My Top Xiaolin Showdown Villains:

My second favorite CN show (alongside Camp Lazlo), Xiaolin Showdown (SU and Teen Titans are my favorites).

Since the site doesn't have villains like Hannibal Roy Bean or Chase young, i will just put it here

6. Panda Bubba

5. The Sapphire Dragon - (No, this is not why my username is SapphDragon95).

4. Hannibal Roy Bean

3. Jack Spicer

2. Chase Young

1. Wuya

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  • The best villain. She may have been pushed aside in later seasons, but there's no denying she's the best villain in the original seasons...

    Not only that, but she has inspired a few OC villains of mine. She's THAT good. She's the archenemy to the Xiaolin team as a whole and is the leader of the Heylin until Hannibal Roy Bean shows up.

    Seriously, what was up with Season 3? IT WAS A MESS!

  • Evil boy genius and the archenemy to the Xiaolin team (modern times).