The 3rd World - Faction Ranks

--Among those of the 3rd World, the following are the different ranks within the faction, made up of Satar's remaining Konite-infused cronies and new recruits:

-The Martyrs-

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The most numerous members of the 3rd World, the Martyrs can be identified by their orange and white colors. And though the purpose behind their masks is simply cosmetic, their goggles feature lenses that make use of the cosmic microwave background radiation leftover by the Big Bang, enabling them to see through physical barriers (including lead) and their vision remains unimpaired even in total darkness. It is however, a unique nano-material in their militant garments where their apparel truly shines. Five times stronger than high-grade steel, this nano-material during testing was subjected to impacts from steel projectiles traveling at velocities around 1.5 km/s, withstanding impacts of up to 250 tons per square centimeter.

The equivalent of which is dropping four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of a human fingernail. Key to the nano-material's composition were inorganic nano-structures. Compounds such as WS2, MoS2, TiS2, and NbS2 which all ordinarily occur as large flat plaletes were synthesized into significantly smaller nano-spheres and nano-tubes, inorganic fullerene-esque nano-structures. Fullerenes are a form of carbon, not unlike diamond and graphite. However, they're molecules made up entirely of carbon, taking the form of either a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube. These spheres (buckyballs), and their cylindrical counterparts are known as nanotubes. With a specialized fullerene-like material reliant on other inorganic materials, the Martyr's armor doesn't suffer from the drawbacks of organic fullerenes' high toxicity, flammability, and chemical instability. The armor's inorganic fullerene material is made from tungsten disulfide.

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Useful soldiers in the field of battle, the Martyrs possess the unusual ability to replicate feats of superhuman physicality by pumping blood throughout their bodies at an alarming pace, exhausting their bodies' stored energy and increasing their heart rate to levels impossible for ordinary humans. Through this, the Martyrs experience a considerable boost in speed, strength, and explosiveness. Because of their mutant bodies, the Martyrs are superhumanly durable to a degree, and their veins are strong enough to endure the demands of their ability for a limited period of time. And in that time, they are able to accomplish things thought impossible for ordinary men. Furthermore, like most members of the 3rd World, the Martyrs are highly resistant to the toxins etc. of their weapons.

While they arm themselves with a versatile array of firearms and weaponry, the Martyrs' signature weapon is a powerful rifle whose existence is owed to the concept of a railgun. Named 'Ragnarok', the rifle is a fully automatic, magazine-fed firearm that uses magnetic fields to hyper-accelerate projectiles to lethal velocities. The projectiles are metal and are superheated and elongated into metal spikes. Additionally, Ragnarok features two large blades forged from tungsten carbide which are mounted it's barrel for basic melee combat. The rifle's ammunition is fed into it via a small drum magazine with a 40 round capacity. It features a rate of fire of 480 rnds/min, a muzzle velocity of 76.2 m/s, and a maximum range of 40 meters. Superior to any SMG, the rifle does not need adjustment to compensate for recoil.

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Furthermore, through the use of technology offered to them by the Shamans, the Martyrs are capable of a subtle form of chronokinesis that enables them to freeze time for a tenth of a second, and in that time, they are able to move freely. When using this ability, they appear to disappear for the 0.1 seconds that time is frozen. It is a technology that the Martyrs rely on to maximize the accuracy of their shooting.

-The Wardens-

Rumored to not be mutants and instead the remaining Konite-addicted cronies of the Baabda Beast, the Wardens are tall extremists whose metallic masks and large coats are a pale shade of arctic blue. Underneath their coats they wear an armor made of different materials. The first being a lightweight Kevlar under-armor for basic ballistic protection with a molecularly woven cooling and heating system designed to help the Wardens regulate their own temperature depending on external weather conditions. This system is interlinked to a secondary feature which enables the armor to match the infrared signatures of it's environment's current weather, enabling the Wardens to remain undetected in hostile locations.

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In addition to being coated in a heat resistant nano-material, a Warden's armor possesses a rapid-twitch reflex co-polymer that uses colloidal doped ceramics and a copper-based nano-lattice in an ethylene-buckyball matrix to protect it against large quantities of radiation and energy. It's outer shell is forged from titanium and ceramic composite armor plating. Sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the armor is an intermediary layer designed to provide additional ballistic protection beyond the capabilities of modern impact armors. This is accomplished by a cushioning layer of liquid nano-crystals that offer greater durability than three centimeters of Kevlar diamond weave. Additionally, the armor's exterior shell features hardened plates of photo-reactive panels for appropriate camouflage patterns and stealth features.

