Ok Round 2! So Do U Like Batman? Or? Savage Dragon?

So which One this One is Round Two after i find the winner of round one i will Put the winner of this against that winner!

Me I am Accutaully Neutral on this one because batman was the first Charachter and Comic i ever found But then again i just Love Savage Dragon Hence the name Savage Batman


Well Um? B.P.R.D? Muh! Immortal Iron Fist? Yah! OR B.P.R.D? Yah!

So I know this doesnt Have anything to do with anything i was just wondering if u liked B.P.R.D or Immortal iron fist more and for which reasons i know these two have nothing in common i was just kinda wondering then maybe i could get an idea of wat people are into and this is really just my first of many of these things so yah which do u perfere personnaly im and IIF Guy but thats just me!


UM??? Watchmen!!!!???

Ok i uh know everybody is uh sick of all the watchmen stuff so sorry but i have a few complaints about and i know i shouldnt since i havent see n yet but i mean these two things keep bugging me first um am i the only one  that  thinks that Ms.Gugino or whatever is alittle young to be Sally Jupiter or what and second am i the only one that doesnt see Maline Akerman as Laurie i mean really come on ive only seen her in the heartbreak kid but after seeing that i just cant take her seriously as silk spectre 2

Note: I uh havent seen the movie yet because i just cant pull myself to do it i know its suppoesed to be really good but i just wont go see for some odd reason so UH yah!!

Who am i

you match well with...

You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.
Uhm...you're Spider-Ham. Hope you like the smell of bacon while you're fighting crime.
You are the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing. You have a rocky exterior but a soft inside. As far as superheroes go, you ROCK.

You match poorly with...

Captain America
Captain America, for those about to fight crime, we salute you. Who cares if people say you're a boyscout, you are the ultimate leader.
You are the ulitmate X-Man. Sure you may be a bit stuffy at times but then again, you can choose from either Jean or Emma. Who cares about stuffiness?
You are da Man of heroes. Super strength, super speed, super...ego? Yeah, you know you're gonna tell all your friends how super you are. This quiz proves it.
Moon Knight
You are one bad mutha.' Unfortunately, you're a little crazy sometimes. Rich playboy, taxi cab driver, super hero, take your pick.
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