Invincible vs Savage Dragon

Invincible (Mark Grayson) vs Savage Dragon.

I think this is a good match up. Mark has the advantage as far as agility because he can fly but Dragon has the nod when it comes to regenerative powers.Overall durability might go to Mark and strength goes to Mark. Mark has shown he can either be crazy strong or moderately strong. Savage Dragon has pretty much sustained his regular strength level for quite some time. Here are the rules you be the judge.

Both start out on a football field and have 3 hours to fight. Both have met for the first time and MORALS ARE OFF. No previous experience fighting each other and both start without weapons. For the sake of overall experience lets say both characters are 5 years into their respective Super Hero careers when they fight. It's a 3 hour battle to the death. No honor code and no help from teammates. Who comes out alive?