Furthermore, the armor's mask works as a data storage and management device that uses the human mind for processing purposes. It's other tasks include gas filters to prevent lethal gases from penetrating, a ninety-minute oxygen supply dependent on the unassuming apparatuses on a Warden's back, thermal and motion sensors, and imaging and video technology. While the armor offers the Wardens a commendable degree of superhuman durability, their lack of superhuman strength has also been accounted for. Between the external shell and the internal padding of the armor is a liquid crystal layer containing a polymerized form of lithium nibocene, a highly piezoelectric polymer that serves as the key to the armor's artificial muscle.

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By deforming when an electric current is applied to it, the layer acts as a muscle, substantially increasing the Wardens' physical strength, speed, and overall physical performance. Owed to their past use of Konite, the Wardens wield the uncommon power of typhokinesis; the ability to create, shape and manipulate smoke (airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases emitted during combustion or pyrolysis, together with air). And with this ability, the Wardens often slay their foes through a combination of thermal damage, poisoning and pulmonary irritation caused by carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other combustion products.

The most basic of effects range from conjuring smoke screens to blur an enemy's vision, thickening the air with smoke to strip it of its property as as a breathable collection of gases, forcing others to hallucinate by adding smoke to the air to cause oxygen deprivation, manipulating the density or solidifying smoke by altering the molecules in smoke etc.By harnessing smoke from oxygen-deprived fires, smoke which contains a significant concentration of flammable compounds, and forcing it into contact with atmospheric oxygen, a Warden can cause the smoke to ignite by its own temperature. While their abilities with their typhokinesis are numerous, perhaps their most peculiar power is the ability to turn themselves or parts of their body into smoke.

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The Wardens tend to transport themselves in this manner, by turning into streams of smoke. Like other members of the 3rd World, the Wardens have access to many a weapon, but their trademark weapon is a freeze-ray which works by altering the inertia of the molecules of it's contained gas, as well as the gas' temperature. In gases, temperature is related to the average kinetic energy of the particles. A Warden's freeze-ray owes it's effectiveness to it's ability to reduce the inertial mass of the air molecules inside it so that as it expels a stream of gas, the air cools enough to encase foes in ice.

-The Shamans-

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Little to nothing is known of the 3rd World's Shamans. They rarely appear on the battlefield and are said to never speak. Whether they are mutants or Konite-abusing humans remains a topic of discussion. Wearing goggles, masks and brown trench-coats and gloves, the Shamans cover themselves completely, never showing skin nor hair. What lies underneath is a mystery unto itself. Unlike many of the members of the 3rd World, the Shamans do not wield firearms and the like. Instead, their use comes in the form of a frightening genius and scientific aptitude. The minds behind the 3rd World's innovative firearms, bio-weapons etc. they are however, in possession of a superhuman ability.

Whether it is indeed an actual power of theirs or an effect of some sort of technology they use, the Shamans are able to command psychic energies, primarily for the purpose of telepathy and technopathy. Individually they are relatively strong telepaths and technopaths capable of tearing apart an unprotected mind and disrupting digital infrastructures or cyberspace operations. However, as a collective hive-minded unit theirs becomes the power of an Omega-level telepath and technopath. It is rumored among the other members of the 3rd World that it was by using the Shamans that Satar was able to bring the CEO of Maverick to his knees. Whether it was truly the Shamans however, is an unknown. As mentioned before, the Shamans rarely partake in combat. Instead they offer their services through their technology. The Shamans hold that cells are living computers and that DNA is a programming language.

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With their nanotechnology, they are able to infect (either by injecting/shooting them into the target or forcing them to inhale the nanites) a target with nanobots tasked with traveling through the body to either transport drugs, toxins etc. into the body or even reprogram cells by altering DNA sequences. It is believed that the Shamans nanotechnology is what renders the other members of the 3rd World resistant to toxins and the like. Most frequently, the Shamans use their nanobots to 'hack' into a target's body. Why? To threaten lives, hold bodies hostage and even take control of a victim's behavior by instructing their nanobots to manipulate the brain. All things they do to those captured by the 3rd World.

Furthermore, the Shamans can also hack into other nanobots that are theirs. Those who rely on nanobots in their bodies are especially vulnerable to their technology because in addition to engineering synthetic viruses/nanobots to control minds by sending chemicals into human brains to influence or even control them, the Shamans can seize control of computers, other nanobots etc. through an unorthodox method of transmitting data to computers (such as the ones in nanobots or to computers externally controlling nanobots). And it is a method that incorporates sound, and an effective way of transmitting viruses. By emitting high-frequency transmissions and passing them between the electromechanical devices which produce and or manipulate sound in computers, their nanotechnology can transmit data to infect systems in ways that not even a CD-ROM boot on a computer can delete the data.

