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Grant Morrison and why he is killing Batman

I loved batman and son, the  resurrection of  Ra's  al Ghul, batman R.I.P and batman & Robin. The return of Bruce Wayne was a ripoff from captain america reborn and now batman inc is heading straight to disaster. First reason "El Gaucho", along with Crazy Quilt and Kite man, this must be the worst batman character ever. He is from argentina, but he doesn't look argentinian at all and he must must be the dumbest person ever. He thinks batman is masquerading as Bruce Wayne. WTF?! Why would Bruce want him to be part of Batman inc? Which reminds me, why is there a batman inc? Wasn't batman supposed to be a secret? And why is Grant Morrison bringing back the bad things about the golden age? The Bruce dialogues have been very different for example he tells "El Gaucho" you know I can't resist a mystery, sorry but this is the kind of stuff that should stay with the Golden age. Why bring the old batwoman? Why make Bruce beat the crap out of "El Gaucho" because he was in love with the old batwoman? This is not how bruce reacts, he is not a visceral person (If he wants to beat the crap out him I'm fine with it, but do it because of the way he dresses to fight crime or because how stupid he is) Every issue I feel that bruce is becoming a happier guy instead of the dark knight he is supposed to be. I really think Grant Morrison should be banned from batman before we have to see batman having to wear a different colored batman costume


Batman & Robin 16 and Grant Morrison's run so far

A lot of spoilers, read at your own risk 
I have so much to say that I don't even know where to begin with, I think that the best way to start this is by saying that, as an idea I like what GM has done, but in paper I say thee nay. It started very good with the 3 batman replacement, then the black glove, then rip. RIP was perfect until it crossed paths with the final crisis. It felt weird the way batman appeared to face darkseid, it felt very weak. But Bruce died so weak or not, it was a shocking moment. Then battle for the cowl which was great, then batman reborn was very good, I really liked the Dick & Damian era. When The return of Bruce Wayne was announced I was bursting in happiness, the first number was good but then it went from bad to worse, but mostly I didn't care because bruce was coming back. 
Then came the road home, which showed that Bruce was already back and using a cool new costume and it also showed that he had a big plan. The comics were great, the problem was that even though we knew that Bruce was coming back, we hand't seen it. I really wanted the moment that Bruce set foot on Gotham again to be great, not just a comic where he appears like any other number, it felt weird and out place to him there. Then today's B&R number, I've already read it a few times and there are a few things that seem plain wrong. First the joker has been hanging with the batmens in the Wayne estate, doesn't he suspect who batman is? After all is resoled Bruce tells Dick to take two months off? Two months? Really Bruce? Isn't Bruce the biggest OCD in the world whose obsession is crime fighting? We're talking here about a guy who, if needed, fights crime crippled and pretty much doesn't sleep (on a good week). This is the guy who expects his soldiers to do almost the same as him, but he tells dick to take 2 months off, after that he smiles. Actually he doesn't smile, he does the best cheshire cat impersonation I have ever seen. WTF? Why Grant Morrison felt right for Bruce to smile after saying such a thing is way beyond me. Then he announces that he is back, that he is the one that funds batman and he is taking it to a global scale. First, why does he say he is back? For all they know Bruce Wayne never left Gotham because of Dr Elliot, second why announce it? If the road home took place before this number then Vicky vale is no longer a threat to expose his secret and why take the operation global? People don't like batman because he is a magnet for lunatics, now the magnet is global, and let's face it, He can't take care of Gotham, why is he trying to do that with the whole world? 
I hope that the last number of The Return of Bruce Wayne helps me a bit but at this point I doubt it.


Interested in Galápagos?

I've been living in Galápagos for the last two and a half months and a few weeks ago I started this blog to share all my experiences in this island. If you are interested in these islands, or know someone how might be coming this blog might be useful por you. BTW is in spanish.

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Any bloggers here? need some help.

Yesterday I started a blog in blogspot and I need some widgets that I can't find. I need a visit counter and a widgets that allows me to display quotes of my choice that change randomly every time someone enters the blog. Anybody knows how to do this? 
BTW here is my blog in case you wanna see it, is in spanish and is about Galápagos.

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JLA origin question

I've just read JLA: year one and I have a few questions to which I can find no answer in the jla page here. 
1- Why batman and superman appear only in a very few panels? 
2- Why doesn't wonder woman appear at all? 
3- Superman joined at the end of year one, but when did WW and batman join? 
4- How do they become so important and why the others lose importance? 
5- What comics do I need to read to get all this info?

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