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"Morality is man's greatest lie. In this world it is kill or be killed"

The World Eater
The World Eater

Real Name: Satar

Aliases: Baabda Beast, The Phenom, Natural Born Killer, Last Warlord, World Eater, Breaker of Men, Beast From Baabda, 3rd World Warlord

Height: 6'4" (Variable)

Weight: 297 lbs (Variable)

Age: 38

Hair Color: Raven (Bald)

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Species: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Himself

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Baabda, Lebanon

Base of Operations: Black House, 3rd World

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Amin Karrit (Twin Brother)

Occupation: Leader of the Brahma Brotherhood, Warlord, Terrorist, Leader of the 3rd World

Affiliation: 3rd World, Ananke, Madridista, Ana, Brahma Brotherhood, Empire International, Alexander Apex, Lily LeBeau

The Natural Born Killer - Martial Mastery & Marksmanship

Mixed Martial Arts System: In-Fighting & Pressure

A vicious power puncher blessed with an explosiveness rare even among metahumans, Satar is a born pressure fighter with seismic power in his strikes and a highly aggressive grappling game. And while he does use a rangy kicking game when fighting from the outside, using his height and reach to pick his foes apart with leg kicks and body kicks from a distance and a powerful counter-punching game where he jabs, feints and touches his foes into committing to over-extended strikes so that he can catch them with a power punch coming in, he tends to fight more as a classical boxer-puncher, but one adapted to using a high-pressure grappling game to create openings for his strikes. And it is this fearsome combination of wrestling and boxing in the clinch that makes the Natural Born Killer a relentless in-fighter. His tenacity is further enhanced by his powerful and muscled frame, one that sees him become a destructive force in the clinch.

Kill Or Be Killed
Kill Or Be Killed

First and foremost, Satar understands that unarmed combat is a game of distance, and that the closer two fighters get, the more crucial each inch becomes. In fact, it is the Baabda Beast's opinion that even a single inch can be the difference between a glancing blow and a killing strike. As a result, Satar's in-fighting is adapted to Satar constantly battling for his preferred distance. And what Satar uses are grips to better manipulate the gap between himself and his opponents. A master of range, the Baabda Beast watches his opponents closely, sliding his legs out the way of any incoming leg kicks. He moves seamlessly, closing off and creating distance as needed. When marching aggressively toward his foes, Satar usually creates distance, first with his feet and then with his upper-body, to avoid being struck. But he immediately follows an opponent's strikes back in, slipping into the clinch to avoid yet another strike. And as if to confuse his foes, Satar follows the hard work done to get inside (into clinch range) by throwing his foes right back out of the clinch, all done in an effort to find the proper range for a punch. An unlike most fighters that view fighting in terms of 'phases' such as long range/outside, mid-range/punching range, and clinch range/chest to chest, Satar operates in a free-flowing continuum of distance and direction.

Not only is he an excellent clinch fighter, but he is an excellent transition fighter. And even during clinch fighting, the Baabda Beast understands that there are still transitions and subtle changes of position and range. For example, when in the clinch, Satar often uses wrist grips, and primarily he uses the thumbs-down wrist grips. Why? Because an opponent attempting to break free of a wrist-grip must yank their arms in the direction Satar's thumbs are pointing (because the thumb is the anchoring point of a grip). With the thumbs-down grips, he forces his foes to yank their arms downwards and away from their upper-body, exposing their head to elbow-strikes over the top. Even then, Satar uses his elbow-strikes to set-up uppercuts and knees. Once his foe is made to realize that Satar's wrist-grips are there only to set-up his elbow-strikes, they begin to duck under his elbows... and into the path of a life-ending uppercut or knee coming from the bottom. Furthermore, the Natural Born Killer also uses grenades as a means of controlling range. When intent on fighting from the outside, he uses the threat of grenades to force his opponents to retreat and maintain their distance as he is durable enough to withstand a detonation but his foes usually aren't.

