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Favorite Science-Fiction Writers

By which I mean writers of science-fiction comics, so Iain Banks and Philip K. Dick aren't going to show up here. List is ongoing. I don't particularly have one single favorite, but if I had to pick, I'd say Ellis most of the time.

List items

  • One of my all-time favorite comics is Ellis' cyberpunk comic "Transmetropolitan", but that series is mostly an indictment of the path modern civilization is headed toward. He's also famous for "Planetary", which highlighted the sense of wonder and romanticism common to much of "positive" sci-fi. Later he went the other way and wrote cautionary tales like "Black Summer" and "No Hero", making a case for humanity overstepping its bounds with unbridled advancement. Both stories were mediocre, partly because Ellis pulled his punches for both tales, and he seemed compelled to give the technology a human face. When he finally went all the way in "Supergod", making the technology inhuman and monstrous, the story flourished for it.

  • I sometimes wonder what Morrison would have done with the themes Ellis explored in "Supergod". Whereas Ellis likes to play around with the details, Morrison prefers metaphor and metaphysics. Hence you get the reinvention of the New Gods as "self-aware ideas", while Animal Man's life is torn to pieces by the conventions of comic book writing given flesh. And some cyborg household pets because why not?

  • For the Jodoverse, which comprises such comics as "The Incal" and "The Metabarons". Industrialized, militarized futures that frequently feature elements of fantasy mixed in.

  • I don't just have an aversion to manga; I heavily dislike the style and conventions of that form of storytelling. But I do enjoy the Ghost in the Shell stories.

  • The Mass Effect comics have always been aggressively average at the best of times, but Walters fleshed out much of that universe when he was the lead writer of ME 2 & 3, so he does deserve credit for that. Regardless of how you feel about that ending. He's out of place even being on this list, but I really love Mass Effect.

  • Nowadays he writes crap like "Neonomicon", but once upon a time he used to write "Miracleman", "Watchmen", "2000 AD" and "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?".

  • Have you read "Universal War One"? Why haven't you read "Universal War One"? You really should read "Universal War One".

    The translation's syntax really gives away the fact that it's a translation, though.

  • Anthology series by a host of different writers, including Gerry Conway, Bruce Jones, Denny O'Neil et al. Some run-of-the-mill stuff, some interesting experimental stuff. This is here for the nostalgia factor; it's got the same appeal to me as the old Twilight Zone show.