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Actual Confession: I built my character Tenjin for sole battling purposes and never really had him, in the brief spurts of activity in the last 10 years, ever participate in many story driven RPGs and he felt very hollow to me creatively aside from being a street level nightmare. Since I have been writing solely as Sargon, I am enjoying his progression and because SW Legends has a wealth of information to take from perhaps, I feel a much deeper connection to the character and find writing him much more enjoyable and easier.

However, once I start using a lightsaber on people I imagine its going to be wicked lol

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"Thaal." Sargon voicelessly mouthed, he listened to Vatian's speech with hunter-like focus as he patrolled the aforementioned stasis chamber containing the ancient Sith sword, admiring its contorted form, as if mummified and in some ways, this was true. Deviating from the subject momentarily, noticing the Governor's admiration for the object he spoke "I recovered this in my early years as a Acolyte on Korriban, where I had traveled to the Yavin system for an archeological expedition in search of holocrons of the ancient Lords of the Sith. I found that, I could not let the fools in the Empire have such a possession and it was the first of my treasures I have installed in this temple." His temperament became quite passive, as he reached upwards and pressed his fingers against the glass, the golden sword in some ways was holy to him. "One of the many moons of Yavin Prime gave me this gift...forged over three thousand years ago by none other than Naga Sadow."

Vatian was curious, a consumer of knowledge and surely he could appreciate seeing a scar of history before him.

However, to the subject at hand, Sargon turned on his boot heel as he summoned one of his subjects to catch his cloak, which he unfastened, revealing a blackened durasteel cuirass which absorbed the light, and manifested itself as a shadow upon a likewise ebon tunic and breeches. His electrum coated lightsaber glistened in contrast, along with the chromium of a blaster pistol on his thigh. His words were still controlled and regal, yet dwelling within, beneath the surface of lordliness, was the passion of a Sith of great suffering and rage.

"Onderon holds a great place in my heart: its moon is the eternal tomb of the Mandalore the Indomitable and his valiant Neo Crusaders and their philosophy is the bedrock of my Empire." There were indeed other reasons that Sargon pseudo-worshipped this planet, in time they would surface. "The tablet in your possession, Governor Vatian, discusses the nature of multiple locations of legend and treasures hidden by Exar Kun; the author of this relic. His sorcery is still echoes in its writings... a sorcery taught to Kun by another, far older Sith by the name of Freedon Nadd, Dark Lord and King of Onderon."

Sargon gazed backwards momentarily at the Sith sword and its dark sanctity. "Freedon was an apprentice to the maker of that blade...I wonder what other treasures lay beneath the royal palace of Iziz...and the moon itself." He spoke not to guest, but to himself out loud.

Sargon met eyes with Vatian, whose words he confirmed with a simple nod. "Follow me."



Spaceport of Xol...

Hangar Five...

Exiting an open air shuttlecraft, the storm still raging above, driving a torrent wind of dust and hot air against the Mandalorian and his companion as he walked towards a large bay door, far greater in size than any other on the accused planet. Sargon turned to face Vatian, his long black hair bellowing backwards in the wind, heavy shadows cloaked his face, the night concealing his form partially and only in the lightning flashes did he appear to be a man.

He announced "You have a taste for history, this one was taken from the dunes of this world...allow me to present the greatest prize I have ever recovered."

Waving his hand effortlessly, the bay door was opened mechanically, a grinding screech sounded throughout the complex and its interior remained in darkness until the doors hand opened completely.

"Behold...Omen." Sargon proudly hailed.

Suddenly the lighting systems were activated and a ship which dwarfed all of Sargon's fleet in its enormity, supported above the sea of concrete by a plethora of hydraulic armatures, ancient and spectacular was the fully restored and augmented Kandosii-type Dreadnought christened Omen.

"Onward to Onderon, Vatian...we shall set course whenever you are prepared to." His head turning to observe his guest's reaction, a deathly smile appearing on his face amidst a bright flash of the storm.

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Sargon listened closely to his guest's words yet he did not comply immediately, he merely stared into the eyes of Vatian as if searching the optic's organic matter for trace emotions or some suggestion of intent; then he believed the words.

Removing his hand from the hilt of his weapon, the Red Raider adjusted the hand to grip the tablet with both hands slowly only to make his way to a pedestal to his left equipped with repulsor technology. The Mandalorian set the tablet on the device, and stepped back a stride, while two repulsors were activated, one above and one below and a spray of sea blue light emitted outwards, bathing Sargon's pallid skin with such light, his dull amethyst hued eyes gravitated towards Vatian for a moment and he approached the pedestal again, fingers guiding his eyes as he began to mutter strange sounds aloud before interrupted himself.