Armed Combat: Marksmanship

A soldier born and forged in the fires of conflict, Satar understands key concepts that are fundamental to his cerebral approach to marksmanship. Most basic is securing a position that enables his observation of the target, as well as aiming the firearm at the target by aligning the sight system, and firing the weapon without disturbing this alignment through improper breathing or during the trigger squeeze. These four skills are the core tenets of the Baabda Beast's style of firing. As pointed out, when approaching the target/opponent, Satar assumes a comfortable, steady firing position, and takes into account that the time and supervision he has on the target are limited. Additionally, securing a 'non-firing hand-grip' is important. The firearm's hand guard must rest on the heel of his hand in the V formed by his thumb and fingers. And the grip must be light.

If a rifle, the butt of the weapon is placed in the pocket of the firing shoulder in order to reduce the effect of recoil and help secure a steady position. When firing however, the firing hand must grasp the pistol grip so that it fits the V formed by the thumb and forefinger. The forefinger is then placed on the trigger so the lay of the rifle is not disturbed when the trigger is squeezed. A slight rearward pressure is then exerted by the remaining three fingers to ensure that the butt of the stock remains in the pocket of the shoulder to minimize recoil. Additionally, the firing elbow is important in providing balance. Its exact location depends on the firing position used. Its placement should allow shoulders to remain level. The non-firing elbow however, is positioned firmly under the rifle to allow a comfortable and stable position. When Satar engages a wide sector of fire, moving targets, and targets at various elevations, his non-firing elbow remains free from support.

In addition, the stock weld should provide a natural line of sight through the center of the rear sight aperture to the front sight post and on to the target. When firing, Satar's neck is relaxed, allowing his cheek to fall naturally onto the stock. Proper eye relief is obtained when he establishes a good cheek-to-stock weld. A small change in eye relief normally occurs each time that he assumes a different firing position. Satar therefore, begins by trying to touch the charging handle with his nose when assuming a firing position. This aids him in maintaining the same cheek-to-stock weld hold each time the weapon is aimed. He is additionally, mindful of how the nose touches the charging handle and should be consistent when doing so. When assuming his firing position, Satar orients his rifle in the general direction of his target. Then he adjusts his body to bring the rifle and sights exactly in line with the desired aiming point. When using proper support and consistent cheek to stock weld he has his rifle and sights aligned naturally on the target.

When correct body-rifle-target alignment is achieved, the front sight post must be held on target, using muscular support and effort. As the rifle fires, his muscles relax, causing the front sight to move away from the target toward the natural point of aim. Adjusting this point to the desired point of aim eliminates this movement. When multiple target exposures are expected (or a sector of fire must be covered), Satar adjusts his natural point of aim to the center of the expected target exposure area (or center of sector). Having mastered the task of holding the rifle steady, the Black House Beast aligns the rifle with the target in exactly the same way for each firing. He is the final judge as to where his eye is focused. A proper firing position places the eye directly in line with the center of the rear sight aperture. When the eye is focused on the front sight post, the natural ability of the eye to center objects in a circle and to seek the point of greatest light (center of the aperture) aid in providing correct sight alignment.

The Baabda Beast - Powers & Abilities

-Superhuman Physical Attributes-

A man whose body is home to a genetic structure that is populated by decoded genes related to high performance in, essentially, all of his bodily systems. Not only do they render him immune to the effects of aging beyond his physical prime by stopping the telomerase enzymes at the end of his DNA strands from unraveling during cellular mitosis, but in addition to having no disease-causing genes, no genetic errors, and no retroviruses, but render his body immune to nearly all toxins, diseases etc. while awarding him with a healing factor superior in efficiency than an ordinary human's.

The Beast From Baabda
The Beast From Baabda

Furthermore, his body's absence of red muscle fibers, slow-twitching muscle fibers, and white muscle fibers, fast-twitching muscle fibers, is due to all of the muscle fibers in his body being composed of a flawless combination of the two, pink muscle fibers. Pink muscle fibers combine the greater sum of mitochondria, superior local capillary density, and oxidative metabolism for the production of more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), all features of red muscle fibers, with the glycolytic enzymes and fast-twitching actions of white muscle fibers for a perfect, balanced blend of explosive strength, speed and endurance. Coupled with his incredibly powerful genes, Satar is afforded a degree of superhuman strength, durability and endurance that is freakish even by the standards of the modern superhuman.