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Through this method, viruses can make changes at will and even continue to cause problems after the infected system has been erased, reinstalled and reconfigured. In addition to using high-frequency transmissions to transmit data, the Shamans' nanotechnology can also instruct viruses to reside in the basic input/output system of the computer, allowing it to stay there despite removal attempts. With their nanotechnology, they are capable of sending data across non-networked computers using just their sound-based electromechanical devices and can communicate through this method from as far as 20 meters, a range they can extend by linking infected devices together into a network similar to Wi-Fi repeaters.

Among the Shamans' cruelest tasks is mind-wiping captured victims. By subjecting captured victims to a vapor consisting of airborne nanites that once breathed in, block the Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM-zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene, both of which are responsible for maintaining memories in the brain, the Shamans can rob a victim of their learned information and even strip them of certain types of memories associated with emotions and motor skills. Furthermore, it is the Shamans who develop the many exotic weapons, firearms etc. used by the 3rd World.

Toxins & Chemicals

--The following are the primary (not all) toxins and chemicals studied and kept by the Shamans:


An organometallic compound. Meaning it features a molecule where carbon has bonded with a metal, with the metal in this case being cadmium. What is gram for gram the most toxic chemical in the world, dimethylcadmium causes both acute and chronic effects. If doesn't succeed in killing a victim immediately, it will do so later. Because it is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, dimethylcadmium serves as a chemical chauffeur for the toxic compounds of cadmium to travel around the target's body.

And because of its effectiveness at exploiting the bloodstream, dimethylcadmium quickly affects the target's most blood-infused organs such as the lungs, kidneys and the liver, creating compounds that rip electrons off the atoms in their cells. Even if it fail in its pursuit of a quick kill, dimethylcadmium is also extremely carcinogenic, so cancer is almost a certainty. Depending on the 3rd World's intentions, it may combine dimethylcadmium with water. Why? Because when dimethylcadmium reacts with water, it produces both copious amounts of heat and hydrogen gas, which is flammable, so it explodes when in contact with water.

Furthermore, the faction uses dimethylcadmium peroxide; the result of dimethylcadmium's decomposition, as improvised mines due to its properties as a friction-sensitive explosive.


An alkaloid substance, strychnine is a cruel neurotoxin. Death caused by the substance is agonizing as it attacks the nerves of the spine, causing the body to contort and spasm as the muscles are forced to contract against their will. Additionally, it causes severe nausea, vomiting, convulsions of all muscle groups, which become longer and more closely spaced with time, spasms of the facial muscles, causing cyanosis (blue or purple coloration of the skin or mucous membrane due to low oxygen saturation in tissues near the skin surface) of the face, dilated pupils, prominent eyeballs, frothing at the mouth, spasming of abdominal muscles causing the body to bend forward, hyperextension, the body flexing to one side, loss of consciousness, dramatic reflex insensitivity, and death by asphyxiation.


A powerful neurotoxin, batrachotoxin works by attacking the nerves, opening their sodium channels and causing paralysis, essentially stripping the body of its ability to communicate with itself. As a neurotoxin, its effects are of course, on the nervous system. Neurological function relies on depolarization of nerve and muscle fibers due to elevated sodium ion permeability of the excitable cell membrane. Lipid-soluble toxins like batrachotoxin act directly, as aforementioned, on sodium ion channels involved in action potential generation and by modifying both their ion selectivity and voltage sensitivity. It's effects are on the peripheral nervous system.

Batrachotoxin in the peripheral nervous system produces increased permeability of the resting cell membrane to sodium ions, without changing potassium or calcium concentration. This influx of sodium depolarizes the formerly polarized cell membrane. Batrachotoxin also changes the ion selectivity of the ion channel by increasing the permeability of the channel toward larger cations. Voltage-sensitive sodium channels become persistently active at the resting membrane potential. Batrachotoxin kills by permanently blocking nerve signal transmission to the muscles. Strangely, for a neurotoxin, batrachotoxin affects the heart muscles. It interferes with heart conduction, causing arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat, either too slow or too fast), extrasystoles, ventricular fibrillation and other changes which lead to cardiac arrest.

Additionally, the neurotoxin causes a large release of acetylcholine in nerves and muscles and destruction of synaptic vesicles, as well.


An organic compound in which a carbon atom is bonded to a sulfur-hydrogen pair, thioacetone conjures the kind of stench that is so ungodly, a single drop of the chemical can be smelled almost instantly from half a kilometer away. It conjures the kind of stench that causes one to fall ill, that causes spontaneous outbreaks of vomiting throughout city neighborhoods, it is the kind of stench whose cruelty burns the nostrils and leads to the evacuation of entire cities.