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Moon Knight #189! Madness of the Present and the Future Foreboding! *WARNING! SPOILERS*

Marc is back!
Marc is back!


Continuing after a stellar villain introduction last issue, here we finally see Marc Spector after the madness of Lemire's run. Bemis does a great job incorporating the acceptance Marc has come into as we see him go through everyday life with all his personalities. Steven and Marc are portrayed very well, but the game changer this issue was Jake. Hope Bemis elaborates how he ended up in that state in future issues. Now for Khonshu. Initially, I got a little put off by his monologue (when has this guy been talkative anyways?) but it's a minor gripe compared to the rest of the issue.

We get introduced to a new villain going on as the Truth, one with a weird powerset that fits right in the already bizzare world of Moon Knight. Quick his spotlight was, but in a reality where no one pretty much stays dead, here's hoping he becomes a regular nuisance for Marc. Now for Patient 86 (or the Sun King, as the previews say). His subplot was a great build-up for #190, as see him play his charismatic ways weave throughout the issue, ending in a reveal long-time Moon Knight fans have been waiting for (kind of). Bemis has created another madman to rival the already delusional superhero, and we are left questioning, whose madness will prevail?

*Author Notes*

Now as to why I started making reviews at the second issue of the new arc...uhhhh this was an on-the-spot idea for me to see if I could start doing these ehehehe. Will do my best to keep my writing discipline on.

Peace out,

Janssen :>