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Act Your Age 11

Every single element of this comic book, from start to finish, from the look to the dialogue to the themes to the tensions, all of it fits Stephanie Brown far better than it does Barbara Gordon. That's something people have been saying ever since Batgirl's costume redesign became public, but I think it was only after BleedingCool leaked those 10 pages of the first issue that it became evident how much of a complete sort of tonal dissonance existed between the kind of person Barbara Gordon is and...

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If you want to punch above your weight, wear heavier gloves 7

There was a rerun of Boston Legal on the air a few weeks ago, featuring a case where a town called Concord, Massachusetts tries to secede from the United States owing to displeasure with what they perceive as the government's flagrant and frequent violations of the Constitution. During the trial, the plaintiff is called to the stand, where he justifies his position by invoking the baseball-and-apple-pie days of his childhood, effectively claiming that the nature of America and America's governme...

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Festivals of atonement sounds about right 4

It's virtually impossible for a book with this title, this publisher, this premise, and these characters to not attract comparisons with Supergod, another story from Avatar Press about humanity mucking around with god-beings. The premise is actually astonishingly simple: all the gods of myth turn out to be real, and they come back to Earth to carve it up among themselves and squash the ants that call it home. A small group of the world's finest minds band together to figure out a way to stop the...

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And people say Ultraman's a jerk. 3

I don't know what's up with Peter Milligan. His work of late hasn't exactly been stellar; his JLD was middle-of-the-line, his Stormwatch caused me actual physical agony, and the less we talk about his Red Lanterns, the better. Still, the guy used to be somebody, which is why it's surprising to find him writing trash like this that has no redeeming quality to speak of. Stories like "The Demolisher" make you grateful that Adventures of Superman has a rotating crew of writers; if a story sucks, yo...

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Been there, punched that 2

So Natalya Trusevich, Batman's latest fling, was offed in a rather spectacular, if gory, fashion last issue. If I had a dime for every one of Bruce's girlfriends who've met with unfortunate fates, I'd probably only have something like two dollars, but still: this has happened far too often. It's stale, predictable and done to death. Bruce meets a girl who's not Catwoman, he dates her for a while, they grow close, he thinks "Maybe she's the one!" (lol no) and then something horrible happens to th...

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Intergalactic buddy cops 0

The Good: Geoff Johns and his infamous Geoffcons are the source of much anger and spite for DC fans, but you can't deny that the man knows how to write an entertaining story. This issue is proof of that. The Sinestro Corps are tearing Korugar apart, and their former leader must bring them down before his homeworld meets its end. To do so, he recruits the one man in the universe he feels he can trust: Hal Jordan. The dialogues between Hal and Sinestro are great, with each man struggling to concea...

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