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Real Name: Savant

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Hair Color: Unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Alignment: Amin Karrit

Orientation: Asexual

Birthplace: Unknown (3rd World, Presumably)

Family: Andres Knightfall (Origin of DNA)

Occupation: Bodyguard, Covert Operative

Affiliation: Amin Karrit

The Psychic Anomaly - Powers & Abilities

The monstrous fruit of extensive genetic experimentation conducted on the captured DNA of Andres Knightfall with the genetic material from one of the 3rd World's Shamans, Savant is a combination of the relative telepathic gifts of a 3rd World Shaman and the genes that render Andres' brain so extraordinarily powerful. And the result of said experimentation is an outrageously powerful Omega-level psychic whose unique powers have afforded it the position of Amin's private bodyguard and covert operative. Among it's many psychic powers, Savant is able to mentally summon and command the energies from hyper-dimensional universes congruent to the CVnU and use said energies to manipulate fundamental interactions, granting itself a vast array of psionic and telekinetic powers.

A Force of Nature
A Force of Nature

Among said powers is the ability to manipulate the physical information that comprises the physical structure of objects and quantum information that comprises the consciousness of sentient beings. Through this ability, Savant is able to rearrange and even remove this quantum information from the foundation of it's foe's consciousness or the physical information of nearly any physical structure, essentially breaking down the fundamental structure of a mind or an object and scattering said structure across space-time geometry. Furthermore, Savant can project the quantum information that comprises it's consciousness and transfer it to space-time geometry, allowing it to roam existence as a quantum soul that cannot be seen by those without deep astral or psychic powers. It is furthermore capable of accomplishing countless psychic feats such as telekinetic manipulation, reading unprotected minds etc. It's mind is also comically resistant to psychic attacks. Savant's ability to read and tear the minds of others asunder is of a highly specific cruelty and often leaves inert husks in it's wake.

The range it's psychic power is not known, however Savant is primarily tasked with serving as the external shield of Amin's mind as well as acting as his bodyguard. While rarely ever physically in Amin's presence, Savant is often in it's "quantum soul" form around Amin, invisible to most sensory technologies but visible to those of psychic and astral expertise. According to the Shamans of the 3rd World, Savant's presence is best described as a "wound" in the psychic world. It's psychic power is immense and is believed to be among the world's top three most powerful psychics. However, what Savant lacks in vast skill, it makes up for in overwhelming raw power, able to command an unrelenting torrent of psychic energy to tear down even highly resistant minds, accomplish extraordinary telekinetic feats etc.