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At a glance, Sarah Drezner isn't anything particularly special -- a 23-year-old Jewish goth girl who struggles with manic-depression and has a bit of a knack with technology. On her down-time (or as she calls them, "low points"), she can rarely be pulled away from her smartphone and shows no unique characteristics.

However, when Sarah's "condition" acts up, she shows her true colors as the chain-smoking mercenary lunatic known as Mania.

  • Name: Sarah Drezner
  • Identity: Public
  • Aliases: Mania, The Manic Merc, Miss Mercurial, The Technician
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Transgender Female
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 110lbs.
  • Hair: Blue
  • Eyes: Red
  • Age: 23
  • Alignment: Neutral / Chaotic Evil
  • Sexuality: Pansexual
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Sarah is a slender, inconspicuous Jewish girl with pale skin and long blue braids. Physically, she is in no way a specimen to behold besides being relatively physically attractive and unusually slim. When hitting the streets as Mania, her appearance differs only slightly -- she wears red contacts in her eyes and dresses in a mis-matched outfit of various parts of cloth and ammunition pieces. Since her fight with Lioness, Sarah spent a long time alone, reinventing herself and creating new devices to a support a more lightweight design, featuring no armor. Her new outfit flies using rockets and anti-grav functions, and her extradimensional pockets are held inside small pouches in her clothing. Her contacts contain the HUD's and functions normally held inside of her goggles.


Sarah is manic-depressive in the extreme. At "low points," she can barely get out of bed. Barely eats. Mostly sleeps. At the worst of times, she borders on suicidal -- these low points grow worse when she is not granted a manic outlet. She feeds off of adrenaline; both from combat, and from the "Eureka moment" of invention (or as she calls it, "discovery").

As Mania, she is reckless, chaotic, and goofy. She is prone to taunting her opponents into traps, and exploiting the chaos that she herself creates. Her actual goals seem to vary by the day.

Abilities: Sarah has almost no actual abilities besides her mind. After years of experimentation, she has built up a great resistance to toxins of all sorts. She has also become a bit of a contortionist from wiggling into tight spaces, and has been called double-jointed on a few occasions.

Mostly, however, her greatest strength is her intellect. As Mania, she can come off as a bit of a genius ditz -- great with gadgets, but an imbecile in real-world situations. While this is an easy conclusion to come to, it is not entirely true. Sarah has a tendency to show bizarre insight into even the most convoluted of situations, and is an excellent problem-solver and tactician as well as being brilliant with technology and electronics.

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Sarah's greatest strength lays with her nearly infinite supply of gadgets. One of her premier discoveries was "collapsible space" -- this allowed her to fold out extradimensional pockets; nothing particularly large, but big enough to hold an arsenal within her lightweight outfit.

Suit: Her outfit itself is built for mobility, rather than power. Rockets and anti-grav in her boots allow her flight at great speeds, with spectacular mobility. The suit is not durable in the least, however. As such, she reinforced her collection of cloth scraps with a small force field -- not enough to deflect missiles or heavy attacks, but enough to deflect most small-arms fire. Within the gloves of the suit are multiple slots of collapsible space, with unfold and hold the majority of Sarah's arsenal.

Contacts / Neural Interface: A tiny chip in the back of Sarah's skull is a neural interface, linking via mobile LAN to the miniaturized computers in her belt. This allows her to control all aspects of her suit and arsenal with incredible finesse.They also connect to her deep crimson eye contacts.

In addition, her neural chip controls several online functions and can be used to auto-hack or create more artificial LAN's and proxies. Her contacts have been integrated to several small screens, giving her access to holomap HUD's and the ability to visibly keep tabs of functions within her outfit.

