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Personal Information


Real Name: Julie Reagan McConnell

Aliases: Red, Reagan,

Gender: Female

Relatives: James McConnell (father), Hannah McConnell (mother), Newton McConnell (adoptive brother) Blake McConnell (sister), Ringo McConnell (brother)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Identity: Public

History: Public

Age: 20

Species: Human

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 120

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Red

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York

Base of Operations: N/A

Affiliation: McConnell Family

Education: Active

Occupation: Student

Universe: CVnU

Avatar: Karen Gillan


Julie is an outgoing extrovert, believing in the very best in people and easily following her emotions to the point where it is easily scene. It can be perceived as an innocence, but she would rather not be walled in emotionally. She is easily curious about stuff, willing to take risk to experience such curiosity. She tends to let what she thinks out verbally quickly, though it is rather tamed in the presence of her sister, Blake.


Weather Manipulation: Julie possesses the ability to mentally simulate atmospheric conditions in an area to produce weather like conditions and atmospheric pressure with a thought

  • Lightning
  • Rain
  • Ice
  • Wind gust
  • Temperature

Thermal Variance: Julie's body counteracts extreme temperatures internally, increasing or decreasing her temperature in contrast to its external environment to an unknown degree with no ill effect.


Emotional Outburst: Julie's ability to manipulate the weather in her immediate vicinity is affected by her emotions; hence, a fit of rage might induce a destructive storm.