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Broken Armor & Broken Friendships 9

OverviewHello. So this review will contain spoilers. So its been a few days, uh possibly years, after my last review of this series, but if that has been too long for you, please feel free to check those past reviews out, to help with context. The story starts getting interesting in this issue, as our protagonist Barbara has to deal with some heavier conflict and more light is shed on some of the problems she has been facing. So much so the issue starts off with her clad in knight armor, and wit...

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Gothic Seduction & Cynical Reduction 26

OverviewThis review is a part of the Official Nemi Appreciation, please feel free to participate if you so desire. So one day I was researching how other countries view comic books and the attitudes they have, their local comic characters, strips, so on, and stumbled upon Nemi, a Norwegian comic strip character. She seemed fairly interesting in the limited comic strips I could find online, but to my surprise my local library had collections of her comic strips in books such as the one I am revie...

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Coveleski Crushes & Best Friend's Blushes 7

OverviewThis review will contain SPOILERS. Its also best to pick up where we left off from last issue and last review, here. In the second issue of I Kill Giants our protagonist continues indulging in her own little world of imagination. Praying dramatically and asking for a blessing for her very own weapon of choice in dealing with killing giants - Coveleski. We are introduced to a few new characters, one by the name of Sophia who will play an important role in the story yet to come, a bully c...

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The Hammer & the Giant Killer 13

OverviewThis review will contain SPOILERS. First things first this isn't really the sort of review where I try to compel you to read my review and then pick up this book. This series has some twists that may be predictable, but otherwise experiencing first hand adds to the charm of the book, especially as far as how creators Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura craft the narrative. If you have never read I Kill Giants I strongly recommend you close this review, save any work you might have open, turn of...

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Yokohama Neckties & Spirited Swords 3

Overview     We start things off in Yokohama Japan. Yokohama like the Schnappi song? You know, Ein Lama in Yokohama? What you don't know it? It goes like this, Hallo, Hallo du Lama in Yoko Yokohama, schnapp dir einfach Reis und Fisch mit den, Stäbchen auf den, Tisch steck alles in den, Schnabel es geht auch ohne Gabel nur Mut, nur Mut das klappt doch schon ganz gut! Oh and the relevancy of this song? Aside from the Yokohama part? Well its a kids song and this issue opens up with a women slaughte...

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Liberated Lions & Caged Animals 8

Overview  I consider this a gem of a graphic novel, that is still somewhat underrated despite its popularity and praise with those that read it, and also one of the reasons I occasionally lament that comics is so dominated by the superhero genre, otherwise maybe this book might get more recognition. When I say Graphic Novel, I mean in the sense this book is 136 pages long, compared to your standard comic issue, which is about 22 pages, and this is the way it was designed to be read, and its not ...

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Damned Tattoos & Blue Fishnets 16

Overview   Ornithologists beware, the Birds.. are back.. and they are... back.. and stuff. This is another one of the DCnU 52 books, that has characters on the cover that do not actually appear in the book, but that's okay. Book starts fast and that pace is keep at such for most of the issue. Most of the issue focuses on Black Canary and my totally favorite new character of right now, Starling. (its the tattoos, sass factor and the hair) but one very famous and popular Bird of Prey character fro...

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Spinning Swords & Mythological Horrors 16

Overview  Wonder Woman makes her debut into the new DCnU, reboot, revitalization, re... something. I didn't wish to get my hopes up for this series too much, so I really, really enjoyed this issue. This book was accessible, and it presented Wonder Woman as strong, proud, interesting and confident, and it had her being a hero and protecter of mortals. Which is why she is iconic yes? So two pluses.   Diana is also one of the characters that this tends to have make overs and retcon's a bit more tha...

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Beautiful Blob & Beast's Eye Feet 2

Overview   Graduation episode!!  Erm issue. This was a cool little story. Lots of character advancement. Xavier rather creepily goes on some sort of random secret mission. (I think its a safe assumption that it has to do with Jean that or he is trolling iceman again) Cerebro is introduced and so is one of the many Cafe/Coffee houses that the 05 would spend time chillaxin at. Oh Zelda! Coffee girl? i think Iceman had a crush on her. I always remembered her because her name is Zelda! Oh, also impo...

