4 Reasons Princess Bubblegum is Evil Part 1

Hey remember the Adventure Time episode “Henchman”? It focuses on Marceline showing to Finn how things aren't always what they seem; she appears ready to drink a man's blood but just drinks the red from his bowtie, she leads an army of skeletons into the nut kingdom, but it's for a birthday party, and she tells Finn to kill an adorable dimple plant, which turns out to evil. The lesson is not everything is what it seems.

This lesson can be applied to Princess Bubblegum. She may appear sweet and kind but is truly evil. Now you might be thinking of the episode where the Lich turns her evil; however, I mean that she has been evil from the start. I'm implying that the Lich and her sharing a cup of tea as part of Finn's nightmare in “King Worm” isn't simple coincidence but Finn's subconscious realizing that she's evil.

It's as if Obi Wan walked in on the emperor and Anakin plotting to kill him
It's as if Obi Wan walked in on the emperor and Anakin plotting to kill him

I'm implying that it is no mere coincidence that both PB and the Lich are the only non-heroes to want to know what secrets the Enchiridion hides in “The Enchiridion!” and “In Your Footsteps” respectively. I'm implying that I watch too much Adventure Time and have too much time on my hands. But most importantly I'm implying that Princess Bubblegum ruler of the Candy Kingdom is the true villain of Adventure Time, and has been from the start. J’CCUSE!

Here is why…

4. Peppermint Butler

Does making portals to the Land of Death as well as being friends with death personified as seen in “Death in Bloom” and golfing buddies with Hunson Abadeer, Lord of Evil, shown in “Return to the Nightosphere” sound suspiciously villainous to you? If it does, and honestly it should, then I've provided enough evidence to convince you Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum’s right hand man, is evil. If not then I'll also point you to this video.

That convinced you don’t lie. So, woot, minor victory!

Now keeping around a murderous and deranged peppermint isn't a crime in itself. Except it is. It's illegal to harbor criminals, and I'm not exaggerating when I say Peppermint Butler is murderous (just watch the episode "The Eyes" and you'll see that he's murdered a goblin), thus making him a criminal that Bubblegum harbors from whatever goblin justice system exists.

I...uh... found him like that.
I...uh... found him like that.

Now you could argue that Princess Bubblegum doesn't know that her loyal right hand man is secretly a madman. But when he threatens to take Finn and Jake's flesh she is literally standing right there; sure they're sort of whispering, but come on she is literally in arms reach and that is the worst whispering voice imaginable. Even then if she didn't pick up on this one moment, Princess Bubblegum being one of the smartest people in the land of Ooo should have picked up on his mad antics at least once. It seems near impossible that she isn't aware of his demonic tendencies and therefore is intentionally harboring him. By harboring a criminal she is obstructing justice and although not entirely evil is definitely bad.

3. She is Ruthless

"Princess Bubblegum is an extremely intelligent", reads her entry on the Adventure Time wiki. She has created life multiple times notably in the episode "Goliad", made a cure for a zombie virus in "Slumber Party Panic", and holds the land of Ooo's scientific conventions as seen in "The Real You". Yet several times of the course of the series she forsakes science preferring to beat, have beaten, or destroy the reputation of others.

In the episode "The Duke" Princess Bubblegum is willing to arrest and probably execute the Duke of Nuts causing his wife to lose faith in him and his son to prematurely mourn him; basically her desire to arrest the Duke sends his family into chaos, and forces the Duke into hiding. Now you might be thinking she has a good reason to arrest him, right? Well, her reason is because she hates him. You might be thinking she must hate him for a good reason. She hates him because he steals her pudding. Hopefully by now you've recognized the trend and realize that he's stealing the pudding for a good reason, and he is; he has a pudding deficiency.

Helping ducks cross a puddle! Clearly he must die!
Helping ducks cross a puddle! Clearly he must die!

So to sum that up Princess Bubblegum screws up a guys life because he took her pudding in order to live. Wow, that is undeniably an extreme response. Especially considering that her kingdom is made of dessert; lost pudding shouldn't be a big issue when the buildings probably use pudding as cement or some other part of construction. Seriously she should be able to get more pudding.

Of course this could be an isolated incident, you might be hoping as I continue to crush your perception of a lovable character. Hahaha, if it was an isolated event then why would I have another paragraph on the topic? I have evidence out the wazoo!

In the episode "What Have You Done", Princess Bubblegum plans to beat the Ice King until he screams. Truthfully she has a valid reason; the Ice King has cursed her people and the only way to lift that curse is to cause him to scream. But she resorts to violence nearly instantly. Sure, she tries to negotiate with him, but unsurprisingly negotiations break down since the man she's trying to be sensible with is only fit to rule penguins; considering the Princess's love of science and logic her plan of talking it out with a nutcase is hilariously illogical.This leads her to resort to violence. Well I suppose resort isn't the right word. This leads her to jump straight to violence without trying any other plans. Yet, violence isn't the answer, which isn't shocking considering how bad of a moral lesson that is. Instead the plan that works in the end is tricking the Ice King with really bad acting that Finn is not only his friend but dead thus prompting him to scream. What's suprising about this plan is Finn came up with it in a few seconds. SECONDS. The best plan Bubblegum who I'll remind you is "extremely intelligent" came up with was torture over the course of at least several minutes to several hours, which is beaten out by a plan Finn made in seconds.

She clearly has some violent tendencies whether in the name of justice or just due to her own vendettas.

A Brief History about this Idea

The idea of PB being evil is a concept that I've argued with my friends about for quite some time. They of course thought it was ridiculous, but one friend suggested that such an arguement was worthy of a Cracked.com article. So I signed up to write for Cracked.com and pitched my idea. My idea, however, wasn't worthy. The topic was considered to narrow and was more or less rejected. This lead me to repost what I'd written thus far as a blog on Comicvine where the community is kinder and where the formating allows me to easily write.


My Top 10 Fictional Universes

Now I realize that the list I’m making won’t have everyone’s favorite fictional universe. This is a list concerning my favorites, which might also be your favorites. I felt that making such a list would be a good way to introduce myself to the site.

Now before I begin my count down of top 10 fictional universes, I’ll explain how I judged them. I went by the creativity each possessed, how developed each was, and by whether or not I’d want to live there; the whether I’d live there criteria was how much adventure and how dangerous it is. However, I won’t be explaining why these have received the placement they’ve gotten unless asked since I’d rather be practical and spend my time productively working on my graphic novel rather then writing a blog that no one cares about; I made this list just to test the waters. If this is popular then I’ll write another blog most likely on my favorite characters.

So here I go…

10. Transformers/ GI Joe

9. Pokemon

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8. Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra (Is there a shorter title I could have used?)

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7. Mass Effect

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6. One Piece

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5. Adventure Time

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4. Miyazaki

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3. Star Wars

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2. Marvel Comics

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1. Lord of the Rings

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