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Bane's Favorite Batman Writers

Ranging from the well known to the grossly underrated.

List items

  • Set aside some money for the inevitable Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus.

  • Mandatory on lists like this. Dixon was the granddaddy of the Post-Crisis Batverse.

  • Up there with Dixon when it comes to creators who shaped the character and his section of the DCU. He also wrote one of my favorite comic book fights in Legends of the Dark Knight #63, between Bruce and Jean-Paul Valley. Plus, who didn't love "Birth of the Demon?".

  • Better known as an artist, but his story "Ego" is one of my favorites.

  • Hit and miss run on Nightwing; underrated run on Gotham Knights.

  • Like Cooke, Gaiman's not known as a Batman writer, but he wrote one Batman story that's a favorite of mine. In this case, it was "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?".

  • He gave Croc props once!

  • Created the Wrath in 1984's Batman Special #1. I'll have to read the older issues of 'Tec that he wrote one of these days.

  • Wrote Batman, Catwoman, LOTDK (most notably "Prey") and two parts of the Vampire Batman Elseworlds trilogy.

  • Another name not known for his Batman work, but he wrote 6 issues of Batman Confidential that collectively make a good Joker story, especially for new readers.

  • No Man's Land, Death and the Maidens, Batwoman....

  • Knows the Gotham ladies better than anyone.