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Magnetic Flexing & Imperious Rexing 2

Overview   This issue I liked a lot. Basically it guest stars Namor, and there is a race between X-Men and Brotherhood to see who can nab the fish man for their respective teams. Awh isn't it sweet than in today's X-Men, both Xavier, Magneto and Namor are on the same team? Anyway, back to the past, issue starts off sort of sweet, all the X-Men are sitting around eating breakfast except for Jean who of course is in the kitchen. No really, I mean, seriously. I mean, Yes I know I am reading really ...

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Mortimer Rolls & Xavier Trolls 7

Overview   The X-Men are training in the Danger Room.. oh wait, no, actually they aren't. Wow.  Oh that's right, story sort of continues from last issue, Xavier has lost his powers? I think this is the first time we have an official depowerment. Xavier + Five Merit points. So issue starts outside the X-Mansion. Since Iceman is naked under his snow form, he refuses to defrost in order to get to where he is keep... where is he keeping the key if he is naked...? Oh well, Cyclops decides to show off...

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Beastie Boys VS Vanilla Ice 8

Overview   The X-Men are training in the Danger Room again. Like seriously wow, I think all modern issues should follow suit. The focus is on Beast initially. He jumps around and is all beasty on a obstacle course. Actually thats kind of random? I mean, does Xavier like spend all day sticking giant metal discs on ceilings to drop? Oh, and then its crazy, because a part of Beast's obstacles, is a big pool, and there is a rope... but Xavier painted a piece of paper to look like rope? So basically ...

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Chris Hansen & Charles Xavier 2

Overview   The X-Men are training in the Danger Room, Beast calls Iceman, a feather-brained fathead! Anyway, the X-Men's powers are put to the test, and they all do pretty well. We get more characterization. Cyclops is worried about his powers, Beast uses big words, Iceman is a jokester, and Warren... flaps his wings, just like the Nelly song. Oh and Jean is girly, but does well in her TP exam. Professor X then discovers a new mutant, so the X-Men's new task is to find him. We get a little bit m...

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Fainting Redheads & Slippery Villains 3

Overview   Introducing the Vanisher! The X-Force guy? Turns out that under the cool tattoos and bad attitude is a really old guy in pajamas with some major swag and vanishing abilities. Sort of the same quirks from the last issue are present here. Everything is dated, the dialogue is dated, all the characters are creepy perverts, Iceman keeps making extremely sexual and inappropriate jokes that he acts on, Jean when she is not being a Mary Sue is fainting and Xavier does that 'I will not talk at...

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Merry Mutants & Crazy Contraptions 3

Overview  It all started here, for X-Men. It feels odd reviewing such an old issue. Half the fun is just in how odd and old it is. Well I say half but really aside from the historic value its the main draw to me. Xavier has a school, but *gasp* its not like your typical school, its a school for wizards! Oh wait no, sorry, its a school for mutants. Iceman is the young, immature, jokester, (who also snows up and runs around naked in ice form throwing snow as his power) Angel is the rich handsome d...

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Zen Meditations & Lethal Medications 2

Overview We arrive at the final issue of Elektra's Dark Reign mini, and I have concluded that this has been my favorite Elektra story arc, of all time. I reviewed the first, second, third, four issues respectively already. So far the story has moved at a very fast and frantic pace, but this final issue slows right down. It makes sense, as in the prior issue, there was a lot of action and almost a type of ending on its own. In fact if the last issue had been the final part of this mini-series I w...

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Guys and Bullets & Girls and Arrows 6

Overview  Issue picks up right where the last one left off. Elektra is wounded, having escaped from HAMMER which is like the EVIL version of SHIELD. She has a crazy sister, brother due out to assassinate her and some guy who looks like Hawkeye just showed up, except this Hawkeye didn't fool around with no Doombot. (psst, hey, its actually someone who knows Elektra really well) and a fight ensues, and its a great fight with little nods to Elektra's past. The short hairy guy on the cover also show...