His endurance however, is greater than his durability. While he is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of punishment e.g. high caliber gunfire etc. without sustaining serious wounds, his endurance enables him to continue fighting, with trademark tenacity and aggression even when severely wounded. Furthermore, the oxygen-carrying capacity of his red blood cells is extremely high, offering even more contribution to his stamina. While a big, strong superhuman, Satar is by no means, slow. His bio-electricity speeds up his neural synapses, granting him nearly instant reflexes. His body also holds a secondary nervous system which serves as a back-up of sorts in the event of damage to his primary nervous system. This secondary nervous system uses a unique, neuroconductive fluid which, when the secondary nervous system is being used, renders him impossible for an opponent to paralyze.

Those decoded genes related to high performance also gift him, not only with a powerful brain which serves as the foundation for his remarkable intellect, but they also provide him with an adaptive component. His body, quickly adapts to that which once nearly killed him. As a result, having once suffered from a near-fatal telepathic assault, his mind has adapted a superb resistance (not immunity) to psychic assaults. And finally, the Natural Born Killer is blessed with a unique form of sensory perception, one that enables him to detect the electric fields generated by even the subtlest twitches of an individual's muscle fibers.

-The Gamma Effect-

An unusual power, Satar's gamma effect begins on a quantum level. Empty space is constantly boiling over with quantum particles coming into existing, colliding and then disappearing every nanosecond. Satar's gamma effect is a phenomenon that creates inter-atmospheric instability, causing those quantum particles to act much more energetically so that organic matter caught in the 'emission range' or lethal zone (near the Baabda Beast's body) of this gamma radiation would be undone and destroyed by the heavy energetic interactions. However, unlike most atomic or neutron emissions, once the effect ceases, there is no leftover radiation or fallout. This 'emission' however, while powerful, is not the real purpose behind the gamma effect. The Baabda Beast's 'gamma effect' is in fact a kind of transformation.

Because his blood is a gamma effect generator, whenever Satar generates gamma radiation, the two fields interact and his body generates additional quantum particles modeled after the unstable cells in his body. The result is that he obtains a supercharged and even more massive physique than the one he has now, growing to nearly seven tall and weighing close to six hundred pounds. When in this state, his hyper-herculean strength increases even beyond his usual range, with no known limit. Furthermore, his body is adapted and resistant to the harmful effects of gamma radiation. Maintaining this 'form' or 'state' can be demanding. If maintained beyond exhaustion, Satar's nervous system reverses the transformation, allowing quantum particles to collide and cancel each other out until he reverts back to his ordinary form.

-Positional Awareness & Subconscious Censor-

Possessing the ability to comprehend his position and the position of points in a physical system, Satar correctly perceives the vulnerable/weak points in a physical system, object or person, allowing his strikes to break through even the strongest structures, armors and shields, and cause devastating injuries to foes of extraordinary superhuman durability. Combined with his explosiveness quickness and accuracy, the Natural Born Killer can deal overwhelming damage with but a single blow. Because he is targeting these vulnerable points in a physical system, such as the human body, a punch to the chin always has the potential to knock a foe unconscious. A kick to the liver will rupture the organ.

And a blow to the back of the head will be fatal. In order to maximize the accuracy and probability of success of his strikes, the Baabda Beast has, through unknown means, altered his subconscious censor which all individuals possess between thought and action. The body and mind work on a sequence of perception-evaluation-planning-conscience-reaction. One sees a threat, takes a moment to decide how dangerous it is, then another moment to think of how to counter it, then a moment of brief doubt, then one attacks, defends or flees. Because his subconscious censor has been altered, there are no unnecessary steps for Satar to go through. His body reacts instinctively and almost instantly, doing exactly what is needed in order to counter a threat while minimizing the danger without conscious threat.

The Last Warlord - Vehicles, Equipment, Weaponry etc.

-Vehicle (The Rhino)-

--Go Here--

-Power Ring (Destroyed)-

A power ring stolen from Green Lantern Corps member Connor O'Hara during Gothic's Hour.


Synonymous with the Baabda Beast, is a mask that's unorthodox in design and style, and comprised of titanium and ceramic composite armor plating. Of the mask's many purposes, acting as a gas mask to filter toxins etc. is one, and providing Satar with an endless supply of breathable oxygen by recycling exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. Should he find himself underwater, Satar's mask maintains this bottomless reserve of oxygen by its use of hydrolysis to break apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The mask's primary purpose however, is offensive, offering the Baabda Beast the ability to, by virtue of its integrated technology, generate and manipulate vibrations, sound, shock-waves etc. The decibels of the sound capable of emission tend to vary depending on how Satar intends to attack his target.

