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Green Lantern: New Guardians 25- All Tomorrow's Parties 0

Wow. Wow-y wow wow.With the Light's Out story arc at an end, quite possibly the biggest question on every Green Lantern fan's mind, including my own, was, "What's going to happen with Kyle Rayner?" and this issue more than delivers.Issue twenty-five begins in space sector 1416 on planet Zamaron, homeworld of the Star Sapphires, where we find Carol Ferris in chambers with the Zamaron monarchs as she attempts to explain Hal's new policy on patrolling the emotional spectrum (Green Lantern #25). In ...

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Green Lantern Corps 24: Lights Out, Part Two: Oa's Last Stand 0

The second installment of Light's Out is here and has made its way into the second of the five Green Lantern titles.The issue begins with Oa appearing to deteriorate as Relic calls for the lanterns to succumb to his demands of a surrender. Naturally, though, Hal leads the lanterns into an assault against Relic, where no amount of constructs seem to be harming Relic. Instead, Relic easily whacks them away.Probably too much.As Hal begins to brainstorm a way to regroup and commence another attack, ...

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Green Lantern 24: Lights Out, Part One: Dark Days 0

Part One of Light's Out is finally here, and I can hardly say I'm disappointed. I'd originally approached this issue with trepidation due to the fact that this is the beginning of the first major story arc not including Geoff Johns, who, of course, has made the Green Lantern franchise into the success that it's become in the last nine years. This issue, though, definitely holds its own!Issue twenty-four begins on Oa, where we learn that the reason the green lanterns' rings have been malfunctioni...

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Green Lantern 23.4: Sinestro 0

Oh man. This issue was such a let-down.Geoff Johns already wrote a revised Sinestro origins story because Sinestro's character has changed so much over the past seven years, the original silver age story was pretty out of date for the New 52 interpretation. And because Johns has arguably made the Green Lantern franchise the most popular it's ever been through his expansion of GL mythology, I don't understand why Matt Kindt felt the need to backtrack with this character. Silver Age Sinestro wasn'...

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