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  • What got me hooked is the premise of "Every Spider-man Ever". Now I know Spiders like Six-Armed, Spider-Punk, Assassin Spidey, and so on and forth.

  • Another series I put on hold. Peter got me interested 'cause you know, space pirate stuff gets to me.

    UPDATE (08/16/15): Decent story, but then it lead to that Black Vortex crossover....

  • Funny thing was, I only knew of this through FCBD, and from there I'm keeping myself updated. Can't get enough of McG, any other people involved are a bonus (which if thought of again, is quite big of a bonus).

    UPDATE (08/16/15): A little bit disappointed how they treated McG. Seriously?

  • My friend gave me his digital copy of this series, and man, I was getting the kick out of SpOck thrashing up Parker's life here and there. (Only thing I hated was his handling of Black Cat, just a brief encounter and a lousy, anticlimatic one too.)

  • Three creative teams and his character is still there, unchanged. Wow.

    UPDATE (08/16/15): Still am hooked!

  • I reaaallly liked this incarnation of X-Factor (although I want to read Serval Industries' team) because of it's noir take. Darwin, Longshot, M, Rahne, Guido, Shatterstar, Rictor, Siryn, Layla, and most of all Madrox - I miss you guys.

  • To be read. If you've noticed, I'm trying out some Valiant goodness. (Maybe because I love supporting underdogs.)

  • To be read. Read the reviews and got me interested.

  • Read the first issue. What a badass.

  • To be read. This guy's a powerhouse. I would like to know more about him.

  • To be read.

  • To be read.

    UPDATE (08/16/15): It was great, but too brief for me. Kay was just starting, for goodness sake! T_T

  • I haven't started reading all of my copies yet, but I have read some of the spin-offs (Cinderella 1-4, the Literal arc) and I enjoyed them (and have Jack evoke my hatred against him. What a douchebag, he is).

  • I bought this along with other free Valiant #1's on Comixology when they were sold free. The art is so rad I miss it. Currently on hold.

  • To be read. This guy's so lovable it's so frustrating he's suffering Bendititis. :/

  • I first saw this on an ad in my X-Factor issues (which, sadly, I only have two) and I was drawn in. Good to see Cannonball take the lead.

  • This tale was a great take, showing the effects of aging on a returning vigilante. (Bruce took a unexpectedly decent Robin here, IMO.)

  • Or you could say X-Men: The Fallout. Anyways, Cyclops was right (even though I was siding with the Avengers the whole time).

  • I also received this (digitally) from a former instructor at my college, this was my window on how screwed up the DC universe can become. Especially Batman.

  • Funny thing was, I read this first before Annihilation. Makes me wonder how Quasar, Moondragon, and Adam Warlock are doing now.

  • Two words: Cosmic greatness.

  • Still reading, loving how they show the reality of each Renegade and the twisted side of the somehow righteous goodwill of Harada and his Harbingers.