The Natural Born Killer's Mask
The Natural Born Killer's Mask

They range from 145 decibels which causes a foe's eyeballs to vibrate, to over 165 decibels which rupture the eardrums, and once the sound rises to 195 decibels, there is no longer a sound, but instead, a shock-wave, which can cause a monstrous amount of internal organ damage to the target opponent without causing any external damage. And with no known limit to this hypersonic eruption, Satar can essentially bring to life the power of a high explosive with his mask. The intense rise of pressure and heat can blow his adversaries backwards while the shock-wave ripples through their body, rupturing their lungs, scorching their skin, and as it travels through body, going from bone to tissue, to where their joints are, it rips the opponent's limbs off. A versatile item, the Natural Born Killer's mask serves additional purposes. Other than being laced with a demagnetizing agent (like his armored vest), Satar's mask grants him the ability to predict an individual's short-term intentions or actions some seconds before they perform said actions.

This is made possible because an individual's decision to perform an action or pursue an intention does not begin when most believe it does. An individual's decision to pursue an intention or perform an action is actually preceded by subconscious brain activity and processes that the individual is not aware of, but that Satar's mask can detect and alert his brain of. And this allows him to determine an individual's actions before they become consciously aware of their own decision to perform said action. Meaning, the Baabda Beast knows when someone will do something before even they know it.

-Armored Vest & Glove-

Ballistic Shield
Ballistic Shield

Among the most consistent bits of Satar's apparel is an armored vest whose layers are plentiful and the materials that comprise it, numerous. Its innermost layer for example, is a lightweight Kevlar fabric containing a molecularly woven cooling and heating system designed to regulate temperatures to either warm or cool the Baabda Beast depending on his requirements. In addition to being coated in a heat resistant nano-material that acts as a heat dispersal unit, the vest's outer shell is made of a high-grade titanium alloy. Sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the vest is an intermediary layer designed to provide additional ballistic protection. This layer is a cushioning mass of liquid nano-crystals that offer greater durability than three centimeters of Kevlar diamond weave. Additionally, worn on his right hand is a glove, one whose purpose is entirely offensive.

With its integrated technology, it can flash-forge a translucent layer of silicon-carbide, as hard as diamond, around his fist. Fitted with a nano-sized ultrasonic generator for the generation of ultrasonic vibrations, the glove itself is a high-tech weapon, its emitted vibrations allowing Satar to break his fist through materials too dense for even his great strength to break through. Alternatively, friction from the vibrations can be used to heat the generated silicon-carbide to extremely high temperatures to superheat matter and weaken the molecular bonds of their structure as he punches them. Furthermore, the silicon-carbide can also be reinforced by a powerful alternating current that resonates at extremely high frequencies, and this oscillation is what is used to further weaken the molecular bonds of anything the Baabda Beast punches.

-Fear Toxins-

--Go Here--

-Firearms, Weaponry etc.-

The metallic pins of Satar's grenades are laced with a demagnetizing agent

The Arsenal
The Arsenal
  • Smoke Grenades (M18, L83A1)
  • Flash Grenades (M84 Stun)
  • Fragmentation Grenades (M67)
  • Concussion Grenades (MK3A2, Mk 40)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (CS and CN)
  • Thermite Grenades (Model 308-1 Napalm, AN-M14 TH3)
  • Molotov Cocktail (Improvised Incendiary Grenade)
  • Corrosive Agents (Fluoroantimonic Acid)
  • Flammable Substances (Chlorine Trifluoride)
  • Vomiting Agents (Adamsite, Diphenylchloroarsine)
  • Malodorants (Dippel's Oil)
  • Psychological Agents (3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate, Experimental SN)
  • Blister Agents (Sulfur Mustard, Nitrogen Mustard, Utricants-Phosgene Oxime etc.)
  • Blood Agents (Hydrogen Cyanide, Cyanogen Chloride)
  • Choking Agents (Chloropicrin, Diphosgene)
  • Nerve Agents (Tabun, Sarin, Soman)
  • Handguns (9x19mm Glock 18, MK25)
  • Shotguns (Beneli M4 Super 90, Mossberg 500, Akdal MKA 1919, Saiga-12)
  • Rifles (SA80, Dragunov, Tavor 21, FN F200, Steyr Aug, FN F2000, AK47)
  • SMGs (PP-19 Bizon 9mm, Uzi-Pro, Colt RO635)
  • Grenade Launchers (M203 Grenade Launcher, XM25 CDTE)
  • RPGs (RPG-30, RPG-7, RPO-A Shmel, RPG-32)

