Wizard died he told Billy that he is the Champion of Magic as he wields the Living Lightning. During his fight with Black Adam, Billy transformed his foster family, giving them not only his but their own unique powers as well seemingly without any effort. He did not become weaker after he transformed them, he also transformed Tawny who helped him against Black Adam. He created a ping-pong table in the Watch Tower with magic. Billy can control what happens when he says Shazam. He can transform, stay the same or cast a spell.

TELEPORTATION: Billy can teleport from underground to the Rock of Eternity and also uses teleportation to get out. He also teleported out of Star Labs after seeing Victor Stone to battle grodd in Metropolis.

Flight: The magic bestowed unto him by the wizard enables billy to fly unaided at will, how proficient he is with the ability is still in question, but he has shown capable of moving, bolting and dodging rather acrobatically with little to no difficulty at all and while flying with passengers no less.

now we know in the real world gods are omnipotent but means that shazam is omnipotent++++++ no shazam have only some aspects of the gods not all of there power however as stated by the writer shazam could be a whole pantheon what means that ????

Pantheon means,,-THēən,ˈpanTHēˌän,,

,,all the gods of a people or religion collectively,,

that means litterly shazam could be not only omnipotent but he could be omni in all thinks because the christian/islams/jews god is exactly a omni all god

but wait got shazam not beaten before however lets see it if a omnipotent could not make himself killable he is not omnipotent omnipotent is a term that we dont really understand its beyond understanding look at the feats shazam have stand his own against unbound spectre who is clearly omnipotent as the bounded spectre was stated to be nigh omnipotent

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its canon

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and he was not amped there

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No Caption Provided

black adam who was on the same lvl as cap marvel beat the shit out of spectre bounded who was stated by the handbook to be nigh omnipotent

and even beat the shit out of a omnipotent being names death

No Caption Provided

also cap marvel beat a nigh omnipotent being with omnisince

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

so it is clearly not pis

however is shazam really a omnipotent being

i dont know because he have the feats and statmants to be but if he really is one he have not really find his potential i would say he could be to 60% be one if he finds his potential

however lets see it zeus called himself omnipotnet

No Caption Provided

now we know shazam have the power of zeus and even the power of 6th other gods

it would make sense if he is omnipotent but i would say he is not but if he finds his potential he is :DD

so now people say but what are with supes is he not equal to him thats RIGHT but do oyu know even supes got called omnipotent by writer and evne darkseid to :D
ok i know its ridicouls to say that but its only somethink i will show you for superman here darkseid

also some people now claim but wait have shazam even infinit6e feats he have exactly 3

he have one time destroy a unbreakable shield

he goes out of the DC universe into the bleed barrier in less than a second and the dc universe is infinite stated many times in the comics

he quakes the universe wich makjes him high muli multiversal as the dc universe is infinite in size have ifninite matter have a infinite reality have infinite time lines and have infinite dimensionals

also he lift infinite with supes


The Fastes Think alive in the DCU









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Flash Wally west:

No Caption Provided


Flash Barry allen

No Caption Provided



No Caption Provided


Professor Zoom

No Caption Provided


Prof zoom: new 52/pre52/pre crisis

Zoom: pre 52

Wally west: pre 52

Barry allen: pre 52/new 52/pre crisis

Waverider: pre 52


Your reaction to this :D

-dont insult its not my opinion i will only show you somethink and want to see your reactions to this

ok lets begin

everyone knows that the pre crisis superman are really powerfull but what people dont know are that he silver age supes was stated by the writers to be nigh omnipotent dont trust me ok than show it yourself : thats jerry ordway who write adventures of superman and have also read the pre crisis era

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No Caption Provided

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and when you say its photoshop here are the twitter link:

ok then lets start with other thinks first off

the statmant of j.micheal he have write earth 1 superman and have said in this interview this statmant and says superman have limitless strength

No Caption Provided

here are the link to the interview:

the next statmant comes from joy casay who wrote the adventures of superman pre 52 aka post crisis he says superman have no limits are million times stronger than thor and are unbeatable and also says supes are stronger than imperex prime who are on galactus lvl:

the next statmant comes from grant morrison he have said 3 thinks exactly the first: superman are as strong as you like him to be and the 2: superman are stronger than anybody 3: superman are nigh omnipotent grant morrison have write DC one million have creat supes prime one million creat CAS have write all star superman have write also the pre 52 superman aka post crisis have write also the new 52 action comics and multiversity:

the next statmant comes from dan jurgens he say superman are omnipotent yes exactly you have heard right he have said pre 52 supes are omnipotent dan have write pre 52,post crisis,rebirth action comics and death of the superman and more

now many will say that many writer have said supes have limits and thats right!!! but i think many reader forgot about the think that there are also other opinions of other writers however i will say somethink to 2 thinks

many people use this statmant from a old non canon handbook of superman who it stated he have limits

No Caption Provided

however the handbook are non canon many youtubers have said that and also why its non canon is because there are now a new superman handbook so this handbook are not anymore canon and dont can be used anymore

here are the new one:

the 2 think many use are this statmant of supes who he have said he have limits:

No Caption Provided

but the think is when we go by statmants superman would be also limitless because tha tare one statmant that say he have limits and also its out of context

because he only means that he could not be at 2 points at once like the lantern could with his ring

and also here are the other statmants that say he are limitless:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

and dont forget its hyperbole i mean the statmants adn also many try to say but the writer jm.dematteis have said all version have limits read the text again

No Caption Provided

all version HE HAVE WRITTEN so only his version of supes have limits that dont mean that other writers thinks like him

and dont forget this :D

No Caption Provided

this statmant are really right though ;DDDD

here show it by yourself

In Hebrew,

Kal = קוֹל = Voice or Vessel

El = אל‎‎ = God

Thus, Kal-El = God's Voice or God's Vessel

swift = מָהִיר (mahir) pronounced, "ma-here"

Hebrew or Ivrit (עברית) is the "language" of Yahudim or Yehudim יהודים (Jews). Am not a Jew (יהודי Yehudi). Hebrew is a 7th language

but before you ask no im not a jew XDDDD :D

and also dont forget its not my opinion here :DDDD

also some infos i found new are this

superman are stated by the writer Beganso to be all powerfull and he means the pre 52:

he have write adventures of superman and also for the pre crisis superman

john byrne have said the pre crisis supes was a omnipotent god

also some claims of grant morrison that are ridicouls:


ARE HE REALLY THAT POWERFULL??? can you debunk it :DD

Now to add on

Majin Dark Schneider and Fallen Uriel are stated to be able to switch between destructive and creative powers instantly. That means they can actively think on instantaneous levels.

Their speed is stated to be at the maximum level. Technically, you can't surpass instantaneous speed. Or perhaps faster than time. Further evidence for instantaneous combat.

Instantaneous combat speed for Seraph level beings and up, supported by an earlier feat

Raphael's statement

In the earlier scan, Raphael states millions of blows and counters are exchanged every second. This was simple guess on Raphael's part.

Raphael couldn't even track base Dark Schneider's movement. It makes no sense that Raphael could accurately guage Majin Dark Schneider's speed, meaning it was a mere guess.

Majin Dark Schneider > Base Dark Schneider > Raphael > Dominion Angels > Timestop in speed.

Meaning this feat of Darshe and Uriel achieving infinite speed is possible due to Bastard character beings able to outspeed time itself.

Furthermore, the narrator confirmed that they were exchanginh infinite attacks per instant.

ÜbersetzenUrsprünglich geteilt von TitanTM

Overlooked Speed Feat

Dominion Angels are stated to be able to "move within a moment of frozen time".

In this scan, Lucifer is freezing time within a small radius. Yet the Seraphs he is engaging don't give a flying fuck and they continue to battle within timestop.

Seeing as how these Seraphs don't have Dispel Bound to negate the effects of Time Manipulation, this is simply raw speed.

Dominion Angels are stated to be the first level of Angels, meaning some of the lowest ranking and weak Angels.

The four Great Seraphs Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel are the greatest Seraphs among Heaven's Army.

At least Instantaneous combat speed for low level Seraphs and up.

Fallen Uriel, Majin Dark Schneider, the 7 Devil Lords, etc. All would have at least instantaneous combat speed, enough to outrun Timestop.

i hope you can debunk it :DDDD


My DC JLA team vs your marvel avengers team


-you can only use marvel earth heros no cosmic entitys skyfathers or aynthink else like this

-both are bloodlusted





-i debate with you so everyone who say his team are better must show also that its better with scans and feats

-you can only use 1 version of a character


-cap atom (new 52) 1

-superman (pre 52) 2

-Martian manhunter (pre 52) 3

-flash wally west (pre 52) 4

-jakeem thunderbolt (pre 52) 5

-Shazam (pre 52) 6

-Dr fate (pre 52) 7

-Gotham girl (rebirth) 8


-you can also use 8 heros

-dont use villians

-be fair and dont insult or somethink else

-good luck ;D


CAS the most powerfull being ????

I have been doing some research and I have cone to the conclusion that;


Here is a quick rundown of his feats

Cosmic Senses

He can actually feel the narrative progressing around him.

Can hear the reader's breathing. Can feel the reader grabbing the pages of the comic. Note that the original comic was in 3D, so he's actually trying to touch the reader.

Due to his nature as being on a higher plane than the rest of the multiverse, he can perceive Limbo from the outside.

Can hear a single heartbeat of Lois Lane, universes away.

Can perceive the true nature of the Monitors.

Can hear Mandrakk screaming even as he no longer exists to scream.

Combat Abilities

Can withstand eyeblasts from Mandrakk.

His own eyeblasts can blast through Mandrakk.

Strikes Mandrakk with enough force to create a light visible from miles away, and crumble the very universe upon which they walk.

Thought Robot Superman's greatest ability, however, is the fact that he embodies the Superman archetype itself. He's literally as strong as he needs to be, because he's Superman, and he has to save the day.

Now before you have your jimmies rustled and attack me, please give me an opportunity to explain why by addressing some likely questions;

1 No Way, No One Is More Powerful Than Presence, OAA, Beyonder etc.

To begin with, there can be only one omini in any universe or multiverse or megaverse. There cant be 2 characters who claim to be all and end all in any universe.

