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Ultimate account of Mistress Redhead 

Sarah is 17 and only recently discovered she has the ancient power of the Slayer, a force that travels down the centuries choosing one special girl, a unique girl who's talent and power can hold onto the essence of the Slayer. Having run away from her family the night she killed two vampires...


Oh for gods sake these are my new suede boots" cursing the rain that had started to patter across the tin awnings around her Sarah dashed forward, her back pack swinging, slamming into her shoulders as she tried to skip over puddles to avoid ruining her favourite new pair of shoes, people around her darting down streets and into cabs to avoid the rain as they all began to make their way to their own warm safe houses. Lightning flashed cutting the night sky, she shivered and pulled her jacket closer, reaching up to yank her beanie closer over her ears she gave up the battle of the rain as it began to pour down her back, sniffing and grumbling the whole way home she thought back over the night. It was the day before her 17th birthday, the girls at school had surprised her with a special party just for them, they had taken her out for a burger and then shopping, so much fun yet it all hovered around a sadness she could not shake. 

Her birthday's were always hard, every year the day before she had horrific nightmares of a gigantic fire consuming a building that always looked to her like a Library, she could hear their screams their cries, see the burning bodies flipping from the windows as no one ran to assist.. but that was never the part that scared her the most, it was him. Every year the same dream, she saw him standing off to the side of the building, a smile on his face so wide it seemed he had no flesh just teeth, except for those eyes, those glowing blue eyes, and every time she focused on him for just a second in the dream, he would turn to her and speak, always mouthing the same thing, but she could never hear it or remember it, she always woke up seconds afterwards. 

This year was worse though, this year they were moving out of New York, her mother had left for her manager years ago and her father was now marrying some stupid bimbo from Hollywood, she was all plastic and smiles but on the inside Sarah could almost smell the hate she had towards the girl "Breton darling, why don;t we get Sarah off to one of those fabulous schools in Sweden? she would be so much happier there..." it was like a sounding blade of someone swinging at her neck, her father so caught up and whipped just nodded along as the arrangements were made, tomorrow at 11am she would be on a plane to some school in a country she had no idea where it was on the map.. and all she could do was worry about her new boots. 

She figured there was little else in her world she could control other than fashion, it was her one place of refuge, she loved to draw, to design outfits, she knew she was destined for bigger things but having a family who cared nothing for your well-being meant she did everything her own way, she was not even sure they would notice her not being home before curfew.

 Rounding a corner she realised in her reverie she had taken a wrong turn, there was a bad smell "gross" she muttered to cover the fear that had begun to creep down her back, gripping her stomach as the wave of pain shot through them, bad cramps she looked up at the sound of a small stifled scream and could see through the rain a girl being held by two men, easily twice her size, and their faces glowed in the light. "What the hell..." she whispered, the creatures heard her and turned "ooohh goodies one for each of us Roger" the smaller of the two came charging out at Sarah, before she realised it he was grabbing her and then.. it was like something inside her snapped a force propelled her knee forward, slamming into his balls knocking him to the ground her elbow into his spine, the second one cursed and came at her, dropping into a crouch she rolled him over her head and slammed him against the wall, a broken bit of a pallet sliding through his flesh like butter and exploding his chest, his body shattering as the ash and fire burned him up with a scream, shocked but not thinking she threw the other guy as he came at her once more at the same pallet watching the fire once again.

Her chest heaved, her face white as the little girl ran past her screaming down the alley she began to heave, throwing up the burger on the floor she coughed and choked, tears streaming down her face as she looked across at the space that had held the two bodies, now no sign of them. A sound behind her had her on her feet as a strong hand picked up her abandoned back pack and offered it to her a thick Texas accent came from a dark outline in the rain a soothing voice "I think you dropped this"