The following are the Baabda Beast's custom weaponry:

--Chlorine Trifluoride Grenades (CIF3 Grenades)--

CIF3 Grenades are, essentially, incendiary grenades that upon detonation, break open superheated shards that release chlorine trifluoride; the most vigorous fluorinating agent in the world. Fluorinating agents rip other molecules apart to replace their hydrogen atoms with fluorine. The fruit of which is an extremely violent, exothermic reaction in the form of fluorine fire. It is even more dangerous than fluorine gas which in itself, is a statement that speaks volumes. It is an even better oxidizer than oxygen. And oxidizers are compounds that seize electrons from other chemicals in a reaction, and they are what render combustion possible. Chlorine trifluoride's excellence in this endeavor is so extraordinary that it can burn things that are generally believed to be nonflammable, such as bricks, concrete, asbestos, and things that have already been burned, all while corroding a victim's flesh with the acid it forms on it.

--Radioactive Rifle--

A recoil-operated, semi-automatic, long-ranged rifle, the Radioactive Rifle is a weapon boasting a magazine size of 18 rounds, a maximum ammunition of 5 magazines, and a 2x zoom ability. Among the Brotherhood's finest ranged firearms, the Radioactive Rifle fires, at supersonic velocities, radioactively charged rods encased in magnetic fields. Along their entire flight path, the rods consume up to 50% of their total mass, and because of their velocities and superheated properties, the rods virtually always ensure graphic penetration of the target. Though these radioactive rounds generally shoot right through target, should they halt inside a target's body, they will continue to burn the foe's viscera until cooling off. And should they remain for too long inside a foe's body, the rounds can cause radiation poisoning.

--Cyanogen Chloride Grenades (NCCI Grenades)--

The NCCI Grenades, when detonated, release a cloud of cyanogen chloride, an extremely volatile and toxic asphyxiating blood agent that interferes with the body's ability to use oxygen. Prized by the Brotherhood due to its ability to penetrate the filters in gas masks, cyanogen chloride attacks organ systems most sensitive to low oxygen levels, such as the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the pulmonary system. Additionally, the gas is extremely corrosive and inspires a host of symptoms including paralysis, convulsions, nausea, confusion, vomiting, edema, loss of consciousness etc.

--Sniper Rifles--

The first of the rifles relies on a semiautomatic fire mode. It makes use of a powerful electrostatic discharge to fire a very powerful bolt of electricity/plasma and a built-in scope to maximize accuracy for very long-ranged shots. The rate of fire however, is low. The second version however, holds a reservoir of ferrofluid, magnetically drawn into the firing chamber and expelled at lethal velocities. Mimicking a high-pressure water jet, the propelled ferrofluid cuts through nearly any physical material and boasts a penetration rate of over 100 cm.

--Plasma Shotgun--

The last of their remaining Maverick weapons, the Plasma Shotgun is a semi-automatic weapon with a fire rate of 174 RPM. It fires miniature but very lethal cluster rounds of superconducting projectiles. Because of its propellant-form, the Plasma Shotgun possesses a longer range than any shotgun forged by modern technology. Featuring a two-stage trigger system that allows for either quick-fire capacitors or a charge-and-release form of shooting which ionizes the projectiles, the rounds, upon contact with the target, fragment and arcs of electricity between the fragments flash-converts the air into plasma. The combined heat, kinetic force, and electrical charge come together to make possible immense trauma to those unfortunate enough to be targeted.

