Top Ten Batman Beyond Villains:

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  • Radioactive archenemy of Batman II with an alter-ego of an upstanding Lex Luthor-esque persona, Derek Powers.

  • Mercenary who shapeshifts much like the Terminator Series 1000 and has impressive abilities.

  • Sound-based villain bent on revenge on Batman II for taking away his gift of hearing. He wears a special headphone that allows him to hear and uses a variety of sound-based waves to vex his opponents.

  • A school psychologist turned supervillain, this villain is a master of hypnotism, psychology, manipulation, and technology. He also became the creator of a VR system that caused massive addiction.

  • Splicing villain who turned into a monster by the end of the episode, "Splicers."

  • Harley Quinn's granddaughters and now loyal to the Joker's cause.

  • A bully-type villain who works for the Joker's cause.

  • A school nerd who turned into a villain when he had his mind in sync with a contruction manuevering robot.

  • A villain who had a great deal of splicing.

  • Loyal Joker supporters