The Amphibious Mutate

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Handyman Service

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Everything breaks and falls apart eventually. Consider one source for all your repair, cleaning, and maintenance needs.
And I mean all. No questions asked. Will do just about everything for money. (Except prostitution... I mean, really...)

Got a job the public just can't know about? Hire this guy.
Radiation leakage at your secret lab? Not a problem.
Got a body (or more) that needs disposal? Done.
For the right pay, he'll even be a henchmen meat shield.
Scorn has the flexability to fill just about any job that needs to be done.
His unique qualifications include experience being a repairman, burglar, body guard, investigator.
His specialized physiology makes him faster, more agile, more aware, possessing more stamina, and less kill-able than your average human gun for hire.
So... please? I need the money...