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Worth the wait 0

I haven't read the original Sandman series yet but this was amazing. Because of the long wait for this issue i re-read #1 and after #1 started setting up stuff i read this. I was blow away. There are twists that i understand and i am already wanting #3. The description Gaiman uses in the book is amazing and sings off the page.Then you have J.H. Williams III art. The best art you can get. I spent so much time staring at this. Dave Stewart's colours work really well with Williams art. Todd Klein ...

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Best Marvel studios movie 0

This movie was great from start to finish.It had great action and one of the best car chases i have ever seen.The winter soldier was great in the film.So was Cap, Widow, Falcon and FuryAs for the bad guy side, it is not what you expect but it really nails what the story is trying to do.Also there was a Dr Strange easter egg (not a spoiler) Ed Brubaker is in it, can you find him?Overall this is my 2nd favourite marvel movie after Spider-man 2 and closely followed by iron man, X2, first class and...

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Losing Interest 0

Ok so we all loved Geoff John's Aquaman (I hope). But are we going to love Jeff Parker's run? I enjoyed his last marvel project, Red She-Hulk and his Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts has been very well received as well as Batman '66. But this isn't cutting it for me. I think Parker is writing Geoff John's Aquaman and not his Aquaman. When Parker starts his Aquaman this book will reach the heights of John's run.But on the art side when Netho Diaz gets of the book (next issue i believe) this book will b...

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Does this story need 7 issues to be told? (Spoilers) 0

Earlier this year Dan Dido and Jim Lee were discussing Forever Evil and one of them must have came up with the idea of Peter Jackson writing Forever Evil instead of Geoff Johns so they can make it longer and get more money. In the 4 issues we have had The Crime Syndicate has taken down several villains and remaining heroes. Lex has his Injustice League and Batman and Catwoman have started to make progress on how to take the Crime Sydnicate down.But by no means is that a bad thing, Things start t...

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I am so angry 0

5 Stars? You must thinking what's up with 5 stars when i'm angry. Well i borrowed it from the library! Yes, i know a library and i highly regret that. But don't worry in due time i will buy it.Moving on.If you didn't know this is basically an elseworlds story but is not published as one. It is about a world where superman only exists in comics and some parents name there kid Clark Kent. He is bullied in school for this reason. He suddenly get super powers when he is about 13. (Written by Kurt B...

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Holy s**t this is ****ing awesome 0

The GoodI don't know where to start, this series has unbelievably amazing. Then you read issue 5. This issue was awesome, amazing, stunning, shocking, wonderful, incredible and so, so much more.We all would've read a cliff hanger or two right? Some are good and some make you throw the book on the ground this one makes you do both because we have to wait to February.At least we get a story from these 2 creators (Snyder and Murphy) in Detective Comics #27. I want to mention the art work by Sean M...

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funniest deadpool issue yet!!! 0

The GoodThe previous Deadpool arc (The good, the Bad and the Ugly) is my favorite deadpool story not only of Marvel now but what i have read of the character. It had a VERY serious tone but still had that deadpool humor we all like. In this issue we had a humor overload and it was brilliant.I had to stop reading this book a couple of times when reading this because it was so funny. (if your name is N'gassi don't eat beans). also make sure you read the credits on the opening page.Then we come to...

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Green Arrow (Spoilers) 0

The Good Every month Green Arrow continues to impress, this month is no exception.In this issue Ollie returns to the island and the way Jeff Lemire writes him is brilliant. So good in fact that it almost felt like a flashback scene on arrow. Jeff Lemire is starting to build an extended universe for Green Arrow, one bigger than himself and his side-kick. We are getting the clans, the outsiders and more!This review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the art. Andrea Sorrentino's art is consita...

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Too Many Stories 0

Quick ReviewTo start off this review i will talk about the art. It's Jim Lee so it's good but i was reading his justice league run the same day i read this and i thought he did a better Superman in Justice League than Unchained so far, don't get me wrong it, i'm saying it was bad it, his superman was OK but the rest was brilliant.Now to the main reason i am giving 3 stars (3 1/2 if we had 1/2 stars). Therw are too many stories being told here. First one we have is Superman's one with wraith whic...

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Reverse, Part 3 0

The Good Ever since the start of the new 52 the flash book has had it's problems here and there, but i stayed with it and it was worth it with reverse flash arc. The Grodd story was weak and went on for far to long then needed. If you haven't been keeping up with the book start with #20 and all you need to know is that 4 people were trapped inside the speed force and now have powers and someone is killing them, we don't know who the reveres flash is but it is not Dr. Elias, Barry or any other pe...

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great start to Zero Year 0

This is the Third major new 52 batman story line from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (The Court of Owls, Death of the Family and now Zero Year) and this has the best start compared to Batman #1 and #13. This issues sets up future issues in the zero year compared #1 or 13 to there respective story line. What really helped this issue was the the time frames used and the sense of anticipation for action.Greg's art is great a usual but has different style to it. It is a lot brighter than usual (bein...

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DD strikes again 0

With the current ongoing by Mark Waid and end of days Daredevil series being so good this book has high expectations. Fortunately it doesn't disappoint. It has every thing i want in a daredevil story, Daredevil (duh!), action, mystery and the ability to make you smile. This had all of them.In this issue Weeks does a good job of keeping the action at a good pace. It was a bit slow but if speed up a bit it would've been pretty good. This story isn't a daredevil story but did feature plenty of dare...

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In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night 0

The GoodThis series hasn't been what we expected since the start of the new 52 but this issue will probably go down in history as one of the best green lantern comics ever.Doug Mahnke's art doesn't disappoint and is just is as good as it will ever been and there is 60+ pages of it. It was also great to see so many colors in this book and all the one, two and even a four page spread.The story was amazing and it made you feel like you were the emotional spectrum. There were so many twists and tur...

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WOW (spiolers!!!) 0

i am going to do a page by page recap with a couple of point at the endcover - greatit builds you excitement for what is to comefills in gap between 16 and 17 and what joker has been up to in other seriessame as 2 (2 page spread)joker tells us what trap batman has to get through to save everybody and turn to next page QUICK!Alfred!what is on the platterwe find out what is on the platter and the art looks amazing (should that lion be bat lion)reminded me of the dark knight (movie)remember that ca...

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ha ha ha 0

this issue picks up where the last one did. This issue also sets up the rest of death of the family and it helps explain why the joker is attack the batman family. The art work is great as usual and the joker looks even crazier with a face that it just tied to his head and you can see the muscle of his forehead which looks better than it did in batgirl 14.Scott Snyder also shows how crazy the joker really is and batman has really cool trick to get out of the vat he fell in last time. Showing us ...

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