--PhTx3 Kukri--

Featuring an inwardly curved blade 17 inches in length, forged from high carbon steel and coated in anti-flash non-reflective titanium carbide coating, Satar's kukri is often used in the clinch (or the ground) where his foe is in the closest range possible. In the clinch when securing a collar-tie, underhook or wrist grip, distracting the adversary by forcing them to try and escape the clinch holds, Satar often attacks any gaps by pulling out the blade. While sharp and when backed by his bestial strength, the kukri's true danger is in micro-capsules hovering on its edges. Containing a cocktail featuring the neurotoxin, PhTx3 (a calcium channel blocker that inhibits glutamate release, calcium uptake and glutamate uptake in neural synapses) and high levels of serotonin, the micro-capsules release the poisonous cocktail during cuts on a foe's flesh.

In addition to overwhelming pain and intense tremors throughout the body from the serotonin heading straight for the brain, the cocktail's neurotoxin work by shutting down the body's primary functions. An additional effect is priapism which is essentially an extremely painful erection lasting for hours. Repeated cuts suffered from Satar's kukri introduce deadly concentrations of the toxic cocktail in the foe's body, causing loss of muscle control, breathing problems, paralysis and eventual asphyxiation. Effective as a chopping and slashing weapon, the blade bends towards the foe so Satar needs not angle his wrist when executing a chopping motion. And unlike a straight-edged sword, the center of mass combined with the angle of the blade allow the kukri to slice as it chops. The edge slides across the target's surface while the center of mass maintains momentum as the blade moves through the target's cross-section. This grants the kukri a penetrative force disproportional to its length, and in addition to inflicting deep wounds, can penetrate bone.


A weapon with a broad blade, Satar's machete is unlike any other. It's blade is forged from a steel-obsidian alloy, but it's sharpness and ability to cut through nearly anything stems from it's cubic boron nitride-dispersed edge and tip. Furthermore, the Natural Born Killer's machete is reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, exponentially increasing it's cutting power. Additionally, the machete absorbs MCFC electrolytes from those it cuts and feeds them directly to it's wielder. In particular, Satar's machete holds micro-capsules containing nanites that once inside an opponent's body through a cut, block an enemy's Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM-zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene, both of which are responsible for maintaining memories in the brain.

The nanites rob an enemy of their learned information, and can even strip them of certain types of memories associated with motor skills. These nanites can also be fired as fin-stabilized hypersonic darts from a pistol-like weapon. Lastly, Satar's machete (and his pistol-like weapon) also contains micro-capsules that hold 5-MeO-DMT, a powerful psychoactive agent designed to cause the enemy to have an extreme psychoactive experience that sees them become highly vulnerable due to their loose grip on reality.

--Baabda Light Rifle--

The rounds used by this firearm are smaller and lighter than the 5.56 mm firing solution used by several NATO countries. Consequently, it offers increased ammunition storage per-magazine with zero impact on combat effectiveness. This weapon's specialized rounds offer much higher muzzle velocity and greater armor penetration than conventional ammunition, being a fin-stabilized hyper-sonic dart rather than a slug. With somewhat of a short barrel, it is optimized for close-quarter combat, and a high cyclic rate of 900 rounds per minute. It boasts a magazine size of 40, a maximum ammunition of 160, and a rate of fire of 900 RPM. Additionally, the assault rifle possesses a silencer, under barrel shotgun, and combat scope.

--Battle Rifle--

An incredibly powerful rifle, the Battle Rifle is an assault rifle boasting monstrous stopping power, designed specifically to increase the shooter's effective range and destructive capacity. It features both semiautomatic and three round burst-fire modes. The Battle Rifle fires a 6.8x45mm tungsten hollow point round as it's primary rounds, however, it can also fire armor-piercing rounds as it's modular design enables facile customization for both short and long-ranged combat options. It has a magazine capacity of 24 rounds and is ideal as a rifle at medium to long ranges in semi-auto fire, where their high firepower more than offsets the slight increase in recoil. It's burst fire mode is particularly powerful at close range, however it's lack of full auto fire limits fire speed between bursts, and it's small clip can render the shooter more vulnerable up close.

