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Spoilers 3

The Good  Bruce is here, no clone, no robot, this time is Bruce Wayne. Both covers were great and so was the art.  The Bad  There was something missing towards the end. First of all, by now the joker must have figured out who batman is, second I still feel that the story has been loose and week, I don't feel a connection between The road home, batman & robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne. I feel that they are all each going their  way and in the end they don't fully connect. I really think i...

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A very poor issue 2

The Good   Superman appeared at the end of the issue.  The Bad  First of all, what a crappy cover, kind of a good idea but poorly executed. Then the drawing, it was really cheap, so cheap in fact that it drew my attention from the story sometimes.  I really hope whoever did this is no drawing anything until he learns some perspective. Now the story could have been a great turning point in Lois and Clark's life. I felt that this could have been a good starting point for Lois to question her role ...

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Very good issue. 0

The Good  The return of bruce is getting bigger and bigger, every comic contain a little clue. I thought that this month was gonna be a waste of time, because even though I don't like the way the TROBW is unfolding, it's still the return of Bruce. I loved how it seems that bruce jumping through time is having consequences in all the DC universe. I think that is great that these volume is also more important than we were lead to believe in the first number.  The Bad   The inly bad things are the ...

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This is not getting the importance it should get. 3

The Good  When this volume was first announced I was very excited about it. I wasn't expecting a new story but rather a big collection that would be useful to new readers to understand the history of the DC universe, which at times can be difficult to follow, to say the least. They make so many changes with origin stories that I thought this would be a good opportunity to set everything right.  The bad  First of all Batman smiles. Batman should smile more than twice every year and this year he a...

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This is getting better! 0

The Good   I think this was a pretty solid issue, at last they are doing something about maxwell. Of all the possible things they could do, they have definitely chosen the boldest one, but it's ok because it was about time something happened here. I love when they realized that Booster Gold is "the leader" and how they reacted. As always with Generation Lost the cover was awesome, I really think these covers are among the best of the last few years.  The Bad   Well I don't remember anything bad ...

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Boring 3

The Good   The only good thing is the title, if this was called the return of anybody else I wouldn't read and its hard for me to say this because I'm a batfan.   The Bad   The story is boring this box that is supposed to help the story come together doesn't get enough importance to make me care about it. Since he is jumping through time you only get to see most of the characters once, which makes it almost impossible to remember or care about them. This is a problem because here the blonde girl...

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All the waiting was worth it 0

The Good    This issue couldn't have been any better, it was one shock after another. First Bruce proposing, I really thought it silver dreaming or she imagining what the future could be, but no, Bruce actually proposed. Then when he thought she was a robot a robot my first reaction was, of course that must be, bruce can't have a happy ending, but she was real. Before the last part I was thinking "Hey, maybe this is an elseworlds" but then the last part came like a bucket of cold water. Just whe...

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At last they are coming back! 0

The good   The cover of this issue is awesome!! I think the story is ok, for an introduction. The part with the Waynes were interesting although I wonder how much of them are true, maybe hush's mother is no the most reliable source in Gotham. Now one thing it's new, at least for me is the fact that Martha's maiden name is Kane, I wonder if she is related to batwoman? If I remember correctly her family is very rich, second only to Wayne family. The second feature was great, I have been missing tw...

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The best one so far 0

The Good   All the story was great but the part that got me was when superman appeared it was great seeing that famous moment again. This limites series is great for people that are not very familiar with DC, me for example I'm not that familiar with the Golden Age heroes and the JSA. As for the silver era, is great to see all the first appearances of all the heros even if you already know them.  The Bad   The only bad thing was that panel of the JLA holding hands, maybe in the 60's when the lea...

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I love time travel 1

The Good   I'm a huge time travel fan and what better reason to travel through than to find Bruce Wayne? (destroy lavos or bring back doc brown lol) I liked how rip was introduced in the story how we keep getting clues that Booster is gonna be important someday (I wonder when that will be). Rip is really a cool character, he's so cool that he is telling superman what to do and supes listens to him.  The Bad   This is the thing that comics usually do that always bothers me, Booster Gold is here t...

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Good ending for this first "Arc" 0

The Good   The first thing I must say is that I love the alternate covers by Brian Bolland, IMO Zatanna looks a little creepy (but only a little) when he draws her, in general I like his style very much. One of the things I like about the Zatanna comic is that ever since it began it has been good, the story is simple and fun and it doesn't try to be an over the top comic. I liked the way her father appeared but it was a little too brief for my taste. I hope that in the future we see guest from o...

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Great issue! 1

At last this is getting interesting, in general I think that all the brightest day arc has been a little slow but this issue was great.  The Good   First of all, the art has been very good very rich and definitely add a lot to the issue. Martian Manhunter at last is starting to take a more important role in story which for me is great because I have always like this character and what a shock to see miss martian like that at the end definitely a great cliffhanger. It's interesting to see the rev...

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When is something going to happen? 2

The Good   Well I like art and the parts were Maxwell lord appeared, he had some interesting moments but that's pretty much it.  The Bad   My problem with this issue, and most of the ones before this, is that nothing happens for most of it. In the first few the team came together but they haven't discovered anything, they are no closer to finding a solution than when they began. I must say that back when Brightest Day started, this number was one of the ones that got me most excited, not because...

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Great issue! 0

I just got around reading this so here is my review.  The Good   Th action on this issue was perfect, deathstroke is one of the coolest bad guys around, very resourceful and ingenious. Ready to kill without any problem and prepared for any situation. I like how DC is giving the enemies (luthor is now starring in action comics) comics for themselves, even though I don't like the fact that this team is called Titans, but I guess I can live with that if it means having this great comic. The art was...

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Still don't like it 0

 First of all I'm a big fan of pirates and Batman so needles to say I was really looking forward for this particular number. That said I'm gonna stat with the good.   The Good   I think that the art in this (an all the other comics in this volume) is great, simply amazing, the way Batman is portrayed even though he is not in costume is breathtaking. The visual part helps create a mood that essential to any batman story. I liked the parts where the JLA and the rest of the bat-family appeared, bec...

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