The Amphibious Mutate

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The Freak Patrol

"Think this was a setup? I think it was a setup…" Scorn crouched behind an overturned table as he popped out his weapon's magazine to check his ammo.
"Either way… somebody is dying." The albino man chirped considerably too cheerful for the situation.
"You're messed up, you know that?"
"And you need to get laid. Seriously, loosen up. Not like this job pays enough. Gotta get my kicks somehow. So, how you wanna do this?" Vein nodded towards the ambush of men with guns closing in on them.
"Well, seeing as I'm the one who'd end up shot, McGhost, I'm thinking flash grenade, I bound through the stunned enemies, take them from behind, and you take them from the front."
"Oh, yeah. Let me get shot. I see how it is, kid..."
Scorn blinked both sets of lids at the albino mercenary before thrusting his knife through the man's chest. The attack failed as intended as the albino phased. "Alright, alright. Point made." Vein tossed the grenade into the approaching crowd seconds before the blinding blast. Instantly, Scorn had hurdled over the makeshift barricade and was sprinting fast and quietly through the disoriented opponents. He fired off a couple of silenced shots before the tall, pale man started unloading rounds of ammo. The force was quickly diminished.
"You okay over there?" The albino stood to his full six foot seven height, his white trench coat trailing down to his calves.
Scorn hobbled back muttering profanities. "YOU SHOT ME, JACKASS." As he came into view, Vein could see he had quickly healing bullet holes in his leg, arm, and chest.
"Ha. Stop whining. You'll live."
"Unfortunately." He rolled his black eyes.
Vein flung an arm around his shoulders, much to the amphibian's chagrin. "Let's get out of here. I need a drink. Maybe we can get someone drunk enough to sleep with you."
"Shut up."
The strange pair exited the scene.

"Yes, mister dark and mysterious employer man, what can I do for you?" Scorn hung upside down from the ceiling as he took the call on his cell. "Another job, you say? Good pay, huh? I am all ears. Mmhmm." The distorted voice continued the proposition. "Oh, come on. You can't be serious. He's my partner. I see what you're doing here. Take out the other guy, and suddenly you have way more money to work with and fewer loose ends. I'm not buying it. I did your little job before. Yeah, turned out to be an ambush. I didn't appreciate that. So, you can take your suitcase of cash and shove it up your…" The call disconnected. "Hello?" Scorn looked at the phone. "Hm. Whatever."

The amphibian hybrid showed up at the docks later that night. It was a place secluded from the general population, run down, and always smelled like death. Naturally, this was the place Vein chose to keep his cache of weapons. He rapped on the door of the large storage container knowing his partner in crime would be there. The door was rolled up, and the tall albino stood shirtless. "Oh, hey, Scorn." He muttered half-heartedly before returning to his recliner to finish cleaning his weapon. Scorn rolled the door back down and wandered further into the dirty, cluttered area. He gave a chuckle before turning his attention to Vein. "Hey… you know, I got the weirdest call today from our employer. Wanted me to take you out. Haha. I told him to go screw himself. Well… more or less." He shrugged.

"Really?" Vein raised his white brows. "Surprised you didn't take him up on the offer. Haha. He actually called me too."
"Yeah? Ha. Like we don't know all about those tricks. Sheesh." He shook his head, looking around the room.
"Yeah." Vein grinned. "But you know… money is money." He pulled out a machine gun from the floor behind his chair and pointed it at the man.
Scorn's eyes darted back. "Very funny, whitey. Put the gun down."
"Who's laughing?" He grinned broadly.
The amphibian's eye twitched. "AW, COME ON."
The hail of bullets began as Scorn dodged down to the floor. He ducked behind some cover. "You of all people know it's damn hard to kill me. You really want to do this?"
"Yup. I really do." He stood to his feet. His finger pressed down on the trigger releasing another spray of metal. He was completely destroying his place, but Vein always enjoyed a bit of chaos. "Stop squirming, you slippery eel."
"Nope, I think I will continue squirming. And… not an eel."
Vein shot in the direction of the voice, decimating his stash of extra clothes and making a sizable hole in the wall of the storage container. Scorn punched out  the flimsy, rusted metal and jumped into the bay. His specialized physiology quickly pushed him down through the water.
The albino phased through what remained of his abode and stared into the murky water, resting his weapon on his shoulder.
"Swim away, little fish."