--Baabda Handgun 1 & 2--

Controllable and capable of exceptional accuracy even during moments of rapid fire, the Baabda handgun is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, large-bore handgun with a 3.5 rounds per second rate of fire. A large handgun, it has an overall length of 26.7 cm and possesses a rifled barrel, improving accuracy by spinning the bullet. It is issued in a hard chrome finish color and operates like most contemporary pistols. It has rear sights but it does not have a forward sight blade, which is replaced by the smart-link scope. The Baabda handgun uses 12.7x40mm semi-armor-piercing high explosive magnum loads. These rounds have a jacket of copper or cupro-nickel around the projectile while the projectile itself is hollow and filled with an explosive compound and a delayed-detonation impact fuse.

When the round impacts a target, the jacket will initially help the projectile maintain its shape, allowing it to travel into the target before detonating almost immediately after impact, causing massive tissue damage and system shock. The second Baabda handgun is one that magnetically (and silently) expels ferrofluid at lethal velocities, mimicking a high-pressure water jet, enabling it to cut through nearly anything with a high penetration rate.

--Baabda Sniper--

The Baabda Sniper is a semi-automatic, gas-operated sniper rifle that fires 14.5x114mm ammunition from a four-round detachable box magazine. More powerful rounds can be fitted into the sniper. It's greatest asset as a sniper rifle however, is its accuracy. The weapon's worthiness as an accurate, long ranged weapon is so extraordinary that it can shot the hat off a target from 6,000 feet. The ejection port is on the right side of the rifle and the charging handle on the left side. Additionally, the Baabda Sniper features a thumb-hole stock instead of a pistol grip, and adorning its body is a black and navy blue finish.

-V.T. (Viral Transmitter)-

A small cell-phone sized device, Satar's V.T. seizes control of computers (and even nanobots) through a small cellphone-sized device (Viral Transmitter) that allows for an unorthodox method of transmitting data to computers (such as the ones in nanobots or to computers externally controlling nanobots). And it is a method that incorporates sound, and an effective way of transmitting viruses. By emitting high-frequency transmissions and passing them between the electromechanical devices which produce and or manipulate sound in computers (and nanobots), this Viral Transmitter can transmit data to infect systems in ways that not even a CD-ROM boot on a computer can delete the data.

Through this method, viruses can make changes at will and even continue to cause problems after the infected system has been erased, reinstalled and reconfigured. In addition to using high-frequency transmissions to transmit data, the V.T. can also instruct viruses to reside in the basic input/output system of the computer, allowing it to stay there despite removal attempts. With his Viral Transmitter, Satar is capable of sending data across non-networked computers using just their sound-based electromechanical devices and can communicate through this method from as far as 20 meters, a range he can extend by linking infected devices together into a network similar to Wi-Fi repeaters. The primary virus used by Satar's V.T. is an extremely malicious program. By emitting ultrasonic transmissions to the electromechanical devices responsible for sound in a computer, speakers microphone, even the sound processor, this virus can be transmitted.

Malware that infects the basic input/output system of a computer, a fundamental piece of software stored on a small memory chip on the motherboard. This malware is operating-system independent and digs down into the lowest levels of a computer, infecting it from there despite removal attempts. Computers disconnected from networks are not safe. Their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cards can be removed. All the Baabda Beast's malware needs is the sound processor or a speaker or a microphone. Air-gapping will prevent nothing. It disables registry editors when one uses them to search for their keys. And it reacts and attacks the software a computer uses to attack it.

-Scalar Belt-

An odd accessory that seems like nothing out of the ordinary, the Scalar Belt is in fact a technological wonder under the guise of a simple belt. It features a microcircuit which is a superconductor powered by scalar energies; the bio-energy of the cosmos. The belt's microcircuit interfaces with Satar's bio-electric field to access the energy and information carried by the cosmic bio-energy that constantly surrounds all. The Baabda Beast's belt can harness the transformational energies of the cosmos to achieve a number of effects. By doing so, he can use his belt to keep his body's bio-electric field in perfect harmony. Furthermore, the belt also corrects and filters the cosmic energies flowing into his body to bring increased harmony and balance to his bio-electrical system and body overall.

The belt emits cosmic resonant energy frequencies to synchronize and promote a healthy bio-energy field. It filters radiation and non-EM energies (magical energies etc.) flowing into his body, greatly minimizing the dangers of radiation and offering him a surprising resistance to magical spells by emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies.