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My favorite characters n' stuff.

This list... Is not final.

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  • Wolverine is unbelievably epic in every way. My boy's straight bada$$. I censor this because I don't wanna get in trouble. Point is, He's cool. Justified in His edginess.

  • It's just a boy....


  • Pitt is The Hulk with cheats activated and a Dragonball mod. Don't question it it's factual information. Cheats. Using hax.

  • I can't think of I character I've had to defend on r/whowouldwin more than my G Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing is the perfect fusion of Horror, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, and y'know, Psychedelic Sexual Intercourse. If You're into that.

  • Not much to say. This guy's one of My favorite characters, ever, hands down, always has been. Venom was one of the catalysts that got Me into comic books. How can you not love a hulking cannibal with a massive jaw?

  • Gekido-Jin's a big mo'fuc*ah. A massive, looming Golem/Oni hybrid... One of my favorite non-canon Godzilla villains. And, on top of that, He's like Daimajin but cooler...

  • "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BACTINE?!!??!" I dressed up Like My boy J.T.H.M for Halloween a few years back. Bruh.... He's sick.

  • From one of the few manga I actually care about. Wrestler Ultraman.

  • No doubt My favorite Ghost Rider. He's, in My opinion, the best Ghost Rider. Because He is. Because He is Danny... Goddamn Ketch. Every time I look at His eyes... The Penance Stare... I am filled with hype. Unheard of levels of hype. Them CHAINS. THEM SHOTGUNS. It's... It's crazy man.

  • Underrated and infinitely more bad-ass than Cyborg. If only He didn't have that weakness to fire. Of course, being the most powerful telepath ever, He can stop the fire before it starts. Way cooler than Supes. Martian Manhunter is The Last... Son... Of Mars.

  • The comic was low-key awful but I love the concept of a weaponized Hulk ripoff running rampant through the DC Universe beating people to a pulp. He fights everybody, from Wonder Woman to Grodd, Swamp Thing to The Suicide Squad. I wish this series could've lasted a bit longer but sadly, it got cancelled, along with another one of My favorite titles, The Curse of Brimstone.

  • The best Wolverine knockoff to ever come out of Image. This dude got Me into comics when I was little. I have fond memories of reading the one issue of Cyber Force I had cover to cover every day. Original series, Number 8. Amazing cover.

  • Now, I'm hella pumped for the Vin Diesel movie, but, I've been reading 90's valiant since the fifth grade. For the first time, I'll be able to complain if they don't get it right. But, I won't. It's Vin Diesel, Riddick Himself.

  • I've been into Scud since I first saw a picture of Him. I cannot overstate My love for the art in this series. I've even named My username on this site after Him and a... character who appeared further up on this list. Anyways, yeah, Scud's pretty cool.

  • You'll learn quickly that I love mercenaries with super-powers. A lot. Way too damn much. But, Slade Wilson ain't nothin' to fuck with.

  • One of My Dad's favorites when He was a kid. I started reading this in Middle School and it blew Me away. The way Stan Sakai builds His characters and the world they live in, is incredible. Everything about this series, from the art to the characters, is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if You want a comic that isn't ALL ACTION ALL THE TIME. I just love Usagi Yojimbo.

  • I'm not the biggest DBZ fan. Hell, I haven't even finished it yet. But Tien always looked so cool to Me.

  • Don't question it. He's Black Adam. He's the ultimate badass.

  • We had Super Friends on DVD when I was little. My Mom grew up with the show. So, from a young age, Darkseid was, to Me, the best cartoon villain. Of course, I knew He was originally from comics and I eventually got into other, better cartoons with better villains, but that raspy voice, those red eyes, and that blue armor are some things that I'll never forget.

  • Does anyone really need a reason to like Victor Von Doom? Look here, if I was in charge, it would be illegal to not like Doctor Doom, okay? Do not disrespect My boy.

  • While I only have a few issues, His imagery will always stick with Me. Those giant pistols, the comedic villains, the dark writing, and the horror comic reprints make this guy one of My favorite superheroes. Ever.

  • I remember when I first read about The Phantom. A whip-cracking dude with dual pistols that planted skull-shaped holes in His enemies. The Man who doesn't die. It was cool. And I still think He's cool. Because He is. Because He's The Phantom.

  • Kind've showing My age here but this was the first comic I collected from start to finish as it came out. Shame it was cancelled, other than Sideways this was the best New Age of Heroes story, in My opinion.

  • Hype inducing Samurai with an unbreakable blade enhanced by a tachyon field. He's just cool. I think He's cool.

  • Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Legacy are two of My favorite manga, and even though Mantaro's a little bit of a dick head, His battle with The Pumpinator, A.K.A Maxman, is still one of My favorite battles in all of manga.

  • 4000 year traditional flavor.

  • Brooding edgelord that I actually find cool instead of shitty. I also think He's pretty cool since He's a vampire without being some kind've cursed, rich aristocrat living in a big-ass mansion. His condition was caused by Science, and the powers He gained from it are pretty sick. Combined with His need for human blood to survive, I think Morbius is a good example of Edgy bullshit done really well.

  • A 90's Image character if I ever saw one. I feel like a lot of attention gets put on Spawn and The Dragon when it comes to who the most 90's Image characters are, but I also feel like Backlash isn't given enough credit. An aging, half-alien assassin who can turn into smoke, has a healing factor (like all 90's comic characters lmao), uses excessive blood and guts, who's partner is basically a traced image of an Adult Video actress. I love Backlash.

  • My favorite Batman villain, now that Joker fans have become mindless drones. Also, Catwoman. Catwoman's cool and has leather.

  • The 90's, but a character. I think it's cool that He started as a parody of 90's comics but was misinterpreted by people that read His comics and turned into the literal poster boy for 90's comic violence.

    Fetal's Giz!

  • As previously stated, I like Kinnikuman.

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