If that were to happen, they would just merge into 1 being. Its as simple as that. But how is it possible to go past the "omini" stage. The answer is; you don't. CAS went into the world of the Monitors, seeing them as nothing more than mere mortals

Now these beigns are multiversal beigns who rival beyonders.

To break it down, if your cell was a sentient jpg

anism, it would view your body as it's universe and will never be able to comprehend how vast it is. But suppose let's say magic, transformed it into a human, it would view you as its equal, if not far superior. That's what happened to CAS. After merging with Ultraman, Captain Adam, Overman, Superman and Captain Marvel, it viewed these begins as nothing more than helpless civilians. To top it all off, he was thier Superman providing them hope, when all was lost. Feats aside, that speaks a lot about his power level

2 Nah, Bro U Realise Those Monitors Were No Where Near As Powerful As Primordial Monitor

Primordial Monitor was KIA during COIE, and the supposed reshaping of the Multiverse created the Monitor race each guarding 52 universe.

So how do we know that CAS was above him in terms of power? Well for we all know very well that Overvoid=Source=Presence. And luckily for us, the final crisis arc mentions the Overvoid, which is well an abyss. I have a theory that this abyss may be the remains of the Primordial Monitor. Overvoid is the mind of the monitors aka all of them combined into 1. But we have already seen what Dax Novu did. He didn't even exist and drew his power from the Bleed. Now the monitors can't actually see into the bleed. Their mind cannot perceive events happening there, and Mandrakk overpowered them as a whole. In other words Mandrakk>Overvoid. And we already know Mandrakk is equal in terms of power to CAS.

3 You Said So Yourself, There Can Only Be One Omini

True there can only be 1 omini, but that's when the theory of the Dark comes in. You see there are 2 types of infinity. Countable and Uncountable infinity.

Countable Infinity is basically numbers we are able to predict like even numbers(2,4,6,8), odd numbers(1,3,5,7,9), prime numbers(1,2,3,5,7) etc. They will never have an end but can be predicted.

Uncountable Infinity can be said to be the distance between any 2 points. For example, I can start counting from 1 to 2 starting from 0.1. Another person may put me to shame and start from 0.001, another from 0.0001, 0.00001, 0.000001 and so on. It wold be quite virtually impossible for me to accomplish such said task.

The same basic rules of infinity apply to these characters. They are all infinite, but each has a varying degree of countable infinity. A writer can never fully describe infinity on a panel or issue. That's because we as humans are incapable of such comprehension. So to skip the hustle, our brains let's us use countable infinity.

What separates CAS from the others is that he has displayed the highest form of countable infinity when we look at his feats and his generall description. He never had to follow those rules because he was outside of existence. That's when dark theory comes in. No matter how much we discover using countable infinity, the amount of information undiscovered will always be higher No Matter What. In other words, goodbye fodder countable infinity ominipotents, hello uncountable infinity, aka "dark".

To conclude, scientifically and mathematically speaking, CAS is above Omnipotent

4 What About Azatoth? Isn't he Regarded As The Most Powerful Being In Existence?

As for Lovecraft's Lore about the "Blind Idiot God", there are many misconceptions to his dreams.The word "Boundless" is used to describe Azathoth. Even if taken literally, this is merely meant to say that his rule is boundless. Not that the entity itself has power or being that is boundless. Clearly being stated as the "Lord of all things", it would make sense that his rule is boundless. Although that does not mean he is unopposed, but that discussion is for another time cough Yog-sothoth cough. It also states that his throne sits outside the ordered universe, is that meant to imply that there is also a disorderly part of the universe? As stated before, a lot that is said about this being, and many Lovecraft beings, is an interpretation that people only support with the vague terms used to describe them. Honestly, a lot of beings from Marvel, by definition of their nature, far exceed Azathoth and Yog-sothoth. The Ultimate gods are the same thing as the Other gods. Again though, it is only interpretation.

That is really all that can be said about Azathoth. There are a few other descriptions of him in a couple other stories, but none of them are really as detailed as this. In "Dreams in the Witch House", the protagonist ( Walter Gilman) seems to look towards a bright star in the sky that is implied to be the Throne of Azathoth, even though it is only ever encountered in his dreams

5*What About This Guy, And That God......*

What you have to understand about CAS is that Grant Morrison made him out to be the ultimate weapon against the ultimate enemy; a plot device. I don't care how much more feats Beyonder or LT or anyone else has, they still fall under the category of a plot device. Not even Mxy can pop up in Grant Morrison's face and demand a change

The ultimate winner though is the very core of CAS, He has the Superman archetype; He's literally as strong as he needs to be, because he's Superman, and he has to save the day.

No matter what is ever thrown at CAS, he will adapt and become better. credits goes to :Jxchallmegreat1 Icu here are his acc


Jakeem thunderbolt vs Sentry stable 100%


-jakeem pre flashpoint

-sentry are stable and at 100%






-area:planet Sakaar


Jakeem thunderbolt
Jakeem thunderbolt