Some of Barry Allen's love interests.

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  • Iris to Barry is what Lois is to Superman. She's his one true love, his wife and the mother of his children. They're no longer together in the New 52 but still have some affection towards each other.

  • She's always been a close friend of Barry and they work together. They became a couple in the New 52 but recently broke up.

  • She was Barry's girlfriend and fiance after Iris' death. They almost married until Professor Zoom tried to kill her and almost succeeded. This left her with a serious nervous breakdown and she was send to a mental institution.

  • Every hero needs a villainous love interest. Lisa has always been the type of woman to use her charm and good looks to get what she wants, and that includes seducing Barry.

  • They had a very short romance back in the day but it was disconnected and nothing happened after that.

  • Daphne was Barry's childhood sweetheart. She grew up to become a famous movie star and started to develop feeling for The Flash, not knowing that he was Barry.