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Bane's favorite Marvel villains

No particular order. Will add gradually as I figure out who my favorite Marvel villains are. Doom and Magneto aren't going to make an appearance seeing as how I don't particularly like either of them.

List items

  • "I--have exceeded my pro-gramming, fa-ther. I am more than you made me. Or-ganic life is un-satisfactory. Or-ganic life is weak. You are weak."

    - Annihilation: Conquest #5

  • "I am death, and all fear my coming. Your Leviathan masters will meet me soon enough. will tell me things before you die."

    - Secret Warriors #12

  • "You're pretty good....but me, I'm magic."

    - Daredevil #181

  • "The Eternal Flame and the sword, Odin! Can you hear them? They call to one another! You have spoken of power! Now feel the might of Surtur in his glory!"

    - The Mighty Thor #352

  • "You would think, by now, that my reputation would precede me....."

    - Thanos #8

  • "Annihilus lives! While all around him die---Annihilus lives!"

    - Annihilation #6