My Top Ten Marvel Villains

My favorite Marvel villains. Note, I don't read comics much, but I watch enough of the movies and animation to know about them.

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  • Green Goblin, Iron Patriot. The identity doesn't matter. This Joker + Luthor combo villain is bound to get you stirred either way. He's my favorite Marvel villain of all time, and arguably one of the most ruthless and cunning as well...

  • Driven by a traumatic past, Magneto (or Max Eisenhardt/Erik Lensherr) sought out to bring mutant superiority for all mutants...but at the cost of humanities' possible extinction.

  • In media, played by the wonderful Tom Hiddleston with charm and deluxe. In the comics, he is by far one of the greatest COMIC BOOK villains in history.

  • The reverse-Magneto, striving for human superiority and mutant EXTINCTION.

  • This villain appeared cinematically in Civil War (2016). He is now one of my favorite villains in Marvel.

  • The most intelligent spidey villain by far.

  • Iron Man's archenemy.

  • Iron Man's arch-rival.

  • Built the Sentinels to kill all mutants.

  • Son of Norman Osborn, he is Peter's former best friend turned new arch-enemy in some media.