Guns: There's something to be said for just straight-up guns, y'know? Sarah keeps multiple fully-automatic firearms attached to her suit, in varying weight classes. The ammunition she uses tends to be lower-caliber, as she is limited by the strength level of a normal human girl. However, after a great deal of experimentation, she has altered the aerodynamics of her bullets to travel slightly faster than normal ammunition. She also has a few "trick bullets" in her arsenal, such as:

  • Screamers: These bullets are fluted along the sides. When fired, they "whistle" -- a single bullet is a minor annoyance. A fully automatic volley of screamers, however, creates a massive, echoing shriek, perfect for deafening and distracting an opponent.
  • Handle-With-Cares: These bullets are hollow and fragile, useful against lightly-armored opponents or when attempting to deal non-lethal damage. They tend to shatter on impact, rather than penetrating.
  • Mercurial: These are also hollowed out -- a small tube runs through them, which carries a small amount of mercury. Firing the bullet causes the mercury to sling towards the front, making them top-heavy. These have shorter range but tend to have better penetration.
  • Flechettes: So what if they're against the Geneva Convention? They're fun! These bullets collapse into a mass of needles, which are usually poisoned. Like handle-with-cares, these are best used against lightly or unarmored opponents.
Working on her inventions!
Working on her inventions!

Bombs: Because making stuff go "boom" is the best. But sometimes you want stuff to do stuff other than go boom. Sometimes you wanna be able to do all kinds of stuff with bombs. Mania likes doing all kinds of stuff with bombs.

  • Pixie Bombs: Among her favorites, these create a warped sonic effect and also release an anesthetic gas. Against most opponents, this will leave you sleeping like a baby and waking up with short-term amnesia. Even against stronger opponents, however, these have a tendency to make one drowsy and light-headed.
  • Sticky Magnets: Another favorite, these are covered with an adhesive material. When they attach to a solid surface, they activate -- drawing all magnetic metal within 100 feet directly towards them like a bullet from a gun.
  • Tanglefoot Bombs: These burst with a gooey, ropey, adhesive substance, coating the opponent in stretchy, durable goop. Becomes brittle when exposed to cold, and melts when exposed to heat. Very, very difficult to break otherwise.
  • Incendiary: What's a big pile of bombs without at least one that sets you on fire, right?
  • Flash-Bangs: Standard issue! For blinding and deafening the enemy.
  • Razor Bombs: Among the more lethal varieties, these use collapsible space to fire off mercurial bullets in an outward pattern. The bullets are connected by a net of razor-wire.
The Firework Rocket
The Firework Rocket

Mines: Sometimes you don't wanna be in the middle of the action. Sometimes you wanna set traps and let the bad guy off their own selves. For that reason, Sarah keeps a nice stock of mines as well as grenades, and delights in using her drones to chase opponents into them.

  • Grav-Mines: These create a powerful surge of anti-gravity when stepped off of, sending the bad guy soaring straight up. And as you know; what goes up, usually ends up coming down. Also prone to cause vomiting.
  • Pixie Mines: See "Pixie Bombs."
  • Tanglefoot Mines: See "Tanglefoot Bombs."
  • Incendiary: Second verse, same as the first!
  • Homing: This mine tags the foot that steps on it, allowing Sarah to trace them using her personal GPS network. Great for games of cat and mouse.
  • Collapsible: When Sarah's feeling mean-spirited, she sometimes drops these. These mines contain a cramped amount of collapsible space, which sucks the victim inside and then closes. Life expectancy once you're in there is from 4-8 minutes.

Drones: Mania never goes anywhere without a few drones. They have several set tactical "mindsets," or can be controlled manually by Sarah's neural band. Drones are usually for maneuvering, and have limited firepower -- they are most often used for flanking or routing opponents with their low-caliber automatic weaponry. Each drone, however, does possess self-destruct capabilities, and Mania isn't afraid to make them go kamikaze on your ass.

Extras: Sarah is constantly creating new inventions and assimilating outside technology. She had been shown to create other effects and hold other weaponry, such as tasing attacks, EMP's, armor-piercing rockets, and other such attacks. One such weapon is her "Firework Rocket," an object that is too large to store in extradimensional space and hence, only comes out on special occasions. It is, however, the most powerful weapon in her arsenal by a large margin.


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  • Lust: 3
  • Envy: 4
  • Gluttony: 3
  • Sloth: 4
  • Wrath: 4
  • Avarice: 5
  • Pride: 3