"My archive is yours to discover; the face of the stone has defects and erosion has obscured characters in a significant portion, however recoverable the interpretation should take some time." Thunder rung above the pyramid just then.

Stryfe was not a scholar, although his knowledge was vast he was never reared for such activities. Everything action, every thought was dedicated for an advancement of his Sith Cult and its heretical and hyper-militant theories.

And something about this Vatian Raas, perhaps its origin in Sargon's attunement in the Dark Side, made him conspire, fill with suspicions and form possible outcomes mentally in sporadic intervals.

The Darth was honorable but his motives were muddled with lunacy, and time would tell if he would prove to be friend or foe.



Sometime Later...

Sargon studied the words for a final time, mouthing its incantations in a semi-meditative state before turning to Vatian, prepared to address the mysteries the tablet bore.

"This is imbued with old sorcery, strong...forged in a time known to my father's people as the Great Shadow Crusade. It concerns a tale while specifically mentions a certain sacking of Onderon and its the treasures of its moon. However..."

His eyes grew wild, a smirk on his face as the pirate-king passed a large stone column and entered into one of the organized rows of the display cases. "...before I continue, I would be intrigued to know how you came about this relic? I know a pirate and a vagabond when I see one and you are neither...I have been quite transparent with my dealings, so pray tell wanderer... what exactly are you?"

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A violent dune storm had overtaken the Night Capital, black clouds produced no rain, merely the shaking power of thunder as lightning twisted and snaked down to the pinnacle of Xol's city scape, which from the red-orange sands of the expansive desert topography the massive tetrahedron seemed to spear the sky. A city of nigh constant night would greet his guest; The dread city of Xol.

And its master, a pirate-king and inducted Sith, awaited his arrival.

The sergeant which investigated the foreign craft alerting Sargon of Vatian's presence in the grand hall of the temple via holo-communications, the great support pillars casting long shadows across the passage and leading to unknown depths as various doorways bore many secrets. However, a set of ornate steps acted as a short ziggurat within, with a ruby forged throne at its summit and a dark form emerged from his roost upon it. A scarlet cloak draped over strong shoulders and tattered ends descending the steps behind him as he strode towards Vatian, worn heels of a soldier's boots sounding amidst the seemingly distant clamor of the storm.

"Welcome to Bhargebba, wanderer." His voice echoing slightly in the vastness of the pyramid, soldiers standing at attention before he motioned his hand to dismiss them. Violet optics scanned Vatian, noticing the lightsaber hilt at his side he remarked. "I intercepted your ship prior to its breaching the atmosphere, I had thoughts of firing an array of turbolasers but something told me not to...the Force has many mysteries does it not?"

"I am Sargon Stryfe, Lord of Xol and the House of Tamur...and I have been informed of another mystery you possess."

His durasteel clad hand gestured in an arching motion, as if inviting Vatian to observe various aisles of artifacts and precious stones in casket like display boxes that were uniformly spread about the confines of the hall; his draconic treasure horde. "I would be willing to translate the runes, this temple lusts for such knowledge...can't you hear it murmuring for answers?" He spoke rhetorically as he moved closer, arm now outstretched and talon-like awaiting, if it provided, the stone tablet to enter his grasp.

Smileless and dead eyed, cold...his other arm beneath the veil of his cloak, clutching the pommel of his lightsaber if his foe showed any form of hostility.

The Sith Archive of Bhargebba was Sargon's abode, his understanding of history was great due mainly to the recovering from a multitude of raids in Sith Space and planets. He would assist Vatian for his own curiosity, but was weary of a man who ventured through the Stygian Caldera and further to the rumored hellish base of the Mad Mandalorian.

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@aelia_stormwind: I think I focused on combat perks (and a pretty sweet ship lol) and if I were to chose again I would have grabbed Perception or Telepathy over Energy Manip. simply for their ability to interact with other players casually. But that's the fun thing about test running these kind of games! Its hard to min/max points without a few posts or early conceptualization; i.e @darth_impero is super dope right out of the gate and I am low key nervous about confronting the character haha Damn Space Wizard! :P

You meta-know where Sargon is now and he may be....following two Jedi later O_o

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@aelia_stormwind: I noticed that too lol If I had force perception or telepathy it would have made things really interesting :P

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Bit of a filler post, need to link up the former to the upcoming post...should really kick this up a notch

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Durbon One...

Orisiticon’s Moon...


Concurrent with the events in Sapphire City...