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Dodging Nurses & Lady In Red 17

Overview Ain't Easy Being Green  There are light spoilers within this review, which discuss earlier issues, please bear this in mind. This is the third issue of a five part mini series, brought to us by creative team Zeb Wells, and Clay Mann. Our hero is Elektra. Her situation is very dire. She is injured and bleeding. She is cold, broken, and probably hungry. To catch up to speed here is a review of issue #1 Elektra Dark Reign #1 Review and Elektra Dark Reign #2 review. The beginning of this...

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Fear Makes The Serpent Bigger Than He Is 16

OverviewThere are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them, but giant Marvel mega events with a bajillion cross over tie ins that suck? Perhaps the fear involved in spending so much money only to be overwhelmed or disappointed is perfectly justified in this particular instance. So seeing as hardly anyone reviewed this issue, I thought I would attempt to look at all the parts of this first issue of the giant Marvel Fear Itself event blockbuster, that others might be overlooking, or ...

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How To Bleed On Stuff & Look Good Whilst Doing It 8

Overview There are light spoilers within this review, which discuss earlier issues, please bear this in mind. This is the second issue of a five part mini series, brought to us by creative team Zeb Wells, and Clay Mann. Our hero is Elektra. Her situation is dire. She is outnumbered and outgunned. She is wounded, broken, exhausted and her journey has just only really started. At the end of the opening issue, part one, which I reviewed here Elektra Dark Reign #1 Review Elektra had only just manage...

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Two Words & Delicious, Nutritious Teeth 12

OverviewI want to mention how awesome this cover is too Elektra Natchios is one of those characters, you know the type right? They can't hold an ongoing series for very long, they tend to be very popular, they make frequent and impressive cameo appearances in other books often, with Elektra especially, she has many iconic parts in very well received stories and story arcs. Also of course, and again specifically, in regards to Elektra, she has had a strong stream of well written mini series, and ...

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Thor Gets Stoned At An Asgardian Party 7

Overview This is a part of Marvel's .1 initiative, which in theory is a way to possibly get new readers to try out a series they might have been neglecting, whilst also getting fans of a character or regular book to pick up yet another issue thats really like a one shot, but more important sounding. Clever right? Anyway, with that in mind, this book is pretty accessible, and we have a firm beginning, middle and end, to this story, somewhat of a rarity in comics these days, so if your new, your g...

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The Greatest Story Ever Told Ever in History 22

Songs about children named after this singular spectacular literary masterful specimen win musically inclined geniuses Grammy award nominations, and are as equally revered and incited about as aggressively and lovingly as in heaven as they are in hell, and now that you know the scope of the epic weaving tale that looks set to steal your heart from your previous eternal soulmate dear friend, you should sit down, for although I am humble, tis fair warning for anyone, who might look into the eyes o...

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Sentient Algorithms & Shiny Pink Dodecahedra 17

Overview  The secondary installment of ASTONISHING THOR five part mini series, this naturally follows the first issue, which I also reviewed here. So if you haven't read either, I might suggest a quick look there. This issue carries on Rodi's and Choi's work, and none of the momentum is lost between issues. Stranger's shocking admission and blindsiding of Thor brings us up to speed, and we are treated to another wide angled, wide perspective shot of Thor, against a massive space backdrop. Often ...

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Reality Principles & Cosmic Expeditions 15

Overview Thor has been everywhere lately, creative changes in his ongoing, a bunch of mini series and one shots, its almost as if one could assume he has a movie coming out soon? A huge back catalogue of books must confront any new fan? Fear not (yet, Fear Itself is later in the year) ASTONISHING THOR is perfect for a new reader, as per its intent, and for Thor fans not happy with Fractions current main Thor ongoing title run, a possible low risk venture to escape into. Its a five part mini and ...

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