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Well done. 0

This book was great. It didn't feel to long or to short and definitely left me wanting more. The art for the most part was excellent and I loved the character designs although in the beginning I thought the robot looked a little Fragile but that was resolved when he was kicking Cap's A$$. There was also a couple of panels where I thought Tony Stark looked a little ...... mangy? It was weird but overall I would call the art a big success.I am loving that Hickman is adding new characters to the mi...

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It's fine, I Guess. 2

Ok, first off the art is amazing but that's all that is amazing about this issue AND series.The characterization is all off. Cyclops has been acting like a tool for a few years now but this takes it to a whole new level. "My mutant name is Cyclops", "get ready for the Mutant revolution", please, when did Scott turn into a cheesy third rate villain and the king of all douche bags? I'm guessing the moment Bendis got his hands on him.The Emma Frost we have been reading would never have treated Scot...

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WTF! 0

what the hell is going on? this was only the 9th issue and everyone was acting like she had been here for years. i get the whole 1 year later thing but still. and what was the last story arc about? where were they? did they just leave all those people to be ruled or killed? and the incest thing? how did she get her own appartment? how did she and cassie become friends? since when is she friends with bruce? why is she a skank? after she got the tattoo a couple of issues ago ( what the fuck was th...

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Bendis? again? 0

the whole hulk thing really pissed me off. although bendis has absolutely no respect for continuity the whole thing screamed of editorial mandate.Everything about Hawkeye in this book was terrible from the funeral talk that was awful to Bryan hitch being credited in giant letters for his costume design. seriously,in a book with all these characters that decades of writers and artist have contributed to, the only guy you wanna mention is the person who made Hawkeyes costume look more like it will...

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