A mammoth commercial star freighter Cornucopia exited hyperspace and began the slow descent into the space port of Durbon One; its bone colored land, lifeless and barren, reflected the dying light of the single sun of the Oristicon system. Inbound from Raxulon, a trading mecca some lightyears away, the freighter carried Imperial supplies of various sorts, primarily foodstuffs and rather banal equipment and other tedious supplies. Inside its hull was miles of such objects, guarded by an assortment of troops, it had great importance logistically but was often overlooked in wartime by the unprepared. Guarding such a large ship also made the troops careless, as it traversed between two Imperial planets, it had never been threatened, never once by the Republic nor the Federation. But pirates, on the other hand, were an insidious lot...

And Sargon was an apex marauder.

Secretly boarding the freighter whilst a number of his forces landed on the battle-scarred planet, he and his contingency comprised an additional front for the Oristicon Offensive. Stowed away amongst the labyrinth of crates, somewhere deep within a cargo hold near the bow storage of the massive ship, was a small cohort of Stryfe Loyalists, along with the Red Death himself; his crimson fluttered in absent wind, face hidden beneath his hood, giving him the impression of a phantom. Sargon stood in the shadow of a large hull brace, nearest the wall, uncomfortably serene as his force pressed their dark plastisteel cuirasses against the crates, keeping away from light and performed minimal movement. Blaster rifles raised and alert, the elite shocktrooper battalion known as Stygian Sons, awaited their master’s orders.

The silence was interrupted by the yawning of the ship, as it began to turn towards a cargo bay amidst the lunar fortresses. The black eyes of the battalion looked upon the fearsome figure of Stryfe, who, in a durasteel clad hand, motioned effortlessly with the wave of his gauntlet. His words boomed like sandstorm “Seize the command center and reenter space, direct course for Oristicon. If intercepted...full speed into a capital ship and may Kad Ha’rangir welcome you to his hall. You have your orders.

Sargon then, to the sound of surprise blaster fire, streams of scarlet spewing from blasters as the Stygian Sons rampaged forward, towards their target, his heavy boots guided him quickly towards the shuttle bay.



Durbon One was on high alert, the Cornucopia alerting the base of the attempting ransacking, allowing a small manned shuttle to soar several hundred meters from the freighter and to rendezvous with that nefarious crescent, the Dawn Eater, inside an enormous crater just outside a fortification. As the landing bridge stabilized, Sargon’s attire contrasting heavily with the neutral white of his surroundings, was met by an officer prior to a speedy take-off.

Sapphire City is under siege, but your forces are heavily outnumbered, even in the event of overwhelming success, we cannot hope to occupy the city for more than a few days time.” The Officer exclaimed.

Darth Stryfe retorted “I doubt we shall be there before the next sunrise...I want that city in ashes.

The officer struggled to see the point of the matter, secretly he pondered the extent of his Lord’s madness. “But...Sir, I...I don’t understand the importance of this particular campaign, if in the end it was going to be leveled...we have a stockade of Mandalorian nuclear missiles, we could simply bombard the populace at a whim. And to what end? Why such, and I beg your pardon, unnecessary measures?

Stryfe, face hidden behind his hood, only smiled, placing his hand lightly on the officer’s shoulder. “Propaganda...a War’s ultimate weapon.

Thus, as they ascended the bridge, it was retracted behind them, then ion engines shot the vessel forward and into Oristicon’s atmosphere once again.



Fields of Oristicon...

Several Minutes Later...


As the Dawn Eater began a vertical launch behind him, the Red Raider moved forward and approached a LUX-3 landspeeder, a sport model overlander but before entering, watched as his personal ship carved through the sky and onward to begin another series of dogfights with his rivals’ TIE legions.

As he entered the vehicle, a HUD display appeared, and through an encrypted circuit, a squadron leader of the Nightbringers appeared on screen.

My Lord, we are routing the enemy in the first borough, they are bunkering down...this may become problematic however, the troops had craved for a true task. The shocktroopers are in route to bring assistance and heavy weaponry, they shall be in positions as Miltiades’ land corps, the 104th, is due on arrival.

Excellent...and, the Sith?” Sargon sounded, curiously.

Our intelligence indicates that they are attempting to breach the Rebel fortress, they shall be preoccupied. We hijacked the 82nd intelligence corps radar systems, and through some...motivation... we were able to trace a shuttle from the Imperator, with this in mind, we strongly believe that Miltiades’ has personally arrived. We have general coordinates of where the shuttle landed, and possibly his last position...

Sargon merely said. “...patch over the coordinates. I would like to pay the old cur a visit.