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Creedence Junction - On World's Edge

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They say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet

You don't have to drink right now

But you can dip your feet

Every once in a little while

~ Brandon Flowers

Creedence Junction

On World's Edge

Creedence Junction is a town in Southern Texas that seems to be situated in the middle of nowhere - thus the term 'On World's Edge,' thought it is clearly landlocked on all sides. Its closest recognized national neighbor is Wayward, which is still a couple days journey to its East, the Rio Grande to its West, the Mexican town Nueve Diaz to its South, and its closest physical neighbor being the Red Dawn Nation to its North. (though fictional, it would be somewhere between Del Rio and El Paso in truth)

It was founded in 1820 where a group of 60 missionaries settled for reasons. It became a passing town for wayward travelers and migrants growing slowly until the Mexican-American War where it became a staging area to treat wounded soldiers. After the War ended, the size of the town grew exponentially when it became a station stop for the railroad that passed through the town. With it being now a new state but with little actual authority influence, it became popular to people wanting to create a new life as well as people running away from the lives of old.


Creedence Junction is hot during the summer and warm during the winters. Its a very dry area due to it being far from river water, though the town is stationed upon many of its own water wells. Scattered families and ranchers claim the town making its outer boundaries quite expanse compared to most.


Creedence is very diverse in population due the end of the War. Mixed with American and Spanish culture, its residents recognize many of customs.

Population - 540 actual residents, though that doesn't account for migrants and travelers that stop at the Junction


Creedence proper is a trading town due to the railroad. As a travel hub, mercantiles, meat markets, churches, schools, and banks are situated in town. Naturally, intermixed with such businesses were gambling dens, bawdy houses, and saloons.


Theme: Cowboys vs Zombies - think Django or Magnificent Seven verse meets Walking Dead

Plot: First occurrence zombie outbreak

Time period: late 1800s.

Powers: None. Your cowboys level. Non-universe connected

Others: Dont need no bio. Ill write it out of you.

Roles looking for: