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Name: Satine Sangria

Species: Sentient Bacterium (human host)

Alias(es): Carmen Gray, Black Satin, Mistress Satine, Feline Femme

Sex: Female (host)

Ethnicity: Caucasian (host)

Orientation: Hetero-flexible

Height: 5'11'' (host)

Hair: Black (host)

Eyes: Blue/green (host)

Powers: Possession (through contact), biochemical creation/manipulation (drug/toxin mimicry), regeneration, disease/toxin immunity

Occupation: Antihero, burglar, dominatrix; previously: henchwoman

Equipment: Night-vision glasses, clawed gloves, bull whip, pistol, lock picks, pheromone perfume

Originally a member of Queen Cobra's Devil's Mark Assassins, Satine spent much of her life shrouded in the underworld. When Cobra disbanded the DMA in favour of a more profitable sphere of crime and teamed with redheaded vixen, Mistress Sangria, Satine became a dominatrix (a prostitute with a niche in festishism and BDSM). She was infected by Sangria who controls her and shares her mind as part of the larger Sangria Bacteria hive-mind. Satine once joined Children of the Damned by the invite of @dwronin as a sleeper agent, the bacteria within her informing Sangria's crime ring of the heroes' actions.

Since the death of Sangria prime (her host Janus Delacroix in hiding) and the capture of Queen Cobra, the other Sangria hosts have been in hiding. They have been playing low, scattering from Gothic City to avoid the detection of Commissioner Kurt Pendragon (Pyrogram), the bane of the Sangria bacterium, and his then girlfriend Xia Queen, Cobra's adopted daughter. Satine herself continues to move around the country living the life of an antihero until her sisters rise again.